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RandomHobo587: 2014-01-09 08:51:46 pm
RandomHobo587: 2014-01-09 08:45:37 pm
"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Okm.  So you guys are probably thinking "What the heck kind of game are you talking about?"  Well, I was exploring IndieDB one day and found this freeware fan-made game.  It was a decent-looking Sonic-themed game, so I thought I would try it out.  I finished the game 100% and thought that it would be a good game to speed run!  So, I present to you Sonic the Hedgehog 3D!

First off, a little information about the game.  The creator is a small Russian mod/game creator that goes by the name of EZeddy.  He's know for creating horror games such as "Slender's Woods" and "Is This The Life?".  He enjoys creating games using the EDuke 32 engine, which, coincedentally, is what this game was made from.  The game's story is that Eggman and Metal Sonic steal the Master Emerald from Angel Island, plunging it once again onto Earth.  However, Knuckles believes that it was Sonic that took it.  So, he and Mighty the Armadillo go out to find and confront Sonic.  Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails see Eggman flying off with the Master Emeral, so they go to chase him down.  However, the Tornado begins to malfunction and crashes into a beach.  This is where the game starts.  All of the cutscenes are skipped, anyways, making the story irrelevant.

Now, before you say anything, yes, the game is only 0.3.  I understand this.  However, it is still in a finished enough state to where it can be run like a full game.  If more updates come (which there haven't been for 3 months), I will take it upon myself to find new routes to the game.

So, the categories.  There are two that I have in mind:
Any%: Beat the game as fast as possible.
100%: Beat the game while collecting all of the Chaos Emeralds, Emblems, and beating the secret stage.
Charcters: Sonic-Runs fast, has homing attack, etc
Tails-Flys and stuff
Knuclkes-Glide and climb
Mighty-Slower, but has a shockwave attack that takes out bosses easily.

Currently I've been working on getting a good solid any% Sonic run.  My best time so far is 11:12.  I will try to get a decent run up, though, that showcases the general route.  I'll then try to explain the strategies.  It will probably be up in the next few days.

However, just know that I play the game on Sprites mode, which does have place-holder sprites.  This is due to the fact that Using the models slows the FPS, making the game run slow and take more time to finish.  I also use low-quality textures to boost FPS.

So, if anybody wants to help me find some strategies and routes, the link to the IndieDB page is  I hope to see this game become slightly more popular!
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"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Ok!  Here's the first of many runs!  This is an 11:17 run.  Not my best, though.  My best is 11:12, but this gives a general idea of what's going on.  I'll explain what's going on.

So, let's start the first level!

Green Island 1: This is basically the strat.  Just get to the end by abusing the speed boost.  Oh, and don't miss the first spring!  Tongue
Green Island 2: Try to get running as fast as possible.  This occurs by using a homing attack, then running forward.  Homing attack underwater and spin dash under as well.  Also, try to put the vase down as quickly as possible.
Green Island 3: Ok.  This level, no matter WHAT machine you play on, starts with 4-5 FPS.  There is no way around it.  Just grab a ring, get to the end, and use homing attack on Knuckles when he's running to do double the damage.
Ancient Temple 1: Start with a homing attack to gain speed.  Jump up off of the white bomb dropper to reach the switch.  Then just run.  When you get to the bridge, CUT CORNERS!  This is how you can reach the end quickly.
Ancient Temple 2: Grab rings, go to the right.  Just follow the route.  MAKE SURE TO GRAB THE RED SHIELD BEFORE THE SECOND SWITCH!  It helps significantly with the lava section.  Try to hit the Eggbot as quickly as possible to get to the end.
Ancient Temple 3: Homing attack Eggman.  Stay on him as much as possible, but KEEP MOVING.  This will help with dodging his projectiles.
Fuel Station: This level is just like Green Island 3.  It lags at the beginning.  Just keep going.  Hit all of the speed shoes and DON'T GET HIT!  At the end, run across the bridge, but cut the corner and homing attack onto the final bridge.

So, not a HARD run, just very risky.  If anybody has any questions, PM me and I'll try to answer it to the best of my ability.
well this run leaves mine in the dust :p pretty good
"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Thanks dude!  To be honest, I made A LOT of mistakes in this run.  This could easily be optimized to be a sub-11 run!  I just need to work on it a little more.
Did i misplace my sexy? I think not
It looks like there could be a faster strat for knuckles. Have you found any?
"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Not yet.  You see, even though Knuckles can glide over most obstacles, he does not keep his speed while in the air.  Also, he is unable to do 2 points of damage to bosses, making those twice as long.  Just the little things here and there make it to where his run would be about a minute and a half to two minutes longer than Sonic's.
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RandomHobo587: 2014-02-09 06:25:58 pm
"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Well, here it is!  An improved run of this game!  Still on Sonic Any%.

Made mostly optimization improvements.  Still, there are A LOT of places where I can save time.

Final time is 10:51.16
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RandomHobo587: 2014-06-07 09:23:04 am
"Hey! That's MY cardboard box!"
Sorry for not keeping up with this thread.  School got more intense and I had to invest the majority of my time into it.  However, I HAVE been working on my speed run skills.  Today I just got this PB:  
This is because 1. I got a new graphics card, allowing the game to run at a higher frame rate and 2. The newest update fixed the slowdown bugs in Green Island 3 and Fuel Station. I will try to get a recorded run soon enough.
machineleanirony mean
What would be a good time estimate for each segment of a Tails run for this game?

Got this run to a 10:14, Lagged at Act 3 On the beach level and Act 3 in Fuel Station. Everything Went well Except Act 1 in Ancient palace was bad