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SS any% run

Verifier Responses

A/V is fine. No cheating, although any cheats in this game would probably be slower then not cheating.

Cant remember the names of levels so here, make sense of my ramblings.

Start to 1st portal:
Obviously fine apart from the failed jump but he didn’t fall to the bottom so its no big deal. Even if he did that’s still acceptable.

To the 2nd portal:
Got nice luck on the fleamen since they can sometimes jump in the way/kill you.  Again like PJ points out this skip is tricky but all it looks like is a jump.

To the Motorcycle/3rd portal:
So I’m not sure what I do differently but more times then not I don’t need to kill myself after the skip to make sure the biker spawns….strange. PAL difference? Also the fact that the grenade guy doesn’t spawn is nice.
Would having the gun upgrade from that last bin before the cyber warzone helped speed something up to justify getting it?

Cyber warzone:
Round 1 was really nice, all enemies killed without any misses + a double kill.
Round 2 was super nice as well.  Crazy luck.

To the Cyber Run:
A possibly unnecessary jump before the helicopter?
That helicopter segment is so dumb. The gaspump fight was fine, 3 rounds at the end is fine although it can be done in 2 and even 1 in coop. The health is random so it can go on for much longer.

Cyber Run:
Ouch,  its pretty hard to get hit by the spike balls even if your trying.  That combined with the hits taken in the outdoor section do make this the weakest part of the run.  Considering the rest of the run and the luck it would be pretty hard to justify this as a reason to not accept.
Also I always assumed the pillars weren’t random, just followed a set pattern once they had spawned?
Factory 1:
Nice boss skip.  It’s a shame that the massive sequence break in this area turned out to be a dead end. It would have skipped the rooftop and the box boss. :/  The box boss cant really be done much faster, maybe if he had a more upgraded weapon but that is debatable.

Rooftop skip:
So much awesome, so little visual payoff.

Cyber Warzone 2:
Round 1: Got 2 lucky kills
Round 2: The missed enemy was made up for by a double kill.

Factory 3?
Just a thought, on the bees could it possibly be faster to fight them from on top of the box and dodging more bullets so that you don’t have to break the box and create less lag?
Fun little longjump off the lift. And then another  perfect incognito boss skip.
An okay  jobe fight, again random health.
Car stage:
With out more boosts you can’t really improve this. Collects all the required powerups.
Cyber Tube:
Fun to play, no improvements to be made.
These levels are horrible. PJ shows it whos boss by shooting that vending machine point blank in its can receptacle. Fuck you vending machine.
Shame about that elevator.  It’s a bit a cheap tactic by the game because if you don’t get off the elevator and duck instantly you die. If you go back down and don’t have the backwards shot you cant kill the flamethrower guy and he is impossible to dodge once you get back up since you cant jump while standing on an elevator.

Office 2:
Haha, you don’t even need to try to skip the bubbles before the bee mini boss.
For some reason that little exploit with the respawning invincibility and the elevator to get through the jetpack dudes is one of my favourite tricks in the run.
Gets right in the box pillars face on each side like a man.

Cyber warzone 3:
Didn’t even know enemies could spawn that far right on the 1st round.

A nice fight. Do you think maybe that ring weapon has some sort of cancelling out effect? Or just a freak accident that you had it when he didn’t fire?

That’s an accept. Now you can lay this cart down to rest. ……….Until I get that sequence break to work.


Everything is fine, but there's no audio commentary yet. Knowing PJ, he's going to do the audio commentary later.


I got the same timing that was listed in the statid (0:24:53)

The start frame is 1903, when the character appears
The end frame is 91398, when Doomplayer dies.

I assume the runner had similar timing points. BTW, this is Mike Uyama, so yes, the time is official.


I still stand by my statement of, "This run must have the highest unimpressive yet stupidly difficult trick ratio I've seen in any run." PJ skips so much stuff in this run. He skips an entire level and at least two minibosses, and I'm sure there's more I'm missing because like PJ said in his comments, if he screws up, it looks like nothing happened because the game continues normally.

