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Thief II: The Metal Age (Any %) (Single Segment)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Joe 'SocratesJohnson' Lunde!
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Thief II: The Metal Age (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by Jan. 30, 2014.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
"I'd better keep a low profile or else I'll be pinned as the killer."

After alerting every guard in the country to his presence in that house.. nice! Cheesy
Always move forward, never sleep.
Garrett always did have some great one-liners. Cheesy
A/V seems in order.

As far as the run, it was great. I didn't see any glaring errors, and the tricks used in the run look like they're pretty difficult to get consistent at, so I accept.

PS. This game must have the worst guards in the history of video games. I especially love the ones that start a monologue when Garrett gets close, and when he blows by the guard, he's still continuing his monologue when Garrett isn't even in the room anymore..
It doesn't have the worst guards... Socrates just doesn't understand how it's played.


A/V good.

I was involved in planning the run so I know many alternatives were considered for routing and movement. Run comments give you the most important information. I can vouch for the submission displaying overall good standards for running this game. There might be another (earlier) version of the game though that allows for more glitching.

1) Running Interference:
So like run comments are trying to indicate, the mission is over when Basso has been signaled and Jenivere is out of the house. Jenivere is the bottleneck and her flag gets triggered after Basso's, therefore this is good I think.
2) Shipping... and Receiving
I believe you might be able to get a mantle-less jump across the crates at the start, saving perhaps half a second... Also you can jump and grab the side of a ladder. These things are minute and were brought up after this run had happened though.
3) Framed
First try on the elevatoring. Smooth stuff.
4) Ambush
An ideal Garrett's flat is maybe 3 secs faster.
5) Eavesdropping
The conversation has to be listened to in full, otherwise the mission is failed. This mission has a random element that here wasn't too bad.
7) Blackmail
This one has another piece of randomness that's not well understood. The outside gate is sometimes closed when the thief returns to the starting area causing several seconds of delay before getting to trigger the mission success.
10) Life of the Party
I've forgotten why the runner wanted to wait before blackjacking the guard when entering the third floor but I think it's patrol/timing things. In any case it's a matter of a few seconds.
12) Kidnap
Perhaps the most unfortunate of the levels. Perhaps 10 seconds of sheer time loss. It's far into the run though.
15) Sabotage
The gate clip is as tricky as it looks, i.e. you're not supposed to be able to do that. All in all this is one tough mission with copious opportunities for taking damage from falling and from bots.

Accept Smiley
Always move forward, never sleep.
Thanks, Lot, even if you are accepting just because I tried shooting the elevator button on Sabotage. Tongue

Pretty much what LotBlind said is accurate, though.  It's not my ideal run, but most of the mistakes didn't cost a lot of time.

10) I waited to knock the guard out because his body would still be blocking the doorway as he fell to the floor, and I equate it to my hesitation before jumping down the elevator shaft (wanting to hit the button for floor 5 before dropping instead of during).

12) That is my biggest disappointment about this run.  It's literally a, "that's never happened before," situation as the guards had always run into both mines.  Had it been the gas mine instead of the explosive, I think I could have just run through it.

Thank you EternalSpirit and LotBlind for verifying! Smiley
A/V good, no cheating detected

Solid routing and execution as far as I can tell.  It's pretty apparent that much more could have gone wrong, randomly or otherwise, just by watching the run.  Accept
Always move forward, never sleep.
Thanks for taking the time to verify, AlecK47. Smiley
Dragon Power Supreme
A/V is great, the discussions that go in this game are hilarious at times.

The run itself was well routed and just as well executed. Some mistakes visible but the time loss is minor.  Runner did a great job with health management while running through enemies that actually did notice him.
The downtimes were entertaining and some fun glitches shown.

Having seen the Call of Cthulhu speedrun a couple of days prior the gate clip in Sabotage reminded me of the frequent door skips in that game, just because it was identical in the way both runners have done it. In both cases this was not an easy trick to do.

Easy accept.
Always move forward, never sleep.
Thanks to you as well, IsraeliRD. Cheesy
Quote from IsraeliRD:
A/V is great, the discussions that go in this game are hilarious at times.

^^ wow so it sounds like you're judging the A/V by how funny the game is. I think I'll start doing that too.
Decision posted.
Always move forward, never sleep.
Thanks again to everyone that took the time to verify my run!  Special shout out to LotBlind for all the help along the way. Smiley
Congrats. And wow, I would've verified this but I must've missed it. Shame. Smiley