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We both like money! Friends?
Fine with whatever as long as I can run on the time I posted and not on a Sunday.
Dapper as fuck.
Should be fine with me too
I have officially changed the dates because it has seemingly worked better for everyone I talked to AND there's 2 marathons at the old time. So if you need to update availability please do so in a separate post!
Now I'm actually free for the entire marathon. This gives more time for preparations too!
I will not be available on the 25th due to Lewdathon (running Nezumi Man).
Quote from peter afro:
I will not be available on the 25th due to Lewdathon (running Nezumi Man).

Lewdathon is going on to? That wasn't on the calender Sad
Also that wouldn't take a whole day would it?
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elgranjerry: 2014-10-07 12:34:31 pm
Chrono Trigger Speedrunner
Chrono Trigger Any%
Estimate: 3:30 (Got a new PB like 30 min ago lol 3:13, so 3:30 is more than safe on the time ;))
Chrono Trigger speedruns are really hype and interesting. Abusing glitches like fadeouts, unequipping your character and even skipping bosses are things that once seemed impossible. Also use a positioning glitch to kill the mighty Lavos with a healing item???
24 and 26. Saturday 25 I won't be available at all
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PinkPajamas: 2014-10-06 11:46:17 am
I haven't had a trap tower run that went below 40 minutes in a while. It could go past 40 in the marathon if I play horribly and get walled in 8-6, but that hasn't happened to me in a while.

I think it's safe to reduce my estimate to 40 minutes.
Quote from Jepty:
Quote from peter afro:
I will not be available on the 25th due to Lewdathon (running Nezumi Man).

Lewdathon is going on to? That wasn't on the calender Sad
Also that wouldn't take a whole day would it?

It would not take a whole day, but plumtea has not stated when I will run it.
Just a note, I withdrew my Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles submission from my original post due to a broken disc, then submitted a bunch of other stuff. Just pointing it out! Sorry I can't do Crystal Chronicles. Everything else should be good to go though.
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Samsa: 2014-10-09 04:10:35 am
Samsa: 2014-10-08 03:20:25 am
The world in a window.
Runner: Samsa ( )
Availability: Any time
Timezone: PST

Game: Space Funeral
Category: Any%
Rank: 1st
WR Video:

Description: A short, abstract indie RPG that stays interesting all throughout, telling a story that no one can really describe properly.
Time Estimate: 0:15:00
My Thoughts: It's very likely that something will go wrong, so I'm estimating high just in case.

Game: Aether
Category: Any%
Rank: 1st
WR Video:

Description: A surreal indie game designed by Edmund McMillen. A boy and his octopus fly around in space and solve puzzles on planets.
Time Estimate: 0:10:00
My Thoughts: Again, it's likely that something can go wrong because the cloud patterns are random, so I'm estimating high just in case I get a really bad one.

Game: OFF
Category: Any% or 100%
Rank: N/A
No video
Description: A French indie RPG Maker game. Part abstract, part horror, part symbolism, part puzzle game, all very good.
Time Estimate: 2:00:00 or 2:45:00
My Thoughts: My definition of 100% is getting the secret 3rd ending, which requires an extra boss fight and three highly treacherous areas containing very difficult battles. UPDATE: My first completed run came in at 1:42:30 with a lot of mistakes (including a death that wasted 5 minutes) so I've dropped both of my estimates by 15 minutes. This is probably the run I'd be most excited to do.
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
Can I add that it would be really cool if my Clock of Atonement run would be right before or right after a run of Space Funeral by Samsa, seeing as they are both indie projects made in RPG maker?  It would be a block NOBODY would be expecting, even if both games are ultra short.
edit: This is of course assuming both get accepted.
The world in a window.
Added another indie RPG Maker game to my submissions, so in case that "block" happens there's another run to consider for it.
Going to make a last minute submission

Game 11: Mega Man X4
Catagory: any% ultimate armor X
Estimate: 50:00
rank: #1
PB video:
Description: Think X4 has jumped the shark? Think again. This category spices things up with tons of nova striking.
Lewdathon getting in the way is not a problem anymore since it got cancelled.
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mybrothersco: 2014-10-08 07:45:18 pm
Runner: Mybrothersco

Game: Dead rising 3, and dead rising 2: OTR

Ranking: I have the third best time for DR3.

