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Segmented any% run

Verifier Responses

Here we go! Elite Force 2, a game that hardly served any other purpose than to remind people how much better the first one was. Let's see if it's more enjoyable when it's done quickly, shall we?
Video quality is fine, Audio has a few hickups, but the Runner explains those.
No cheating detected.

Mission 01:
Worst looking part of the run for sure... Looks like there are about 10 seconds in there just from better space-hacking and ammo management.
Other than that, resistance IS indeed futile.

"Mission" 02:
Yeah, pretty much...

Romulans apprehended in a speedy fashion. Korbans voiceover is horrible. That is all.

Mission 03:
Unlucky bouncing on that ladder.
Space-pipemania looks a bit slow, I recon a few seconds could be shaved there.

Mission 04:
This is where the run gets good. Nice and fast disregard of safety. Again, ammo is a bit of a problem, but there's not a whole lot that can be done about that.

Escort mission, WOOO! Because waiting for NPCs is the best part of any game.
All things considered, this is about as fast as it gets.

Beep boop, nothing much to say here

Mission 05:
Getting stuck on that lamp luckily barely costs any time at all.
Munro has no need for caution.
Nice shortcut!
Got stuck on that railing - 2 seconds lost at most.

Yup, Korbans VO is still bad.

Mission 06:
Another bounce, ladders are not your friends in this game.
The rest went pretty smoothly.
I always hated that turret bit - mainly because I suck at it...

Mission 07:
More NPC guarding you say? BRILLIANT!
Nice Quadruped fight.
Cool skip at the bridge. The Runner makes it look so easy.
Not much to say on the rest

Mission 08:
Good shooting, fast jumping and disregard of retracted bridges - excellent speedrunning!
Leviathans are blasted in a speedy fashion aswell.
Corridors might be exploding/collapsing, but Munro has no fucks to give...
Stalker fight was a bit wobbly - again due to lack of ammo.

Allmost as good as a Klingon.

Mission 09:
Blah blah blah, rules of aquisition, blah blah.
Lurok is cooperative and doesn't mind getting blasted in the face - how nice of him!

More rules! Delightfull.

Mission 10:
Munro is the master of infiltration.
Informant fight was decent.

Mission 11:
Lava is a minor inconvenience.
Sniping could've been better - a few seconds lost there.
I hate Commanders with a passion. This one was killed pretty much as fast as possible.
That Quadruped fight was a bit sloppy :/
Fighting a Commander with the Phaser - that takes balls Tongue
Bossfight went pretty much perfect, considering the ammo situation.

The only real problem I have with this run is the very first mission, especially considering the large number of segments. After that the run gets very good.
Can this run be improved? Certainly - I suppose with luck and tighter execution up to 30 seconds could be shaved off, maybe a bit more.
All things considered, it's still worthy of SDA.

Weak Accept. I might have to dig up my old disk and give this one a go some time Tongue

Star Trek: Elite Force 2
Verifier Comments

Audio and video are ok. A few hiccups that the runner explains in his comments.

I observed no signs of cheating.

I probably went overboard with the verification comments however if the runner decides to have another go at this run or someone else wishes to do so, I’d rather they have a list of: mistakes, potential areas to improve the run and parts which were good that should be left in/included that they can refer to. I haven't included every minor mistake as the majority are bumps on walls. I've tried to point out the other mistakes and possible improvements. Some sections I make pointless comments and some other spots I probably got carried away and it appears that I have lost my mind… Oh well if anyone finds some entertainment in my brief mental lapse that's good. If they don't find it entertaining... Well I won't worry too much about it.

Note that I have given times from the video used for verification purposes. If the run is accepted the time will be different due to the inclusion of the SDA stat ID so ~ 5 seconds will need to be added. I’m assuming that this is the only change. If not, well that’s just tough cookies Smiley Most of these comments will be more relevant to the runner anyway and I have given a brief description of each area where a possible improvement could be made.

