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Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Tron Boone.  Never thought I would be verifying this game again, or at least not so soon after the first time it was verified.  Still though this makes my job for verifying alot easier since this is now more of a comparison to see if it is not only faster, but to make sure it is properly executed as well.

In this comparison, I will be referring everyone as such: The existing run on the site (existing) and the submitter (runner)

One change the runner does is to scout first before jumping into the first mission.

During the first mission, while the existing started the mission first, he finished at a time of 2:02 while the runner finished at 2:05.  The reason being here was that the runner went immediately for the statue instead of hitting a nearby building like existing did.  Another thing to note here is that the runner also makes use of a tree he collects while raiding houses and uses it to destroy weaken and destroy a house in order to reach the goal.  The fight with the police car is about the same, but the runner seemed to throw her away a bit faster than existing.

The runner gets lucky for collecting a rare item, although at the same time he stumbles a bit during his next set of scouting.  During the second intermission, existing trains one of his servbots while runner sets up the next set of scouting before moving on, thus switches the time in which both players go into the next mission.  I find this pretty hilarious actually since by the time existing finishes the training, gives an item and starts Bank 2, the runner actually finishes the stage.

Of course, it would be unfair to not compare Bank 2 because of this, so I lined them up to see how they fair.  From what I can tell, existing goes straight for the building in front of them while Runner makes a run towards the next part of the stage.  As mentioned by the runner in his notes, and I'll quote this: "I have to completely abandon my route because I don't need any money at all."  While he did mention something in regards skipping the cop cars, it didn't look like existing actually tried to skip them either.  After realigning the run after the bridge, the route was fairly the same, in fact I could go as far as to say it was identical.  From here, I noticed that the runner actually was off to a slow start compared existing who alaready landed a few hits already, but then runner actually finishes her off while existing gets suplexed.  >_< 

It goes without saying that while the runner says that Bank 2 isn't his best stage, it was this part of the run that saves him more time as compared to existing.

Anyway, back to intermission 3, we find out the runner's luck continues by getting yet another rare item.  No doubt if this run is accepted, the next one will need to have some wicked luck on their side.  Existing goes straight into the next stage, Ruins 1, while runner goes through the menu to get a few things done before following suit.  Still, in spite of running into the ruins a bit later, the runner saves on time once again.  Main thing to note here is that while existing is getting more zenny through blowing up enemies, runner is running through the ruins as he is pretty much set on cash at the moment.  Realigning at the Antlion like boss, their strategies were the same and exit the ruins, with the runner a bit faster since he didn't jump down to get the zenny.  Again due to luck of getting those rare items while scouting pays off since the runner doesn't have to farm for cash.

We move onto the 4th intermission as both players go into the labs and it shows how existing is moving through the menu much faster than the runner.  The thing here though is that while existing doesn't have much cash to spend right now, the runner has more cash than he knows what to do with it, so he spends a bit more time in the labs before exiting and going into bank 3.

15:00 the runner is already working on Bank 3, while existing is still in the middle of the ruins. 

Bank 3, while both runners were about running at the same pace, even both of them getting tagged by a cannonball.  Again, existing is stuck having to farm while runner goes through.  Funny thing to note here is that runner says in his notes that this fight goes perfectly, when in all actuality, existing was actually just a bit faster.  From here, they pretty much mirror each other by going straight into Ruins 2.

17:15 Runner starts Ruins 2, Existing starts making changes in Lab.

Ruins 2 is basically the same as Ruins 1; Existing farms while Runner runs.  At this point, I'm feeling I should call Existing farmer since that is basically the pattern I'm seeing.  Also for the boss at the end, runner of course finishes it long before existing get through it.  Blah Blah Blah, Farm 1.

21:30 Runner starts farm 1, existing is underway in ruins 2

By this point, the Runner has made only minor errors... that changes here.

The runner seems to fumble the ball a bit as gathering pigs seem to be a harder challenge for him than for existing.  No doubt that this one stands out as the biggest error done on the runner's part since the start of the run.  Moving into Farm 2

24:15 Runner starts farm 2, existing is almost done beating the boss in Ruins 2.

Both players pretty much done the same thing in regards of execution, so no comment here.  At least the runner can gather cows...  Farm 3.

27:10 Runner starts farm 3, existing is almost done with farm 1.