Any% for DR3, And Overtime% on DR2: OTR

Description of Game: pretty much a fun game, you kill zombies with capcom cameo stuff, random weapons, funny stuff here and there, and its a pretty entence run with all the strats you have to pull off, alot of interaction with viewers on deciding what to wear, use, etc.

Estimate: 2:00:xx for DR3, 45:xx for dr2:otr,( i havent ran this yet, but will before the marathon, so its unsure.)

Availability: Whenever you need me.
Edit history:
Jepty: 2014-10-08 07:43:04 pm
Hey, can you add estimates for your dead rising runs Smiley

But yeah, if any of you submitters know someone who would be interested in submitting please tell them, like I said. I want to make this big
Quote from Jepty:
Hey, can you add estimates for your dead rising runs Smiley

But yeah, if any of you submitters know someone who would be interested in submitting please tell them, like I said. I want to make this big

Submited my edit, thanks for the heads up jepty
Game: Doom: Memento Mori
Category: UV Speed
Rank: 2
Description: A hard ass doom game with some cool stuff.
Estimate: 2:00:00

Learning this stuff right now so I thought I would throw it in. I am still working on it so 2 hours is pretty generous I guess. That being said, my first run was over 2 hours so lol.
Availability update: I've moved into a new apartment meaning I have a lot more time on the weekdays. My unavailable times during the weekdays are 12PM - 3PM MST (so 2PM - 5PM EST).
Yea. I have a job interview tomorrow and no idea if I get it when I'll start or the hours I'll have so I'm a little up in the air about availability right now. I'll let you know more when I find out.
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yoshipro101: 2014-10-09 09:03:03 pm
i'm a GOD
submitting a few more runs because deadline is tomorrow and i figured you'd need more of my urns

Game: Madagascar
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:10:00
Description of Game: A underrated gem that has many technical skips

Game: Crash Bandicoot: Warped
Category: Any%
Estimate: 2:15:00
Description of Game: I did a run of this once Smiley

Game: Binding of Isaac
Category: New Game Any%
Estimate: 30:00
Description of Game: 100% less rng and 100% more skill a great speedurn

Game: Super Mario CrossOver
Category: Fast%
Estimate: 15:00
Description of Game: A crazy fast speedgame based of smb1

Game: Half-Life Before
Category: Beat the Game Glitchless
Estimate: 5:00
Description of Game: An intense run

Game: Mutant Mudds
Category: 16 Levels
Estimate: 45:00
Description of Game: Arbitrary category but any% is bs R)

Game: Thinking with Time Machines
Category: Beat the Game
Estimate: 30:00
Description of Game: It's a Portal 2 mod.

Game: Plants vs Zombies
Category: Beat the Game
Estimate: 5:40:00
Description of Game: A fast paced tower defense game.

Game: Dota 2
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:00
Description of Game: A crazy run for everyone alike
Edit history:
DeadRobots: 2014-10-10 10:05:23 am
I'll throw one more in but I'm not SUPER amazing at it. Also I'll probably find out about the job tomorrow or Monday and I can update my availability potentially.

Game: Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers
Category: Any%
Estimate: 35 Minutes(My PB is 22 but there's a skip that's really funky cuz of the physics dealt with it and I can lose time off it)
Rank: No idea who else runs it besides the WR holder but not that amazing)
Description of Game: 3D style physics shooter/adventure. In which you chase after a stolen pair of mystic underpants. You don't really shoot people more as cut blocks and stuff to advance. A bunch of physics abusing skips.

Game: Silent Hill 3
Category: Any% Easy/Easy
Estimate 55:00
Rank: 9th(Literally 1 second behind 8th)
Description: Silent Hill game. Mainly movement. Not any real glitches. Mainly just proper boss fights and a LOT of movement. Not super exciting but it's there on the table if needed. I ran this back at Speedathon and got trolled horribly by RNG. Definitely not my highlight run of it. So I'm a little tentative about submitting again.(Even though it's accepted to Fast Force Marathon in December)
Hurry up with the accepts/cuts
Quote from peter afro:
Hurry up with the accepts/cuts

It takes time :p I'm around halfway done. They should be out by Monday at latest Tongue