I have been critical of some sections of this run but there are some good points in the run that are also highlighted. I hope the runner sees these critical comments as a way to possibly improve a run if he/she ever decides to make another rather than taking offence to them, as none is intended.

Mission 1: End Game <Borg Sphere>

The opening mission is aboard a Borg sphere which has captured the USS Voyager (A mission based on the Star Trek Voyager episode End Game for those who are familiar with the TV show). The hazard team’s mission is to disrupt the dampening field allowing Voyager to escape the Borg sphere.

Comments on Mission:

Right from the start I see a potential improvement. The runner starts by shooting the power coupling to lower the force field. This results in the Borg drones attacking, forcing the runner to start shooting at the drones to eliminate the threat. It would’ve been simpler to shoot the Borg distribution node on the wall on the right next to the blue force field. This would eliminate the threat from the Borg drones and then the runner could proceed to shooting the green power coupling and heading to the next area. This would save around 5 seconds and deal with the drones in a more efficient manner. Another thing I noticed was that the runner uses the primary fire button, which although is a faster shot, it requires 2 hits to take one Borg down. I believe it is far easier to shoot with the alternate fire button and take them down in one hit. I can understand in a few spots later on for ammo conservation but when you have a decent ammo supply it wastes time.

It is far quicker to bunny hop rather than walk in this game. The problem with doing it inside of the Borg sphere is evident in several places where the runner clips on various walls, outcroppings and ceilings. There are some rather nasty bumps throughout this mission and given that this mission had the most segments I would’ve liked to of seen less to none. However despite the several places where this does occur, the majority of the movement is done fairly well throughout the corridors of the Borg sphere and time saved as a result.

As the runner has pointed out in their own comments, the tricorder modulations are random puzzles. Unfortunately each time you play the game the modulation required to proceed will be different so memorizing any patterns is pointless. Although simple, some of the modulations are annoying and you can cost yourself a bit of time. The runner in this case did fairly well with each one and I have no complaints on these sections.

At 6:53 in the run there is a Borg distribution node that the runner passes. The runner then starts to backtrack at around 7:03 in order to shoot this node and eliminate the Borg threat. I’m not sure whether the runner thought that the nodes destruction at a later time would stop the Borg drones that beamed into the corridor ahead, but it clearly didn’t. It looks messy and I feel that the node could have been destroyed earlier; stopping the Borg behind him and then the 2 Borg that beamed in could have been eliminated afterwards. It may have also saved a few seconds.

One final criticism in this mission. As the runner has stated in his own comments the game is rather annoying in the sheer volume of enemies it throws at you, especially those that require a large number of shots in order to defeat. This can drain your ammo supply to nothing in no time at all. The runner did a great job of avoiding enemies that did not require elimination in order to progress and saved himself time and ammo. However during the advanced drone fight a little planning may have saved themselves the need to resort to the hand phaser. After the first modulation (10:22), if the runner had proceeded to left side towards the other distribution node he could have refilled his ammo supply on the terminal at the wall as he passed. It may have cost him 2 seconds by going slightly wider, but he would have enough ammo and probably saved more time on the advanced drone. 

The advanced drone fight can be rather unusual sometimes. In some instances after the 3rd distribution node has been destroyed, you have sufficient time in which you can take its health to virtually nothing only requiring one final hit after he teleports behind you. This is the best case scenario and is seen in this run. On other occasions it requires multiple shots in order to destroy after it starts teleporting. 

I will stray off topic here for a pointless trick for anyone reading the comments in a lot of detail or any ST:EF2 fans who want to try it out. At 8:50 the runner skips several Borg drones. If you leave these drones and proceed onto disabling the 3rd dampening field generator, you can jump back into the corridor with these Borg are present before the cutscene starts. The cutscene at 9:45 begins to play and the screen will flash red as the drones have started attacking you during the cutscene. If you have low hp or a sufficient number of drones attack you then when the game loads the next section, you will see yourself being assimilated as if the game has ended and you have died. The game will load again at the advanced Borg drone boss fight. You will be human during the fight; however you will have 1hp and no weapons, not even the tricorder for the force field modulation. Like I said it’s pointless.

