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Use \ before commas in usernames
During the Japanese Relief Done Quick marathon (particularly during races) a website or program was used that would start and stop a timer when a keyboard command was typed, so that close-races could be decided. I know that they said exactly what they were using during the Metroid Prime race, but I can't find that video online, so I'm unsure about how to find it. Does anyone else know the program that was used? Thanks!
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A question like this don't belong in Tech Support, but I'll answer it anyways. They used the IRC bot in #speedrunslive, a channel on SDA's server. The bot gave them a countdown so they could start at the same time, and it also kept track of their time until they typed ".done". If you don't know how to connect to an IRC channel, you can get to #speedrunslive here: http://www.speedrunslive.com/channel/
Sorry, I just saw run timers as more of a technical concern than a general SDA question. Does anyone else's WSplit timer shrink itself down so that the second's column isn't visible? I only get hours, minutes, and milliseconds, which is a bit disconcerting...