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I'm glad the drivers work well for you.

And regarding any downloaded versions, I think it should work fine as long as the files haven't been modified in some evil fashion (giving you some kind of advantage).

It looks like that for me as well on this nvidia machine, I guess it might be another driver bug. Maybe even older drivers can fix that. Grin
My guess is that it is acceptable, but it might be wise to consult someone with experience.

Btw, I got post #100. 8)
Quote from 20-100:
Quote from ReCover:
I have been able to test old nvidia drivers, and the latest driver which I could find that Populous runs well with, is 163.75.
This helped things made it really smooth, but it's still much uglier than software (some colors aren't correct etc). I'm trying a reinstall now, but at least the game is running smoothly in D3D after installing this :):)

Does anyone know whether I should use the original cd per say, or does the downloaded version work fine?

ED- atm my populous looks like this

In D3D mode that is. Same as it used to look but now it runs smooth, but I'd still like it to look the way it's supposed to (if there's ever a chance to get it on SDA it should look normal anyways). Anyone happen to know what's up?

you got it looking better then most players i think. But if anyone needs the download, it's here:

cd per say

lol nice dutch translation of per se.
but there are no downloadable populous installation that gives advantages as far as i know. And this download works fine for all people. (just make sure to select full install and not compact. To pre-solve problems)

for the drivers: software mode runs good with my newer drivers, but then you need bsr screen redocder to record, otherwise it won't record good i think.
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Quote from "[CIA:
lol nice dutch translation of per se.
I think "per say" (necessarily) is proper english though? Smiley
Fire Emblem?
Anyone making any progress here? It'd be nice to hear that people are still attempting levels or whatever.
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Nah I'm recovering from RSI and using another mouse which is significantly slower etc Sad

And still haven't found a way to record yet either. I'm sure I'll get around to running a couple of levels sometime though. But not soonish I'm afraid.
Not working on any level at the moment. Sad
I can't say when I will get the time.
Fire Emblem?
[mandatory poorly disguised bump]

Let's get some work done :P. Not by me of course (perish the thought! ;D).

So, yeah, anyone able to do anything at the moment? I have almost finished exams and I'm guessing any of you in the student boat are probably in the same position, so maybe it's time to oil the cogs and start making progress? If anyone wants me to do anything, investigate a strategy or AI code, just say and I'll be happy to try it. Or generally any progress by anyone they want to report, go right ahead.
Aw... I wish I could.
I have just finished my finals and are currently having a well deserved rest this weekend.
And on Monday I start working. I will probably be working a couple of weeks, then I will have some weeks off (probably in July), then I start working in August again.
And since I'm "home" now (at my parents house), I don't have access to my powerful machine, so I don't know how well I can record here.

All this said, if I get some time to play, I will play. Smiley
It would be nice if some of you guys get some levels done, I want to see what you can do. Cheesy
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Tried Attacked from all sides again and got 6:11 this time around. Pretty solid 56 second cut! Cheesy
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
10:02 for 25: A new beginning.

I swear I'll get a frickin working pc at some point that can actually record some levels  Roll Eyes

But I'll post my times for the off-chance that someone wants to try a level so (s)he has a target.
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48 seconds on the first level. My improvement is that I send 3 braves to kill the first brave instead of using a fireball, which costs some time. Maybe 47 seconds is possible but I doubt any faster is (unless someone has an even more clever strategy).
Joke of all trades
looking good, i used to spend many many hours on each level, watching these is as entertaing as they are depressing
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I think I might wanna do an entire run at some point. Glitchless though. I do fear a couple of levels (basically all levels with tribes completely built up where you start out with nothing)
Fire Emblem?
Yeah, fully built levels are where the problem lies, and that's really where we'll need to focus if we want this table to be completed. Asides from you (20-100) doing level 25 and 14, we haven't really even touched the multi-tribe built up levels.
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level 14 is very much a rush level, just need to charge a landbridge, worship a stonehead and walk a lot which is why the time is slow.

And level 25 you start out with 50 braves and a lot of useful spells (you can eliminate red or yellow almost completely with them) so it's still not entirely like the levels I'd have a hard time forming a gameplan for.