Back on topic. I’m a little confused with this level as the runner has used the most segments but it still has the ugliest mistakes in the run.

Despite the criticisms the runner did pull off an impressive time for this level, although I think 10 – 15 seconds more could’ve been saved. 

Mission 2: Reassignment <Starfleet Academy>

After being stuck in the delta quadrant on the USS Voyager for 7 long years, you have finally made it home. However the joyous occasion is short lived due to some stuck-up, half witted, scruffy looking…. Wrong universe…. Anyway, a Mr. Stemmons has decided to break up the hazard team and reassign all its members. He sees no need for a hazard team in the alpha quadrant which he views as being significantly less dangerous than the delta quadrant. Telsia, who is your teammate and romantic interest, has decided to file a petition against this move. In the meantime you travel around the academy meeting up with various people. The petition is ignored and Munro ends up stuck at the academy teaching recruits. 

Comments on Mission:

Nothing much to say here. The runner is just hopping from one place to the next to progress the game. Nothing to shoot or nothing exciting occurring. There is one ugly bump on some stairs when jumping around.

As the runner states in his comments he chose the option where Telsia doesn’t flip out at Munro. Such a nice guy Wink

Next part of this mission is the Romulan simulation, 2 years on from the event of your reassignment.

I feel the alternate fire on the enhanced compression rifle has more of an explosive effect which deals with multiple enemies more efficiently. Had the runner used this it might save a few more seconds. The runner made it through the service conduit fairly quickly, not clipping on any walls and made it through the flames without dying. Several missed shots on a Romulan at 15:26 looked bad. I have no problems with some missed shots on the moving targets. The speed of your energy blast is slow enough for a target to move past once you have fired if they are a good distance away and already moving. The Romulans that come up in the elevator at 15:43 could have been taken out in one blast with the grenade from the enhanced compression rifle, although you still have to wait for Korban, but probably would’ve saved a second.

Shooting is faster than using the Bat’leth. 

Finally you finish this mission to see Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise outside the holodeck accompanied by the pompous Mr. Stemmons who reassigned you. Captain Picard was observing your simulation and was impressed. You tell the captain how you were trained in the delta quadrant as part of the hazard team, to which Stemmons interrupts to say it is unnecessary in the alpha quadrant. Picard soon puts him in his place. He offers you a position on the Enterprise.

I don’t really have many complaints with this mission. Perhaps 5 seconds could’ve been saved in total with cleaner shots on the Romulans and use of the enhanced compression rifles grenades.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 1

You board the Enterprise. Unfortunately there is nothing to do here. You can’t bunny hop down the corridors due to the height restriction.

Korban’s holodeck simulation went pretty quickly, although there are several missed shots. Although the targets are moving the shots were quite wide and it looked a bit sloppy. Not bad considering you lack Klingon blood…

Nothing else really to say about this.

Potential to save 2 – 3 seconds.

Mission 3: Derelict <USS Dallas>

Your first mission now serving aboard the Enterprise. A good way to impress the Captain if pulled off successfully. The Enterprise has received a distress call from the USS Dallas. This was the starship which Telsia was assigned to, two years previously. The Hazard team comprised of you, Chell, Jurot and the new member Franklin board the Dallas in an attempt to find out what happened. Guess who dies…

Comments on Mission:

Overall not a particularly bad mission although a few ugly bumps here and there in the conduits and various parts of the level.

20:15 Runner gets stuck jumping under a platform whilst trying to get over the back end of a shuttle. It costs about a second and looks rather ugly.

21:34 The runner gets stuck bouncing on a ladder. This mistake was pointed out in his comments.

23:41 Is it possible to close the door to engineering behind you and start re-routing power? Would save you time instead of dealing with the Exomorphs.

23:50 A couple of those conduits didn’t need to be turned during the re-route. This may have cost you a second or two.

