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Speedrunner | Competitive Smasher
Hey everyone, I am Ultra - Retro Reviver.

I didn't know where I should post this but since this section's description said it was for planning, I thought it would be fitting here.

I'm a speed runner of A Link to the Past for GBA. While I haven't made any runs because they all die...thanks Blind, I recently the idea of a new category that could be made specifically for the GBA port of A Link to the Past. In the GBA port, there was a bonus dungeon added called "Palace of the Four Sword". To actually enter that palace, you had to meet up with a group of friends and beat Four Swords which also came along with the GBA port of ALTTP on the same cartridge. Now, obviously, not everyone actually has the ability to get into the Palace of the Four Sword to begin with. I'm the only person I personally know owns the GBA port of ALTTP, and I beat the Palace of the Four Sword every time I play through it.

Thanks to a channel that is now known as "Zelda Classic, and VG goods", a glitch was found, and was simply named the "Mirror Glitch". To be able to use the mirror glitch you must jump off of a higher level and use the magic mirror at the same time, then run into a wall, and Link will be on a lower level, putting you in a wall, granting you access to pretty much any dungeon, indoors or cave area with a few exceptions since in some instances when I do this, I tend to find rooms which I can't move in. However, just using the magic mirror fixes that.

To gain access to the Palace without beating Four Swords is quite simple. I'd even wager it's faster than preemptively beating Four Swords and entering the traditional way! I recommend starting at Thieve's town since that's the fastest way to get to the Palace. You perform the mirror glitch and run to the right-most part of the screen to the right of the entrance, and go up until you reach Blind's room. From there, head right until you see Mothula and go to the right of his room (but don't scroll the screen entirely) and then go down. Soon you'll enter a room where the screen goes to a bright blue-white colour and then go left. You'll know if you did this right if you see a messed up graphic in the middle of a room, and a teleporter in the top-right. Move left a bit then go down and if you are on a waterfall, you have entered the Palace of the Four Sword! I would also like to note you need the flippers for this part of the dungeon.

In the Palace of the Four Sword, you will re-fight the first four Dark World bosses: Helmasaur King, Arrghus, Mothula and Blind. Their battles are slightly different, but are the same for the most part. Either way, I honestly like to see this as a category since I thought it would be a nice addition to all of the other categories that ALTTP has, and I would like to see other runners tackle this to be honest

Thanks for reading this, and have a good day.
- Ultra
DS Dictator
Thanks to a runner by the name of Greenalink (who actually is a member of these forums, so shout-outs to him), found a glitch simply named the "Mirror Glitch"

I didn't discover the mirror glitch, someone had a video of Early Four Swords way back in 2006.
original video: Aug 21st 2006

There is possibly a way to go Out of Bounds without using the mirror in the GBA version...

Speedrunner | Competitive Smasher
I didn't discover the mirror glitch, someone had a video of Early Four Swords way back in 2006.
original video: Aug 21st 2006

Thanks for correcting me on that. I guess I should update the original post then.
Extremely late reply because I've been inactive. Below is the run you are looking for. Notes on the route are included in the description... along with a link to my Twitch page. I did this run in 45:43 with safety items. Sub-40 should be possible albeit difficult.

Main possibilities for route adjustments...
DMA (death mountain ascent) with a consistent setup in order to completely skip Desert Palace and the gloves
More consistent setups for the fight against Mothula
RNG manipulation? Arrghus fight takes too long

Interesting things about the route...
No need to go to Skull Woods at all
Weird "confused state" that is neither Light nor Dark World in order to obtain the Golden Sword (for slaying the bosses quicker)

Thanks for your interest. I'll update the video tutorials on my YouTube channel for the route with safety items, game mechanics, and strategies. Also, I submitted this run to PB Tracker "dot" net... so the category exists on a leaderboard. Don't be afraid to start out. I was really horrible in the beginning. I'd recommend starting out with a fresh file by doing the "Triforce run", which consists of getting the Magic Mirror, going back to East Palace, and then heading straight to the Triforce room. Doing the Palace of the Four Sword run requires a completed game for the faster text during the beginning. Feel free to PM me on Twitch (same username) if you need anything. Good luck!

Quick note regarding categories... ALttP runners use the JP 1.0 version on the Super Famicom (or via Wii VC with the rom inject) for the spin dashing and other glitches. Although some runners have messed around with the GBA version for fun, I don't expect people (who already commit to the standard categories) to want to invest the time into learning this particular run. I've had ALttP runners enjoy watching my stream when I was more active but there's a handful of things with the version differences that bother the tied and true ALttP runners.