Also a 1-segment run instead of 1 per level might be interesting, the levels that I've played so far I was sort of consistent on, but again I fear the long levels. I really have no idea how to beat Head hunter (lvl 18, the one with the fog of war) within like half an hour. I'm sure it's possible, but I'd need to see a video of an online player to get a good idea how to build up the settlement.

Anyways here's what I think is possible roughly for the levels that I've played (assuming a glitchless run):

    * 1: The Journey Begins - DAroo - 0:49 (I have 48 sec and probably 47 is possible)

    * 6: Building Bridges - 20-100 - 3:23* (was very good but I forget how good)

    * 8: Continental Divide - 20-100 - 2:20* (no idea how I did it this fast, might actually be a typo but it's been a while)

    * 9: Fire in the Mist - 20-100 - 3:15* (this was pretty awesome already so somewhere around 3 min mark should be the max with my strategy)

    * 14: Attacked From All Sides - 20-100 - 7:07* (I have 6:11 which was pretty sweet but I don't doubt that much faster is possible if my record beat the old one by 56 secs)

    * 17: Middle Ground - Building (about 10 minutes)

    * 19: Unlikely Allies - Dismantle Glitch (I've done about 10:30 but sub 10 should be possible, although much of the time goes into charging landbridge + worshipping the stonehead)

    * 22: Solo - 20-100 - 2:28* (this was pretty good so 2:20 should be a very good run)

    * 23: Inferno - Rush (I've done about 13:30 I think, at least sub 12 should be possible though if I got 13:30)

    * 25: The Beginning - 20-100 - 10:28* (9:30 with a smooth run the way I currently play, with a better strategy which is surely not out of the question I could see it be pushed towards 8:30)
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Good news! Even though it's pretty ugly in-game the video turned out pretty well.

Level 1 in 0:48

Not sure how comfortable I am recording long levels though, with the poor quality and all. But rush levels should be doable. Unfortunately the quality is definitely not SDA worthy Sad
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Chopped off a fair bit more off of level 14

Fire Emblem?
Hmm, I'm not actually too sure that is too bad to be rejected for quality; there's nothing major like skipped frames and stuff, the only issue is that it's not really very sharp. Perhaps you could submit for a quality test on the technical forum?

Anyway, I already commented on level 1, possibly 1 more second to shave off there. A few thoughts about level 14 which might save a few seconds off:
  • You have an EQ, is there really nowhere to use it? Even if it's just to kill a few or even 1 brave, like near the Yellow Temple or on those huts right at the end.
  • Of course, not getting your Shaman stuck. Saves a few braves lives, kills their Shaman quicker, might speed things up by a few seconds
  • Better luck with getting wildmen? It often looks like you only get 2 when you could've gotten 3 and stuff like that. Dunno how much time that would save, though, if at all.
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20-100: 2009-07-16 10:48:26 am
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Yeah and I forgot the 6 braves that I sent for the stonehead for a little bit, so that could be sped up as well. That level is by no means perfected and could quite easily be beaten, but just thought I'd put a standard out there in case anyone wanted to try. That earthquake kinda hurt me more than helped me the times I tried to use it, but that's cause I'm clumsy Wink

I did get a really smooth killing of both green and yellow though, so it's not thát easy to beat this run.

Any requests for videos anyone would like to see? I'm not going to play too seriously for a while (moving etc) but if there's a level you'd like to see I can probably muster up a video Smiley
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New video
Joke of all trades
its been awhile, are any of you guys still doing this, or is there little hope for revival?
Fire Emblem?
If anyone posts anything, I'd be happy to update the first post. Unfortunately, we've barely touched the longer levels, so I don't see this as having much chance, unfortunately.
Are these routes optimal for Level 6?

Minus the pausing of course.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I've got a sub-10 mins for the last level saved on my pc if you guys are interested? Quality is not the best but viewable.

@Rattleman I think I had 3:21 with a different route. I kinda forgot though, but maybe I'll make a video of a solid time with the route I used.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
At the risk of noone caring; here it is

I'm going on vacation for a month but I think I'm still interested in doing some kind of run when I get back. Toughest parts will be the very long levels that aren't rushable, mainly the ones where you start out with nothing and the enemies start out with a big camp already.