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After watching the WR run to learn what "new" strats I needed to keep up on. I saw that he is using CheatEngine to speedup Isaac Clarke and making him move faster.
I've watched his WR run on-stream and speedran the game after. There's Video Proof that he SCRIPTS, SPEEDHACKS
After showing his telekinesis is INSTANT at beginning of Chapter 2. That kind of tweaked me, and he ALSO !RAN! past an impossible necromorph that ALWAYS jumps on you.
You can see his scripting in the middle of Chapter 4, and Chapter 9 or 10 (search and destroy [im pretty sure that's the name])

Like I said, I've watched his run on stream with a mod of the Dead Space category on (and other people who've never seen the run before [viewers of my channel])

There's so much proof if you just watch the video or watch my past broadcast
Starts at 4:15:00
Script @ 5:08:30

I'm pointing out 1 Thing that is suspicious just so i can finish the form. but if you watch the whole run then watch mine, you'll just be like WTF how is his Isaac Faster than HouseParty420's?

His run is faster than man, even without the hacks his run would be faster than mine but he's still cheating IN THIS RUN.

Please take his run down.
Thank you.
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BTW - 5:31:15 - My opinion or fact possibly
The Great Farming Empire
If you're talking about the run on the Dead Space 1 run, then it doesn't look like that run is the same as the one you're accusing of cheating. That run was done in 2013 by Tenshouha whereas the run you pointed out was done in 2014 by X MaverickHunter. If you're talking about some run by this guy that was accepted, then it might be better to try and find the relevant thread so that you can post your concerns there.
I'm bout to quit running this game because people are speedhacking this game.
The Telekinesis grab is fucking dead on in chapter 2 just like the maverick guy lmfao.
Fucking Weeaboo
Smoke some weed and CHILL.
Edit history:
Jehuty: 2017-01-17 09:45:45 pm

I knew I'd find you wasting time of everyone here.
I tried to make you understand that in the other site of runs 1 person have the total control of what is submitted and what not. and that person is just againts me. (he's nof different from you)
But your interests simply blind you of common sense.
You even said that my runs won't be never on SDA even when the DS1 run submittion was about 2013 and you for sure didn't research about it but DS1 was rejected 4 or 5 times until my run was accepted.
some of these run were even better than yours but were rejected only for not being enough solid in the ejecution.
Your run was accepted just 1 day after the submission: The verification procces took about a whole year here by "People who really know the game", not like you or Living looney Bin.
U can't even imagine the serious process of sda verification cause you are very spoiled with the low standars of the other site. admins there won't have hard time trying to beat your times but if they'll have, is just thing of Leave you outside. you may won't believe me but here is my list of reasons that I was removed from the tier and the "And casual results"

First Reject: DS3 NG by livinglooneybin
Reason: My crafted weapons perform "too damage" that can see many times but he just put (one) example "The most obvious I want to think".
in his defense said that my weapons doesn't work on casual difficult like I did on impossible mode. I explained that difficult on DS3 doen's have  a considerable impact in the resistence of enemies.
(Obviously look to the right and read the description of each difficulty that the game provides is arduous work: and compare if is true- just inconsiderable for him)
Even if in the video is displayed how I craft the weapons he asked Lazily what were the parts. (such a hard worker verifier)
I tried to test and show him that "each shot" is effective specially using dismemered parts. beause in the tons of times "one" that the weapons were effective; dismember shot was used as last hit.
Obviously the reason for rejecting the video was he's whim and didn't want that coparison to show. And that sample of lack of knowledge about the game that is "supposed" to have mastered Would definitely be very frowned on the site. That kind of notification is not showed only for the runner, everyone that have a related topic with the game is notified. so; for him the best is not talk more about the weapons and take again the run and find another reason to reject the video. Specially when he got 1st place inventing the suff on the crafted weapons.
And said and done: Never talk again about the weapons and acted like nothing happened and get's the 1st place rejecting the run insted of improve the time.

Second Reject: DS2 NG+ by Livinglooneybin
Reason "using devil horns": current 1st place "use devil horns"
I have been notifying that why the current runs are using devil honrns and even hacker suit but my run was rejected. "no asnwer"  Because the retraction would be public for all the other runners . And in a second unjustified rejection, the conflict of interests by the administration would be evident.
I can not find words to describe hypocrisy in this.