25:01 Poor Franklin….

Got through the Exomorphs fairly quickly and back to Chell without making unnecessary shots and running past the majority of enemies.

There are no real shortcuts in this mission as everything is confined to the corridors and Jefferies tubes. The majority of mistakes come from bumping into walls. Given the number of enemies that get in the way I won’t complain too much about bumping into them.

Possible time to save 5 seconds if you had some better luck with enemies and less wall bumps.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 2

27:00 Used the turbo lift furthest away. This cost the runner maybe 1 second? Although you already pointed this out in your comments.

There are 2 routes to get to Chell. This seemed like the quickest one.

Nothing to else to say about this.

Mission 4: Demise <Attrexian Station>

The nearby Attrexian space station is besieged by the aliens that attacked the Dallas, the Exomorphs. The Dallas was on its way to offer assistance when it was attacked. The hazard team is sent in to deal with the problem and offer assistance to the Attrexians.

Comments on Mission:

A nice little shortcut at 28:25 which saves 5 – 10 seconds then the runner makes it through the flames quickly taking minimal damage.

28:40 I feel the runner could have taken out the 3 Exomorphs then rather than entering the room, then heading back out for them. An alternative, although risky is to re-route power whilst they are entering the room and trying to attack you. It is possible but you have to be quick in the re-route and lucky to take little to no damage, or even more lucky that they have trouble getting into the room.

31:08 Luring that poor Attrexian into an Exomorph ambush. He never stood a chance. As you said in your comments, I think it is possible to inflict damage to him whilst the Exomorphs are attacking. This was definitely a quicker method to progress through the level although somewhat fiendish. When you closed the hull breach in this section you could’ve refilled the ammo as well when you got the health. This may have helped with ammo conservation later on in the section with the command officials.

31:46 Good work getting through the corridors and avoiding all the Exomorphs.

33:09 Nice vantage point for taking out the Exomorphs.

34:15 Started getting a bit ugly there, but that was due to a lack of ammo. As mentioned earlier it may have helped to refill your ammo when you were “protecting” the Attrexian worker. This might’ve allowed for some spare energy in the terminal near the Attrexian officials for later on.

35:43 Easy there Captain Kirk.

36:45 Before the Exomorphs turn up I felt you could have set a trap or two with the Arc guns secondary fire button which shoots the cloud of charged energy that activates when shot. It would’ve been perfect for when the Exomorphs bust through the walls or flew in to start attacking.

It really becomes apparent that the game developers went overboard with the amount of enemies you have to face. They could’ve provided a few more ammo supplies….

Overall the quality of the run has improved at this point. There is faster movement and less ugly bumps. Although it is possible to save a bit of ammo for some sections it can’t be done completely such as in the end section where you must defend Vor’chov. Maybe possible to get 5 – 10 seconds more out of this mission. 

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 3

Research and spending time with Telsia

Nothing to say…. Well there’s nothing to do….

Mission 5: Discovery <Alien Planet>

You’ve located the point of origin of the Exomorphs by tracing their ion trail back to a planet belonging to a race known as the Idryll. The Idryll are slaves of the Attrexians but they believe their race was more advanced than the Attrexians in the past. On the planet surface there is an archaeological camp site. The Idryll there are doing research into their past in order to prove their claims. Their own archaeological team has disappeared so you end up tracking them down too as well as determining the origin of the Exomorphs. You discover that the Exomorphs are manufactured as slaves from material in the planets core however due to a malfunction they have turned against their masters and everyone else. Here you meet 3 scientists, Krindo, his father and Kleeya.

Comments on Mission:

Start of the mission begins well with decent speed into the camp, although ends with a bit of an ugly bump just before you initiate the cutscene.

41:28 nice jump straight to the wall saving some time.

42:50 Noting this point as it is best to kill any nearby enemies before a cutscene starts, as is done here. You can take damage whilst a cutscene is playing.