That being said, this run is really impressive for what it is. This game is so full of bullshit that I don't think it's possible to have a run that hits all of the tricks or doesn't have any significant time wasters. It doesn't help that the game is also incredibly random.

PJ's comments for this game are also way too detailed for their own good, so in-depth over a game with so little depth in all 10 or 20 of its genres. Tongue

Anyway, the play for the most part is really good. As mentioned in the comments, the Cyber Run is one of the weakest points of the run (if not the weakest), and it is pretty sloppy, but almost everything else in the run is really well done so I can't complain too much.

So yeah, great run of an atrocious game. I would say move on to another game PJ, but I know whatever game you move onto will probably be just as bad. Tongue


I'll fetch screenshots later, but seriously, nothing looks impressive in this run, it's so stupid.

The Lawnmower Man, or a tale of a "jobe" well done.

all I can say about this game is it's an experience unlike any other, tons of genres all done completely wrong. It even emulates the N64 with fogged out flying sequences reminiscent of Superman 64, among many MANY others.

That said, this run has great audio/visual, no problems there.

The entire run is fantastic, and I echo the runner's sentiments that all the tricks in this game just look like he's dying for no good reason, when it allows bosses to spawn sooner or even dying to create enough sprites to despawn bosses.

Everything about this is about the most damn impressive I've seen, the game is a complete nightmare, and as the asshole that gave him this game I definitely feel bad for making him run it now haha.

All that's left to do is run this thing through an audio commentary session, which will hopefully make this a happy and reasonable thing to watch. It'd be worth it simply so all the tricks can be explained with the traditional PJ enthusiasm haha.

Great run, overall accept. Now to get to work on Castellian again Sad

Decision: Reject

Reason: I'm not accepting any more poverty until we get a Castellian run Angry

What, that's not fair? Ok then...

Decision: ACCEPT

Congratulations to Patrick 'PJ' DiCesare!
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so pro u don't even know
Way to go PJ! Another bad game under your belt, and all is right with the world.
Willing to teach you the impossible
LOL, that got me at first, damn you Flip...
Hi! I'm andrewg!
Heidman, me too! I'm like... WAIT A SECOND!

Congrats PJ. I need to rewatch this run to try and understand what's happening.
Hahaha, I saw the initial reject and laughed really hard.  "Accept, accept, accept.  Verdict: reject.  This game is ass."  Well played.

Thanks for verifying, everybody!  I pretty much echo all the sentiments here.  Pootrain, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with everything.  There were a few other execution errors (e.g. jumping before the helicopter) that you caught.  As far as weapon strength, I want only a 3-power spread shot for the gas pump.  After that, it doesn't make a significant difference what power level you have until after the Spy Hunter stage.  A level 2 gun is strangely just as fast as a level 3 gun against the box boss.

I am definitely not going to improve this run until we get the almighty sequence break to work.  Hopefully if Tompa continues his TAS of this game, we can figure out how to make it work, because it'd cut nearly an entirely minute off my run.

Thanks again everybody!
Fucking Weeaboo
I agree with Flip before he became Flop.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Haha, I scanned to the bottom, and saw reject, did a double take, read the comments again to see why, and had to look at the verdict again before seeing it fully. I'm tired...
train kept rollin
I also fell for Flips trap.  Oh how that sequence break would be nice.
Congratulations Lawnmower J Smiley
Everybody DANCE!
Damn you, Flip, and your trickery.
Congratulations Flip for a successful trick!


Oh, and you too PJ.
Haters gonna hate
First I saw reject, then was let down after I saw it was accepted.

j/k, good work PJ!
We all scream for Eyes Cream
I see this was put up on my birthday...what an awkward present Shocked
The Dork Knight himself.
Just saw the run PJ, very nice. Btw, am I seeing things or did I seriously see the dev for Kega Fusion in the credits??
Haha you aren't seeing things.  It's the same guy, IIRC.  Obviously I wouldn't know, but I think someone else mentioned that to me before.

Thanks.  Tongue