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Risk of Rain (Any %) (Single Segment) (Rainstorm) [Character: Mercenary]

Verifier Responses

Sub-12 insanity hype. Another great run in Risk of Rain and this category is actually fun to play. Merc dash glitch is a sweet timesaver.

There's not much time to be saved over this run since it's basically RNG hell again. Portal spawns, good chest locations and no enemy trolling.

Easy accept.

Quote from sloth_machine:
I have looked through the run. No obvious signs of cheating. Video, good quality throughout.

In-game timer reads 00:11:51 at the finish

I manually timed 00:11:53, but I think you'll use in-game anyway.

As the runner has stated, this run is using 'artifacts', and should classified as a separate category, given the enormous benefits they can have over running the game without them.

The runner uses a combination of artifacts to both increase damage and movement speed at the expense of health and survivability, which is smart. Enabling quick movement before a stock of items can be gathered and quickly finishing early bosses that would otherwise chew up valuable time.

The runner uses the 'command' artifact to remove some of the 'roguelike' element from the item drops, and instead tailors the items to good effect, balancing survivability with more speed and damage.

The runner shows good knowledge of the levels and enemies, and good use of the mercenaries abilities which give you temporary 'immune' status. The battle with Providence is particularly impressive, getting hit seriously only once.

All round good run, with a bit of good RNG to boot Smiley


There's a few small things I dislike here, but this run is well executed and thought through. The biggest flaw is that the number of roulette shops that the runner needed to use is very high, meaning he ended up not being able to pick those items and getting some non-ideal drops. Another rare drop for thallium would have also been extremely nice.  These things would all speed up the providence fight, although not by any huge amount. I'd also like to see him get the lost doll very early to be able to use the speed boost from damage early on, even if he ended up swapping it with meteors later. Usable item drops aren't typically as rare as they were in this run from my experience. That said, all of these improvements would be very small in the face of getting this good of luck finding the teleporters again.

Speaking of, pretty good luck with the teleporter spawns. Even got lucky in magma caves and fell into the correct location after (what appears to be) a missed jump.

I'll comment quickly about timing since another verifier brought it up. In-game time is necessarily its own category (if even acceptable) for two reasons. The first is that the in-game timer runs based on the framerate, so playing the entire game at 30 fps would not cost time even though the real time run would be half as long. The second is that the stopwatch item stops the in-game timer, so if the run were optimized for that, it would ideally get the stopwatch and several Rapid Mitoses early on to stop the in-game timer as much as possible.

Improvements are certainly possible, but even with the command artifact there's still a huge amount of luck in this run, and the mistakes do not really detract from the strong luck here.

Oh, one other nitpick complaint I forgot about. Please move your mouse off the window if you ever improve this, hahaha.


Decision: Accept

Reason: "No Artifacts" is its own category, for future reference (Artifacts is the default)

Congratulations to Maik 'Onin' Biekart!
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Huh, I actually never noticed it still records the mouse cursor, the option on dxtory is disabled.

Thanks for the swift verdicts!