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Sonic 3D Blast (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Zyre:
Game- Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis) 100%
Run time- 41:22
Start time: 00:35
End time: 41:57

Video quality- Good
Sound quality- Great

Evaluation of the run-

Green Grove 1: Didn't quite hit the crack in the wall, but not a major time loss. Got the Gold Shield (which is useful), but

since you lose it after the special stage so getting it becomes a slight waste of time. Doesn't get too many rings in the

special stage over the minimum needed, and since the countdown is quite fast it is only a few frames lost.

Green Grove 2: Nothing major to worry about here. Both stage and special stage are good.

Green Grove 3: Perfect boss fight.

Rusty Ruin 1: Minus the hit and losing the flickies once, very well done.

Rusty Ruin 2: Losing a green flicky right near the end lost a bit of time there. It is hard to dodge things when you're

playing a game that seemingly has ice physics everywhere though.

Rusty Ruin 3: Nice quick kill.

Spring Stadium 1: Almost 20 rings over the minimum needed during the special stage. Nothing too worry much about.

Spring Stadium 2: Another special stage, another emerald.

Spring Stadium 3: Near perfect boss fight.

Diamond Dust 1: Ouch, that hit in the special stage. Still, nice work.

Diamond Dust 2: Oooo...arriving at Tails one ring short. That cost a few seconds.

Diamond Dust 3: Good. Getting hit twice isn't great, but still good.

Volcano Valley 1: Nice work.

Volcano Valley 2: Very nice. This can be one of the harder stages to do fast.

Volcano Valley 3: Near perfect fight. Getting hit is unfortunate.

Gene Gadget 1: Nice job on this one.

Gene Gadget 2: Couple of route changes that I wasn't expecting...seems to work well.

Gene Gadget 3: That hit doesn't waste time, but it sure didn't look great.

Panic Puppet 1: Pretty smooth. Best music in the game, personally.

Panic Puppet 2: No flickies, no hits, no bull.

Panic Puppet 3: Getting hit on second phase for a loss of a second or two.

Final Fight: Very good fight. Not quite perfect, but very good still.

Final Decision- This run is very good. While there could definitely be improvements in execution, the route is very solid and

reflects that well in this run.


A/V: Looks like letterboxed 16:9. Considering the source, can this even be helped?
Cheating: None

Let me just state up front that calling this game's controls a mess is a compliment. It's very skiddy, and isometric doesn't help in any way - it just makes it really hard to see if you've made contact with an enemy. You'll see a lot of near misses like that in this run, and while watching it, you'll think he's about to hit the enemy too. It's really dumb and not well suited to precise play.

Combine that with the 100% category, which requires getting 50 rings in seven stages, and a single hit in any of them (before the special stage) will immediately end the run... I can imagine this being terribly frustrating to run.

So overall, movement looks less precise than perhaps it could be, that's just because the game is that tricky to control. Some enemies are missed, that's because the game tricks you into thinking you've hit them. A couple of bosses get hits in (notably Diamond Dust and Gene Gadget), that costs a few seconds and is down to runner error. One special stage got its words in too, that costs about 2 seconds.

All that combined adds up to about a minute that could potentially be saved. But we're talking a flawless run here. It's hard enough to get a flawless run on 10 minute games, let alone 40 minute games with psuedo 3D controls.

Recommend an accept.

Timing should be from first movement in Green Grove 1 (0:40) to fade-out in The Final Fight (42:03), giving 41:23 +/- one second.

Audio Quality - Good
Video Quality - Good

Incredibly solid run. There were some missed jumps on springs/enemies, but as the others have said, the controls are pretty terrible.


A/V is fine, issues have been discussed and sorted above. No cheating detected.

Firstly: the very idea of running this category is ridiculous, what do you do with a game with heinous controls? Make it longer and add one hit ruining the run. Full props to the runner for taking on this challenge.

Movement is actually very solid throughout in my opinion, sure it's not perfect but in this game it's not going to be, ever.

The route is well thought out and well executed with no major mistakes other than one or two hits taken on bosses.

Easy accept from me.

P.S. The one good thing about running a longer category of this? Getting to hear the excellent and underrated soundtrack more. Seriously this game has top tier Sonic music and deserves more acknowledgement for it!

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Matthew 'voideddarkness' Millwood!
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