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Advanced Chambers Individual-levels run, challenge mode

Verifier Responses

AV looks fine (I used the normal quality MP4s, I am rather annoyed that I can't run the demos though. Version updates shouldn't ruin demos like they do.) No cheating, as far as I can tell, and I'm assuming scripts aren't used (it definitely doesn't look like they are).

13 - Good route, well executed. Would have preferred for you to have jumped into the portal backwards after nabbing the cube, as that would have prevented you getting stuck, saving some time. Otherwise, very smooth execution. Accept.

14 - I don't think this will ever be improved, given that the floor near the elevator is changed for the advanced version. Accept.

15 - For the out of bounds run, a faster method is possible using the new clipping glitch. I did some testing with the PDP route, and that seems to just barely be impossible here (due to the addition of some OoB clutter in between elevators), but I could be mistaken. As such, this is a well executed (at the time) current route. Accept.

For the inbounds run, I was pretty impressed. Very well executed, definite accept.

16 - Clipping glitch allows an OoB route for this map. The inbounds run was incredible. Accept.

17 - Both inbounds and OoB were quick, accept.

18 - OoB was fine, considering that clipping glitch wasn't discovered at this point. Accept.

The 18 in-bounds run is where I have to break your balls a bit. The route you used for the first bit was clean, but I can't honestly vote accept for an IL run of 18 inbounds that doesn't do this. Gotta reject this one.

Clipping glitch improves many of these levels, but I think that basically all of the inbounds (with the exception of 18) will be tough to beat. Overall a great set of runs.

Hmm, well these were certainly impressive. Would say accept to all of them, they are all really clean and going to be tough to improve. Except for in-bounds 18, skipping that last platform should be always be done, especially in an IL run.

Also it seems obvious in most cases that ABH is done with the mouse wheel. So no cheating here then.

AV = or > fine

AV quality is very good. I can't see any cheating.

There are a few ugly mistakes here and there but overall the quality of these runs are very good. The routes seem fine too, although I'm not too familiar with the advanced chamber routes. Obviously a few of these OoB times can be beaten with the clipping glitch, but we can accept these for now. Inbounds chamber 18 should obviously be rejected, though.

So: accept all but reject inbounds chamber 18.

Echoing the earlier comments, I accept all the runs aside from in-bounds Chamber 18. There are no issues with the movie quality and all the other levels are appropriately impressive/dizzying/whathaveyou.

Sorry that took so long for so little feedback Undecided

Inbound 18 is a reject. See comments above (well known 3ish second time saver).

The glitched chamber 17 (I think it is being labeled that way... the one with the file name "Portal_testchamber17adv_025_HQ_[D5B29E43].mp4") is also a reject for me. Yes this is fast but the other one submitted had a nice trick in it that saved time (not letting go of the ball and jumping up before the ball of death hallway). The runner used a great time saver in one, why not the other. It looked like the runner tried for it and failed. This is a really short IL. Please redo this one.

The highlight of them to me is the inbound chamber 15. I love seeing fast Portal runs like this (24 shots in 31 seconds All perfectly placed).

Everything else is good. Thanks for the submissions but please redo the 2 chambers we mentioned.

Flip, sorry this took me so long...

Chamber  13: Apart from getting stuck on the wall, very well executed. I think I'd like a re-run of this, just because that mistake is ugly and cost time on a comparitively short level

Chamber  14: Brilliant

In-Bound  15: Good
OoB   15: Again clipping glitch would be useful, but well executed without it, believing the previous verifier saying PDP route not possible

Chamber  16: Also Good

In-Bound  17: You could have gotten one extra abh on the first orb corridor, I think it would have placed you just right
OoB   17: You went too far with the abh in the first corridor, got stuck underneath the orb shooter. This just seems like a mistake, and I think for such a short level, it's not allowable

In-Bounds 18: Good, but why not on the flinging at the end use the hard pixel-shot to skip one of the platforms?
OoB   18: Fine, I assume this was done before the discovery of clipping glitch

Overall, I want to reject Chamber 13, OoB 17, and In-Bounds 18.

Inbounds 18 was redone and submitted by another runner

Looks fine to me. Woo!

New 18-inbounds looks wonderful

I accept the new segment

Decision: Accept all

Reason: These are well done and the only one that wasn't good was submitted to everbody's liking.

Congratulations to Carsten 'djcj' Janssen!
And congratulations to z1mb0bw4y for the inbounds 18 run!
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Visit my profile to see my runs!
Flip, did you mean resubmitted?

Congrats djcj!
Congratz to both of the runners!
I wonder why the advanced chamber runs haven't been on SDA so far.
Not a walrus
Short answer: Because you hadn't done them!
The current run is still the immensly old 360 run by Monopoli o.O
Gets the cake.
Quote from CBenni:
The current run is still the immensly old 360 run by Monopoli o.O

Immensely good run, though. Hopefully we'll have a segmented run on the page soon-ish (<_<), with these ILs to follow shortly after.

Admittedly, by the way, the reason this took ages to get through verification is my fault, and I won't make excuses. Sorry djcj =(
Edit history:
djcj: 2013-01-07 06:43:06 am
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
Short answer: Because you hadn't done them!

Seriously, this is one of the main reason I do speedruns, because no one has done the runs I want to see.

As for the current 360 run, it is way better than the previous one. I have no idea why the first 360 run wasn't rejected.

PS: What's the ch. 18 inbounds time?