43:30 I feel it was overkill to use the assault rifle to deal with the little insects. The hand phaser would’ve helped you conserve ammo here. You might’ve had closer to a full ammo supply when going up against the Queen bug and for later on in the stage.

44:20 you jump over the wall. I believe there is an ammo supply for the Arc gun on the section you jump over. It may have cost you 2 seconds to get the supply but may have saved you the time down the road. The Arc gun seems to do most damage against the Queen Bug. 

44:35 Queen bug fight wasn’t too bad and you managed to avoid the bugs around you for the most part although they did a lot of damage.

47:11 Nice shortcut.

Stuck on a few rails and a bump on a few enemies through the rest of the level, other than that pretty decent throughout.

Berserkers were dispatched well as you had enough ammo.

Overall pretty good. Again possible to save around  5 – 10 seconds with this route.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 4

Talking to Kleeya. Doesn’t she get cold?

Personally I’d of walked out on her and gone to find Telsia, but the runner decided to go with Kleeya to stellar cartography which is faster 

The runner walks around the desk to speak to Korban which is not needed, but the runner did realize this later and is noted in the comments. The holodeck program was fine and the aim was much cleaner. Only one missed shot which was down to bad luck where the enemies attack detonated the grenade before it hit. Almost as good as a Klingon…

Mission 6: Destruction <Enterprise-E>

Responding to another distress call from an Attrexian colony, the Enterprise warps into the system to discover an Idryll vessel waiting for them. The vessel is under Krindo’s orders. It seems he is rather upset that Kleeya has stayed on the Enterprise to help with the Exomorph threat. The Idryll attack the Enterprise and attempt to board her. You, the hazard team and other crew members fight to defend the ship.

Comments on Mission:

Helps Korban out pretty quickly.

56:20 Another ladder bounce… Perhaps you should stick to the turbo lifts.

The fight in sickbay could’ve gone better, especially where a few of your shots impacted on the barricade and Jurot, but not much time lost.

Ok defense of the warp core. It is difficult to kill the enemies without doing damage to the ship also. No need to enter the code afterwards which is good. 

Good job defending Picard.

Good job on the Enterprise hull. Luckily you didn’t get that ridiculous bug where you jump and never come back down. Seriously what a massively horrible game flaw. You miss a shot but it doesn’t cost much time and as you said in your comments, given the floating bug I wouldn’t bother trying to repeat this level again.

Good job with the Idryll ship probably could’ve shot a bit sooner just before you took it out.

No real problems with this mission. Maybe with a bit better luck in sickbay and slightly better on the warp core an additional 5 seconds could’ve been saved.

Mission 7: Search and Rescue <Attrexian Colony>

The hazard team proceeds down to the Attrexian planet in a shuttle to help out.

Comments on Mission:

1:04:28 nice bridge skip.

Leading up to the Attrexian engineer you get bounced about by a few enemies costing you a few seconds but this is unavoidable given the number all attacking and chasing you. 

1:05:20 A few shots were attempted with a now empty grenade launcher costing you about 2 – 3 seconds.

1:06:55 Good fight with the Quadruped

Fairly quick getting through the sewers. A few bumps along the way.

1:08:46 Nice skip.

1:11:25 You almost ended up having to see Dr. Crusher…. Get it…. The piston almost crushed you…. Never mind….

1:12:38 Another good Quadruped fight

Good job getting to the shuttle on low hp.

Around 5 – 10 seconds could’ve been shaved off if you had better luck with the enemies not smacking you around so much. Other than that a good run on this level.

Mission 8: Payback <Ancient Idryll Planet>

After tracking down Krindo to a nearby planet the hazard team attempts to stop him and put an end to the Exomorph attack on the Attrexians. Can you convince Krindo to stop the attack? Only time will tell….

Comments on Mission:

Good speed through the swamp area up towards the compound. It may be possible to choose a slightly better route and save a second or two more but not bad over an uneven surface.

1:16:18 Nice jump over the bridge

1:16:50 Nice destruction of the Leviathans.

The facility is falling apart around you and the screen is jumping all other the place but that hardly slows the runner down.

