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Super Smash Brothers for Wii U (ntscus) (wiiu) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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Quote from Elipsis:
A/V: Watched HQ video, which looks very good.

Cheating:  None detected beyond the glitch abuse.

Gameplay:  The glitch makes the gameplay comically trivially, I don't see anything slow about the run.

Conclusion:  I was skeptical about what I was watching based on the run commentary, but after watching it - this looks like a niche little thing that isn't likely to appear with any other character, or remain possibly very long with this one.  I wouldn't say that what I'm watching here is executionally impressive, but nobody else submitted it and we have nothing like it on the site yet.  If we reject it for being what it is, even if a phenomenal player submits something requiring extreme talent, we're never actually going to see a run that's faster than this one.  For this reason I feel like this run, though a flash in the pan, should be documented on SDA.  Accept.

Quote from Nulunas:
A/V is great on IQ.

The run could be improved based on the factors of:

-Not accepting a run-off (floor that reaches blast zone) stage
-All top KOs are instant rather than Star KOs or opt horizontal KOs for consistency.
-Faster Master Hand (you can defeat it before landing)

This is an ACCEPT based the grounds that it should be an approximate 3 seconds IGT improved at best with this RNG, and that seeing another console with this particular patch will be non-existent and is already rare.

I would have rated this neutral if we could patch select or hack the updater with redirection to get an old patch now.

I would have rejected this if there were 2 star KOs, they take too much IGT.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Jordan 'Greenalink' Greener!
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DS Dictator
I might as well explain this to people who don't have a Wii U:

Software patches issues are a lot worse than the Xbox 360. Normally you are given the option to play the most recent update to connect online or play the vanilla/current build but disconnect from Xbox Live, if you delete the most recent build, you can still play the vanilla release, usually the save file from later version isn't compatible. Wii U(seless) on the otherhand....

1) If you have downloaded a patch and removed it completely to play the vanilla build (v1.00), the game will not launch until the most recent update has been downloaded. Apparently, the only way to play the vanilla build after updating it is to factory reset the console.

2) There has been a (WIP?) kernel exploit for systems up to firmware 5.3.2 but I don't know if they have tried to export these older patches to downloadable online database sites including:

a) specific title update file
b) DLC unlock file to play as Mewtwo (this is doable on 3DS systems 4.5 - 9.2 with .cia files)

3) I've noticed that a new v1.07 was released and I've read that it fixed Mewtwo's custom moves glitch (key bug used in this run). Fortunately, I always turn off my Wii U fully before going to bed to save electricity (lol) and after reading about this, I purposely disconnected the internet router to give my SSID a fake name to prevent online connection. It wasn't until I downloaded Splatoon's Global Test Fire it also downloaded V1.07 secretly Angry so RIP faster run attempts. 

WTB: Wii U console + Smash Bros v1.06 with Mewtwo for a price higher than PS4 with P.T. demo :p

The run could be improved based on the factors of:

-Not accepting a run-off (floor that reaches blast zone) stage
-All top KOs are instant rather than Star KOs or opt horizontal KOs for consistency.
-Faster Master Hand (you can defeat it before landing)

The star ko in one of the stages was really unfortunate, it is a gamble for stages with 3+ opponents because the horizontal approach for that many is slower than a non-star ko.

Walk-off stages are pretty uncommon but it's always nice to get at least one, there's a few stages I reset instantly including Nofair and walk-off stages with multiple opponents.

For Master Hand fight, my custom gear didn't reach to 200+ attack but it did have a critical hitting brawn badge, in that fight I did get a critical hit (20% chance) which made up for the time loss in one of the stages, two critical hits would be godlike but I would also have to grind a run with good stage/battle RNG from the first 5 stages.