Talk about a twist of irony (if that saying even exists) while Runner is bad at collecting pigs, existing is pretty bad at collecting horses.  Runner pretty much makes up for that slight stumble from earlier with this performance (or at least if you line the both players Farms 1-3 together, they finish about the same time, with runner done a bit faster.

Final mission time.

about 31 minutes: Runner starts final mission, existing starts gathering horses.

Not much to say here except during this boss fight against Glyde, the runner only has to heal once while existing healed twice, thus, improvement there.  No reason to explain time frame from here, so for the final boss, the runner had a better execution during the first part, not having to heal, as compared existing that ran into a few problems and had to heal.  As for the 2nd half, they were about the same, with the runner once more being a bit faster.

35:45 Runner lands last hit on boss, existing still his way to fight Glyde.

Overall, if this run has proven one thing to us, it is that luck can easily dictate how you approach the run.  No doubt that the runner's luck to get the farming out of the way much earlier through scouting was the more effective strategy here.  Now the runner says this was an "Ugly" submittion and he really didn't want to submit due to the performance during Bank 1, Bank 2, the Pigs and Shopping Spree, while both ruins and the farm 3 were good too.  In my humble opinion, just getting lucky with the drops easily won the day here.  Not to mention that your execution of the run was actually much better than the existing run on all fronts (minus the pigs).

With an overall improvement of five minutes and bringing this game's run time to under 30 minutes, this is a pretty simple and straightforward accept.

Now if you want me to "Share" my comparisons, I'll post those later if you like, otherwise, let's just saying knowing how to edit can help make comparing runs much easier. ^_^

First of all, no problems with A/V, and no cheating detected, so we're good on this front.

The verifier before me has pointed out pretty much all of the things I would've pointed out. A little mistake I noticed was you running into a corner in the final mission, you might have lost a second there, but I think in the grand scheme of this run, that didn't really matter.
You say you're not satisfied with this run and point out a lot of the mistakes I noticed as well, and I have to admit, I would agree with you. You made a few sloppy mistakes, especially in your menu management and, as you call it, with your Shopping Spree. I'm not blaming you for playing it safe with your E-Bottles on the second to last boss, though - you couldn't have known what he was gonna do, after all.
Personally, I would not have submitted this run, but your notes say that you've tried your best to beat this and just didn't have the luck rolls for it.

That's the bad things. The good things - your ruins are amazing, and your farm 3 makes up quite a bit. Your routing over the already existing run is clearly superior. Keep on going, man, you can do that sub 29.

Frankly, I'm not sure how to judge this run. My head tells me that I should deny it because of all the mistakes you make - it is sloppy, and it can be heavily improved on. My gut tells me to accept it, because you did have a lot of amazing sections and overall better timing than the existing run.

I'm usually not a gut-person, but this time, I think I'm gonna listen to it, under the condition that you keep on improving on that time, and submit a sub 29 sometime soon.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Justin 'JMC4789' Chadwick!
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Right... I messed up the fight in that run.  Aye... well, it went better than most fights, but there was a strategy I developed before this run that killed her about 10 seconds faster than the existing run.  I threw three lamp posts at her instead of two, and the aiming + timing was difficult. 

Either way, none of it can be changed, because the odds of getting an attack cube + refractor shard in the same run that early are worse than 1/1000.  In fact, in preparing for this run, I gauged odds on getting an attack cube on turn 3 (latest possible for a sub 32 time) as about 1/15, and turn 2 (this run) at around 1/100, and getting a refractor core on turn 1 or 2 being like, 1/25 - 1/50 (I found out some of my testing was invalid because of when it selects the items.  All I can say is that I've never gotten refractor core that early into a run.)

I've played better than this in runs, I've had better times on most of the levels (minus skipping zenny/getting attack cube) but... there's the horses at the end looming, plus getting the insane odds of an attack cube on turn 2 (turn 3 won't get sub 30 even with best play)

Getting an attack + speed on turn 3 still isn't faster, meaning my only option is to grind out this game for weeks on end hoping for luck on the attack cube and refractor cores.  I'm disappointed I didn't execute better on this run, I fully believe sub 29 is possible...  I'm just not willing to spend 50 attempts a day at an RNG roll, only to have horses screw me up in the end.