1:18:49 Sneakily modulates a control panel for the lift in view of a Berserker. Nice work

The stalker boss fight was a bit messy due to lack of ammo.

Overall a very fast run of this level. Maybe a few extra seconds could be squeezed out of the Stalker fight and one or two more in the swamp at the start.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 5

Goes to speak to Telsia. No complaints here

Fast holodeck mission although a few missed shots. Almost as good as a Klingon…

Mission 9: Mercenaries <K7 Starbase>

In the previous mission you were able to convince Krindo to call off the attack on the Attrexian colony after he learns his father is there. He agrees, however he soon discovers that he cannot call off the Exomorphs. Someone else is controlling them. Krindo reveals that the funds he acquired were obtained from a Ferengi who he was in business with. Krindo surmises that the Ferengi must have located the master control facility which overrides his control of the Exomorphs. In order to reveal the location of the master control facility Munro must trap the Ferengi and interrogate him. You track him to an old starbase where you confront him.

Comments on mission:

The runner gets to the bar where the Ferengi is located very quickly, jumping through all the various races present on the starbase. He then proceeds to gain access to the bar by defeating a Nausicaan in battle using a Bat’leth. The Nausicaan is defeated in no time at all.

The runner confronts Omag, the Ferengi and makes all the correct choices to progress the story. Anyone interested in star trek at this point learns a few of the rules of acquisition.

Following the discussion you have to capture Omag who runs off. The runner overtakes him quickly and jumps through all enemies and shoots down any in his way in record time. There are a few instances where the runner is briefly stopped but it is somewhat unavoidable given the sheer number of enemies blocking your path and running in front of you.

One question I have to ask. How does this Ferengi keep getting in front of the runner when you clearly overtake him? First Ferengi I’ve ever seen in such good shape.

The boss fight is with an aged Klingon warrior, Lurok. No complaints here. The runner points out it is possible to damage him significantly if you trap him in the flames but it is difficult to do so. It was better to just shoot him in the face repeatedly. The runner also traps him at the end and blasts him into oblivion with the grenade launcher. Almost as good as a Klingon…

Overall a good, fast mission. No complaints. It may have been possible to save a few extra seconds with some better luck on some enemies.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 6

Here you get to interrogate Omag, learn some more rules of acquisition, discover that a group of Romulans called the Empty Crown were the ones who bought the location to the master control facility, and get surgery to look like a Romulan for an infiltration mission.

Tetryon Gatling gun decimation. Almost as good as a Klingon…

I’d of been tempted to go for the bribery but unfortunately that lands you up in a cell next to Omag. There’s no reward in saving the galaxy anymore…. Seriously, you save the galaxy, twice and you don’t get your own planet to relax on afterwards?

Mission 10: Incognito <Secret Romulan Installation>

After your successful interrogation of the super fast Ferengi, Omag, you infiltrate the base of the Romulan group known as the Empty Crown in order to determine the location of the master control facility. You’ve already been surgically altered to look like a Romulan. You are accompanied by another hazard team member and you have a Romulan spy already on the base with which you will make contact.

Comments on Mission:

Good movement across the snow field avoiding all the bio-scanners.

Gets slightly stuck on a few uneven surfaces on the base in a few spots but maintains a decent speed throughout up to the point of entry into the base.

Again as with previous missions the runner does not waste time with unnecessary enemies. He is also ignores the bio-scanners inside the facility setting off all the alarms. It’s amazing these Romulans didn’t even notice him half the time. Especially with the alarms blaring away. Clearly he has a high sneak level…

A surprise betrayal from a Romulan….? I’m shocked….

I believe the alternate fire does a lot of damage but hitting this invisi-bitch with it is another thing.

Overall a fairly good level. Again a few spots with some better luck would’ve resulted in a few extra seconds shaved off here and there. The most time saved I feel would’ve been from the informant boss fight.

Intermediate Level: Enterprise E – Part 7

Back aboard the Enterprise. Head to sickbay to get back to a normal looking face and ears.

