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Silent Bomber (Any %) (Segmented)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'burningsteel'!
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Silent Bomber (Any %) (Segmented)

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Please refer to the Verification Guidelines before posting. Verifications are due by Sept. 25, 2014.

Please post your opinions about the run and be certain to conclude your post with a verdict (Accept/Reject). This is not a contest where the majority wins - I will judge each verification on its content. Please keep your verification brief unless you have a good reason otherwise.

After 2 weeks I will read all of the verifications and move this thread to the main verification board and post my verdict.
Heavy Metal Powered
Will verify this after Dune 2000
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Will verify this... right now!

Yay!  Very glad this game has a run, and a very fast-looking one at that, I had no idea the time could get this low even in Segmented!

A/V: Audio issues in Level 10 – looks like it’s in the raw file judging by the runners notes which is a shame, but I can live with it.  The bigger audio issue is that all the cut-scenes are skipped along with the hammy acting!  But you can’t have everything I guess…

Cheating: None detected, e-chips, liquids and IGT all seem consistent between segments, but it’s a fair bit to track so if someone else wants to count too then I don’t mind Wink

Level 1: Excellent, runner doesn’t stop moving, lots of rapid fire bombs and excellent use and collection of liquids and e-chips, looks like a very slight pathing error at the end mopping up the last of the AA guns.  Boss goes down about as quickly as it can do with 3 bombs.

Level 2: Very impressive – if you didn’t see the runners notes he basically collects items as soon as they spawn… through explosions.  And you can be hurt by your own explosions if you aren’t positioned/moving correctly; luckily the runner is a Badass.  I like the sub-boss quick kill it relies on both timing and placement and possibly a bit of that ol’ segmented luck thing.  The main boss was also dispatched exceptionally fast.

Level 3:  It’s annoying but even though you are easily capable of jumping over the green robots… you can’t jump over the green robots.  Runner is also careful not to detonate the little strips as the explosions can sometimes hurt you even if you are quite high in the air.  Surprised at the decision to go past the door to the two E-Chips as it seems like a large detour however I’ve not checked the route so I trust he knows what he’s doing.  Use of Gravity liquid for the condensers is a good shout and the paralysis liquid to wipe out the big chunks in one go is pretty cool.  I think a tiny amount of time can be saved as iirc it only takes 3 bombs to destroy the laser gates, not 5.  Very minor quibble though; everything else was basically perfectly executed.

Level 4: I couldn’t figure out exactly how the enemy placements in this level worked, but clearly the runner has!  Those lifts have a weird delay on them that always annoyed me when I played this game, but nothing you can do about that.  The Hardshells move very fast but by baiting them effectively and not relying on the lock-on system the runner makes very short work of them.  I actually laughed at the boss kill as I didn’t know you could do that, nice work!

Level 5: I feel both Jutah’s and the runner’s pain at having to go to do a stupid rescue mission. .. Anyway, nice quick E-Chip collection, the runner now collects his 6th and 7th bombs which is enough to get the hardshells in one go and to nearly wipe out the planes.  I was not aware you could abandon your team-mates and collect liquids/chips without losing time so that was pretty cool as well.

Level 6: This is possibly the hardest level to do casually without shield upgrades as it is easy to take damage and it adds up very very quickly.  Dashing over the lasers is pretty cool and dashing UNDER them is just manly!  Slight amount of time lost about halfway through first blowing himself up and then taking a bullet.  The platforming section goes well even if that is awkward and the Paralysis-enhanced bombs to take out the boss is a good strat well-executed.

Level 7: This is a very fun level because everything explodes… a lot.  In a speedrun, there is comparatively few explosions but the runner still does his best regardless.  The 8th and final bomb upgrade is acquired here which enables him to take out the targets without reloading bombs.  Boss kill is good as well and shows why the paralysis liquid was saved from the last round rather than being used to speed up that boss.

Level 8: Autoscroller-ish.  Pretty much the quickest it for the most part.  I’ve never been able to get all 4 little drones with one bomb so nearly getting 3’s each time is good.  The intermission part is pretty straightforward.  Blue Mist are dispatched efficiently and I like the idea of using one BM to attach a bomb for the other two – even though you have to wait a little longer for the gun and orb cycles to end overall this method is much faster and it is executed well.

