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I didn't see a place to ask, apologies for this being out of place, but I truly needed help planning.

Hello! I am BoXeD, soon to be SR4 runner, who needs some help from more experienced people to start. I have a few questions I would like to ask, all will be listed below!

1. Where should I put my splits? Like, after all every story mission, or should I do something different?
2. What weapons and powers (besides sprinting) should you upgrade, and how? I feel as if the semi-auto shotgun would be the best, but this is probably wrong.
3. Which is faster between the simulation rescue missions; Ben King, Matt Miller, or Asha Odekar?
4. Are there any glitches I should abuse to save time, or are those few and far between?
5. Are any player upgrades bought?

Thank you if you help, Hell, thank you if you give the thread a look! You guys are cool.
Long live the Saints
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