The runner chooses Telsia. No complaints.

Mission 11: End Game 2 <Master Control Facility>

Your infiltration of the Romulan base allowed you to gain access to data regarding the location of the master control facility. It is located in the Neutral zone. Turns out that the Idryll race was indeed very advanced and several millennia ahead of the Attrexians. They developed the Exomorphs as slaves who later gained intelligence and practically destroyed the Idryll civilization. Now under Romulan control you must stop the Exomorphs in order to prevent the destruction of all civilizations that stand in their way. Can the mighty Lt. Munro once again save the galaxy from disaster…?

Comments on Mission:

The runner proceeds as rapidly as possible across the rugged terrain. He chooses not to get the Experimental radiation disruptor. This weapon can do a lot of damage to enemies, especially if caught in the radiation field after being hit with the alternate fire button. It can severely damage the Romulan commander later on although he was dispatched in a fairly efficient manner and probably quick enough to match the disruptor.

Shock horror. Korban takes a hit and is returned to the Enterprise. This cutscene is skipped in the run. Heh... Almost as good as a Klingon, hey Korban…

The runner proceeds onwards without the help of Korban, which is complete madness in my opinion but he goes on anyway. Swiftly avoiding the Romulans and all the rocks in the way. He makes it to a large entrance to a cave sealed by a door.

Once inside the cave Lt. Munro presses on as fast as possible using every shortcut he sees available, even going so far as to jump into lava like it is nothing to him but a grassy wide open field. He soon finds himself completely surrounded by Romulans, but he keeps moving forward. They shout at him “You can’t stop us all!” and it appears as though he acknowledges this fact. He clearly ignores the lot of them, dodging the enemy fire and continues moving forward, only shooting at those directly in front of him who could potentially block his path. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel. A way out of this dark, hideous, Romulan filled cavern is sighted and he runs towards it.
Munro moves outside and sees the enemy base just ahead. A large awe inspiring structure with an enormous entrance and at either side of the entrance lies a tower. Before he can fully take in and appreciate the incredible view of his destination a red dot shines down on him.
“What is this?” He thinks to himself, followed by his quick realization, “Snipers!” He quickly ducks for cover behind a large, rocky outcropping from the tunnel he preceded out of a few seconds earlier. Using his own sniper rifle he begins to take out the enemy forces. A few of his shots miss but he continues firing. The Romulan guards lining the towers begin to fall one by one, eliminated in a truly gruesome fashion. Each shot that hits from the sniper rifle causes the victim to begin to disintegrate outward from the sight of impact of the shot. The pain this devastating weapon causes is apparent as each of its victims writhe in agony as their body glows red and begin to slowly disappear from existence leaving no visible trace. Normally a Starfleet officer never kills unless absolutely necessary but these are extraordinary circumstances. There is no choice, if Munro fails his mission the entire galaxy is done for. Eventually all of the enemies lining the towers fall and Munro is clear to move on toward the entrance.
“Finally, it looks like clear sailing from here”, he thinks to himself as he approaches the entrance, but wait. “What is that?” he asks himself as a large flying object from out of the base approaches his position. Before the Lieutenant’s eyes an enormous, grotesque, flying abomination comes into view before him. This terrifying monstrosity is an Exomorph, a terrifying beast known as a Controller!
Not even slightly shaken by the terrifying sight of the Controller hovering above him, Munro opens fire on this new foe using his trusty Tetryon Gatling gun. It looks as though his shots have little effect on the beastly Controller, but he continues shooting without hesitation. The Controller hovers above him, maniacally looking on as it begins to rain down explosives and energy blasts on the courageous Lieutenant. Munro does his best to evade the almighty hell storm of explosive blasts flying towards him but he is hit multiple times. However this Starfleet officer has been in tighter spots than this and refuses to give up. He continuously fires at the Controller with the Gatling gun, whilst dodging the incoming attacks to the best of his ability. The battle drags on for what seems like an eternity with both sides taking damage but Munro keeps going, dodging whilst firing, dodging whilst firing. The only pause comes in the brief instant whilst his gun reloads. He continuously bombards the ungodly abomination with a merciless ferocity. Still the Controller hovers above Munro, raining explosives down on his lesser opponent, obsessed with the total annihilation of the insignificant creature before him. It’s becoming clearer to the Controller that Munro is weakening. It is only a matter of time. The determination of each to destroy the other is clear but who will win?
It feels like more than an eternity has passed and still they battle on. The continual dodging and firing from Munro starts to wear away at the now heavily damaged controller. It looks as though his Tetryon Gatling gun is getting the job done. Still the fading Controller fires grenades in all directions, but now the attack looks more like an act of desperation rather than that of the menacing monster that first attacked. The Lieutenants monumental effort finally pays off against his monstrous foe and after the unrelenting assault the Controller falls to the ground, dead, concluding their intense and fierce death struggle. Munro stands tall but there is no time for the lieutenant to celebrate this great victory against such a mighty opponent. He proceeds into the enemy stronghold where he will confront the Romulan commander and end his tyranny once and for all…