Level 9: If you aren’t interested in collecting goodies then it’s just a straight run to the end.  I’m not sure if the devs intended you should be able to use the shortcut in the first floor (I’m pretty sure other laser puzzles require similar thinking) but it was cool, regardless.  Perfect route, move on.

Level 10: Something’s gone wrong with the sound here, not sure what this is… Shame, but not enough to stop me verifying.  First room was done very quickly, it’s always tempting to use the lock-on for the bio-weapons but unless you want to get two bio-freaks with one blast it’s almost always better to use ground bombs, especially since they jump right at you if they still have both arms.  Risky play but demonstrates good timing.  A little bit of backtracking is required for one of the bio-weapons but not too much time lost.  The boss is destroyed VERY quickly and thanks to the gravity liquid the runner stops the annoying mini-spiders from ruining his day.

Level 11: Sound is fixed, yay!  So, amusingly you can place bombs in mid-air and they’ll continue to rise with the lift.  Blue mist R1&2 is dispatched very quickly using this trick.  Boring “survive for x time” section in the middle where the runner doesn’t need any further items.  Would have liked to see an interesting playaround here but there isn’t really anything interesting to do…  Blue Mist R3 looked good, nice double hit at the start, unfortunate loss of a lock-on.  Boss looked fun although decided to fly up a lot which is a bit unusual (you can hit him a bit when he flies under the platform).  Having said that, the yo-yos were in a good pattern so it kinda balances out I suppose.  Once again, a very difficult level to do without shield upgrades (and low range) and the runner makes it look a LOT easier than it is.

Level 12: Let’s protect Annri while she hacks stuff up!  This basically involves annoying the bio-weapons so that they attack you and not her and waiting for a predetermined length of time.  Your enemies spawn indefinitely so there’s no reason to kill them until the end (plus you have something to lock-on to if they still have arms).  Also those things have a seriously bad cough, it’s making me feel a little sick…  Napalm is used to good effect to keep them in one place.

Level 13:Before you ask, yes the mission briefing text is screwed up on every version afaik.  Also the big yellow robot by the generators has a gate switch underneath it which is why the runner attacks (but doesn’t kill) it.  This level has the highest bpm (bullets per minute) of any level in the game but the runner dodges very well.  Paralysis liquid is used to halt the bullet production temporarily and make it a bit easier which is fine since I don’t think we need liquid anymore.

Level 14: My favourite level.  After you’ve proven your mettle against killer robots, giant killer robots, flying killer robots, giant flying killer robots, and a megarachnid, the game finishes things off with a final boss fight against… yourself, basically (but with one or two extra powers).  Both Benoit and the chess pieces have a certain number of hit points and any hit will cause them to disintegrate and (if they weren’t killed) respawn. Therefore you want to get as many 8-bombs as possible to minimise respawns (all chess pieces have either 8 or 16 hit points iirc).  Liquid cannot be used against either Benoit or the Chess pieces because it counts as a hit with the strength of one bomb and will really slow things down.  Chess is done with minimal fuss and the tactic of beating Benoit by baiting him onto your bombs is a lovely flourish that works effectively.  Big Benoit spawned a few times, but no more than average I’d say; the beginning of that fight with the constant triple attacks looked very smooth.

Overall I thought that it was a fantastic run with only a few seconds of improvement possible using this route and I have no hesitation in accepting this for SDA.  As this is in public verification if anyone has any questions I can probably answer them.
Heavy Metal Powered
Audio: Good, didn't even notice the sound issue in level 10 until the second time around, so I'll give it a pass.
Video: Good
Cheating: None found

RoboSparkle summed it up a lot better than I can, so I will echo his comments, and add:

"Why, why can't we kill one soldier that's on foot?!"
Because that soldier is controlled by burningsteel of course.

Well done! I accept this run.
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
"What?  You're not going to say 'flawless' again?"
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Soliduz Znake: 2014-09-25 04:41:26 pm
A/V: good
cheating: none
I'm also with Robosparkle on this and I must say Accept.
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Soulless Killing Machine
Thank you for the accepts.  I am glad everyone enjoyed the run.   

This might need manual timing.
Decision posted.