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Starflight (ntscus) (genesis) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Tony 'ZenicReverie' Foster!
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Starflight (ntscus) (genesis) [Any %] [Single Segment]

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A/V: good.

Wow: I didn't realize how directly Star Control 2 borrowed from this game.

Well, this seems to use the same exact strats as the TAS by Aqfaq, except more fuel. And visiting different planets I think. I'd like to think there's some randomness (or maybe a lot) to getting those encounters you need. Also you gotta get more endurium to keep the ship fueled. If the runner is reading this you might as well let us know how much luck you needed.

accept (more than likely)
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Waiting hurts my soul...
Thought I submitted with comments. Here's some info that I'll turn into run comments:

Compared to the TAS, I lose most time (aside from imperfect RNG) when aligning my drop point and dropping in mostly straight lines instead of diagonally through the atmosphere. This is the biggest time improvement within player control, but turning the ship and getting the correct heading is a pain.

The TAS avoids that one extra encounter I always seem to get in the second planet's solar system. I'm not sure what the window is to avoid it.

Where you appear in the solar system map isn't random, it's determined by the angle of the ship upon entry. Entering from the bottom or top is the best average distance to any planet since systems are wider than they are tall. I had average planet placement luck.

The droid encounters are fixed, and appear when trying to orbit those specific planets. The numbers they spew out are random.
I see: you need to do some quick mental maths. I was wondering why the TAS clears the dialogues so much faster...
Not a bad run! It would be cool to see riskier #YOLO landings, though. Oh, but there are better games to grind, so never mind. Starflight is an interesting game considering the release year (1986/1991). It would be nice to play a highly modernized version of this kind of thing. I suppose Starcontrol II (or The Ur-Quan Masters) is still the best we have at the moment? I already forgot the name of the huge space exploration game that flopped recently, but somebody should try the same in 2D. It would be basically "Starcontrol Infinite" with infinitely large Universe and procedurally generated star systems, planets, aliens, ships and stuff.

Looks like the Starflight TAS was made in 2007. I remember being a bit lazy with the landings, so I wouldn't be surprised if somebody improved it by a second or two.
Decision posted.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Nice to see you still around in the community, Aqfaq. I did buy into the No Man's Sky hype as well, but maybe one day it'll grow into a better game. I think the constrained disk/cart space really honed the game into its own. I don't remember the landings being that bad in the TAS, but my eye for perfection isn't up to those standards. I'm more of the mind to get something published as a jumping off point for games that don't get a lot of exposure. My future speedrun plans are mostly games that are even more uncharted territory.

Thanks to the verifiers for your time, and I hope the run is enjoyed by others. Who knows, maybe it'll encourage someone to check the game out.