Not sure what happened there… Anyway the runner got through the cave in good time only shooting those he needed to. Takes a few shortcuts across lava. Missed shots on the Romulan snipers at the tower costing a few seconds. The Controller requires a lot of hits to take out unfortunately and it fires grenades everywhere and requires a lot of evasion.   

Inside the Romulan base there is good jumping across all the obstacles. The runner ignores all the unnecessary enemies.

1:46:27 A nice setup using the Arc guns secondary fire function. I would’ve liked to have seen this used in the Attrexian space station mission or a few more locations throughout the game.

Some nice jumps across platforms and lava to save time.

1:47:10 Sneaky Romulan throws a grenade at you whilst you are in the lift but luckily does minimal damage. 

The depths of this base are a complete nightmare. I really feel like this section is complete overkill. Some ammo might’ve been nice…

Fight with the 2 Quadrupeds was a bit sloppy.

Both stalkers were dealt with pretty quickly. Finally the 2nd controller went about as well as you could’ve hoped for given the lack of ammo and use of the hand phaser. 

Romulan commander went very quickly. As I stated before the Romulan radiation disruptor does a lot of damage to him but I think you still have to wait until he opens up the 2nd window to get the final shot in so no real time lost.

Final boss went down quickly with the good old Tetryon Gatling gun. Can’t recall how much damage the radiation disruptor does to the final boss, but getting him to sit still whilst you use it might be problematic as well as hitting whilst his shield is lowered.

Last stage is rather long and the majority of time saved or lost depends on how well the numerous boss battles go. I feel maybe 10 – 20 seconds could be shaved off this level if the last lot of battles were cleaned up, but that’s asking a lot given the ammo situation. 

My overall thoughts:

This run is a bit of a mixed bag for me. It starts off looking like a practice run then evolves into something much better as it progresses. I’m going to give this a weak accept. Mission 1 looked sloppy despite having the most segments by comparison to the rest of the run. Mission 3 is a slow one and there are a few ugly bumps but they are less numerous than in mission 1. Perhaps I noticed more in mission 1 and 3 because it was such a weak start compared to the rest of the run. The runner has done a good job with level 4 onwards, but there are some areas where it could do with some more polishing. I can understand it might be unavoidable in some boss fights due to a lack of ammo. Or due to in insane number of enemies, but I feel there is potential to improve this run. By my estimates with more luck, better playing/planning in some areas a further minute could be shaved off the total run.

My Verdict: Weak Accept. As Korban would say “Not bad considering you lack Klingon blood.”

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Thomas Sturm!
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I failed to mention that my 3rd verifier is no longer with us.
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Wow, thanks! Didnt even know this was accepted. This is my first speedrun.

I'm sorry to hear that about the third verifier Sad Who was he?
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I'm sorry to hear that about the third verifier Sad Who was he?