Third reject: DS3 NG+ by Livinglooneybin
Reason: He couldn't perform the infinite amno glitch: the first glitch of ds3 that was discovered days after the release of the game wich have "Hundred of users" that did it.
He didn't say that it's fake, He said that don't work for him so is enough to reject. I had to explain with a face-palm "everything to him about how it works" only that notice that he really don't know nothing about the amno and the saves.
Honestly that time I had enough, The other side doesn't have the option to PM the admins then I publish the problems with the moderation in a public post.
Immediately he invented and put new rules that specifically only can reject the current 1st place run. He even got the attention for doing that.  because He was intenting.
Doing what suited him only to him without even informing himself (just like Partyboy) he inveted a rule that has a reference in other game that does "Precisely the opposite" and that game is accepted.
Of course the situation was different and that run wasn't reject, in that situation the Adming wasn't going get 1st place.
The brazenness against me was already so obvious that he did not get another one to accept he's  mistake and accept the run.

Fourth reject: DS3 NG+ "The same old run" by current 1st place.
Oviolsly the other runners are ussing Devil Horns for NG+: but as on dead space 2 due "Hypocritical reasons" I'm not allowed to use foam finger. (I have not had an answer before and honestly don't expect one now)
Of course the run it's okay: I limited my self to only use the strats and the routhe of the current run but with normal weapons, even that I got beat the 1st place.
and there's no other way to change the tier list unless reject it. this time invent rules would be too shameless.
So the new guy did not have other choice that to enter to the quality situation. I had about 2 frames of lag in a section of the game. instead of request the RAW video that have no lag, he reject my run.
Ofcourse that he Doesn't want the raw file. He would have to retrac "Publicly" His capricious motive.
Suppose the Result:
He got 1st.

Fifth Reject: DS1 NG by Livinglooneybin
Reason: "GOD MODE"
SDA was a "year" a whole year verifing that run. And this guy that barely know the game claims that I used god mode "several times" in times were I didn't even have the riks to die. and I died in the last chapter.
Also: It was not even necessary to avoid deaths because the Run is a (deaths category)
Obviously find your firs little trick to save few seconds on dead space 1 Made grow you trust  in the things that yourself forced to try to see (god mode) .. several times.. that's why you always put a single weird frame..Very explained and justified from your perspective Enough to have to resort to unwarranted words like "many times" "good mode is a common mode easy to download"
You barely have played deas pace 1, I didn't accept you offer to the the admin of dead space series cause peple may think that I could end up being like you LivingLB.
You and HouseParty420 are the same thing: Just trusting in the administration on that YOU living "With all their inexperience and arduous strategies to verify" Totally controls only acepting only runs your mates or the people that which he still does not take contempt.

And hater just gonna hate.. I know that you won't explain why are you so againts me.
I know that you are now trying to reject the dead space 2 run  to attempt to gain credibility in your old caprices.
Really this time I don't wan't your False apology like the amno stuff. You'll go wrong again and again.
You and party can't even agree on which lie to sow: you said that I must have been harmed and partyboy said that I evaded the attack. but the player have speeded up. I sually do the vid comparisons but this time I lef the work to partyboy but just like you "living" in the over powered weapon; Gave up the idea or did it and realized that what he said was true.
anyway... Haters gonna Hate.
and if you wanna talk, it will be here.. not in your streams with your Blind lambs.
Edit history:
LotBlind: 2017-01-20 04:12:53 am
Yup, looks like 5 different people (of whom at least one was a runner) verified the run in question... that's more than 90+% of all runs on SDA, at least with it having lost some popularity to Now you see why you want SDA instead Cheesy Isn't there a mechanism on to weed out (no pun intended :DD ) people like this?

(might not earn a lot of credibility with that avatar BTW Mr. Party)
Edit history:
Jehuty: 2017-01-21 03:03:46 pm
Yeah, people really like that.
The curren 1st place have a little comment that shows "Doesn't require verification"
No one even have to watch the video and in 1 sec. is put as 1st place with tons of publicity in the site.

Maybe Tier List would be nice idea on sda, second and 3rd places also deserve recognition but verify still take at least a couple of weeks.
And honestly the other site gain popularity only for the friendly interface and the posibility to see how many people are really running the game
For years I though that Only Living and I were running DS3 until found the other site.
Obviously is moderated Childishly and the ownes are just makeng easy money just giving to anyone the right to moderate and don't do any kind of work.
That's why Partyboy preffer  to deceive himself and believe in the opinion of the only administrator whom I have practically taught him to run. instead of confront all the verifiers here.

Maybe SDA is the 2nd in popularity,, but the standard still solid as always.
SDA won't have 1st-2nd-3rd places because's structure is better for that (I personally don't care), but it is our goal to eventually keep the old SDA submissions on the same page.
What have you done to get rid of bad mods? If nothing, how do you know that admins do not want to do anything about serious problems?