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SS any% run

Verifier Responses

Learn to dance and shoot to the music more like the pros. And RAGE more, it brings up the entertainment value a bunch.

DAMN IT ANI!!! Had to walk all over Mayor K.'s run like that. Cant just let things be as they are...

This game is FAR less difficult than the originals. But it is a shweet game none the less. The game is cheated in a few areas that could have made the game better/harder/more technical than what it is.

Tec note for nate: the audio does not play in Windows Media Player. All of Mayor K.'s vids seem to do that. Not sure if it is just me though. Plays fine in VLC though.

No cheating and no A/V issues.

Overall this is a good STARTING POINT. Solid strats and some entertainment in this run. But it can be improved mostly where Mayor K. mentioned. I do think that the homeless shot can be used to yield better times is a few areas. Testing would be needed though. If some one wanted to, this could be taken down rather quickly imo. Like I said, the game is not all too hard and there are a few areas that could have been tighter and some jumping could have been a bit better.

Overall I give this my approval. I will be looking forward to an improvement from Mayor K. if he is planning on tightening this up a bit.

Timing: Finally got Vdub to open .mp4 files with some tec forum help.  I clock this run in at 11:27.552

The video and audio quality is pretty good and I had not notice any curious flicker or something other in the video. The run is not use of any cheat. The run has entertainment and what we see is little game boy rambo in a good solid run with no deaths. But there are some rooms that can improve. It is to the beginning a bit slow, but from stage to stage the runner risk more and later a bit lower and to the end more. This mixture has a feeling to watch  of a circle with risks. This give this run a own flavoring and taste. The run is good, it is not perfect, but it is good. I know of the TAS speedrun and for my self the probotector pal version. I include all my knowing and my verdict = accept

I never understand the timing of the sda standart, so I use my own rules for that.
I had only timed the gameplay when the runner can move the pad.

full video time = 15 minutes 13 seconds

Area 1
hi-score 00020000
score 00000000
rest 02
gameplay time = 2 minutes 7 seconds

Area 2
hi-score 00020000
score 00012400
rest 02
gameplay time = 1 minute 59 seconds

Area 3
hi-score 00028800
score 00028800
rest 03
gameplay time = 2 minutes 16 seconds

Area 4
hi-score 00051000
score 00051000
rest 04
gameplay time = 1 minute 8 seconds

Area 5
hi-score 00062900
score 00062900
rest 04
gameplay time = 3 minutes 18 seconds

final gameplay time = 10 minutes 51 seconds


Audio and video are fine. This run is really optimized well, I don't know where time could be saved. Great run!


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kyle 'Mr. K' Halversen!
Thread title:  
I was verify 2 and I must improve my verdict ->

In first, Mr.K you are a really good runner and I do respect you of all your work. Smiley

I had buy a new copy of the pal german version, with complete box and manual for 50€. In first time I had play this game in the year 1993. But later I lost my copy. So I have a new one, but sadly yesterday come to me. I was playing some low% speedrun for this game, because I must wait for my copy of part two for the gb series. I have good ideas for strategies to, but for the boss in stage 4 I have no ideas. But ok, this is not what I want to tell you. To play the games on original consoles is very important for me. All runs I had verify was used the original version. I know it comes late. I had use for the verify a emulator, I know this was very bad from me. But my original copy comes to late. I had break my fingers today after playing over 15 hours on my original snes pad with sgb and what I would say is -> this run is very human perfection !!!

Sooo sorry and Many Many thanks for your work !



can I record a sgb game with pal dvd / or ntsc dvd ? It is my first time to capture a sgb. I do not know my demo tapes looks a bit other at yours.
Fucking Weeaboo
You can use SGB to record a GB run, though using a Game Boy Player (Gamecube) is a better method of recording, since the SGB slightly alters the speed of the game (it's slightly faster, so playing on a GBP would be slightly easier).