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MAS8705: 2012-07-29 04:34:16 pm
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Considering how a few of us were overrunning the F-Zero veriifcation, I thought it would be for the best to go ahead and post this topic (not going to bother to check for other threads for this game).

Quote from MAS8705:
Still, I might consider doing one for Most wanted if I can figure out the best cars to use.  I know that by doing segments in the game, one could techincally "manipulate" the rewards at the end of the rival races in order to get the rival's vehicle and unique Performance upgrades.  Considering how there are only 8 performance upgrades, if you get all eight (suspension, tires, brakes, engine, transmission, nitrous, turbo, and supercharger) if you can get those eight and then purchase the best vehicle by the time you get to #4, you could hook yourself up with the best vehicle to use by the end game.  The idea of being able to get cash to buy and upgrade vehicles, getting rival vehicles to sell or even use, and figuring out how to do the pursuits without getting busted, this could be a very possible speed run.  If Most Wanted is considered "Classic," then by all means, I'll be happy to join.

Quote from Fusik:
This is a great idea. Most Wanted is really great for speedrunning, because you must pick which races to do, make car plan so you can beat all races fast and have enough money for upgrades, also a lot of luck manipulation with police chases and picking reward cards at the end of each Black List member race. The game is very entertaining to play, so it would be great if you do a speedrun of it. And I think instead of buying a car near the end of game, it would be faster to win a good car from reward car and then upgrade it. And car selection: You can start with Colbat (I'm not sure it is the fastest though) and then win Toyota Supra from #13. With it you can sweep through the Black List really fast up to #6 or so with some upgrades. Then win some good car and use all your money and bonus upgrades and then beat the rest. If Razor would be a problem you can also buy Porshe Carrera GT or Mercedes McLaren. Good luck with the run!
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SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Quote from MortyreR45:
MAS8705 & Fusik -> its your day

I had play Most Wanted every day in this year all without cheats. I can run this game in story modus in ~8-9 hour with 82%. I have also unlock all upgrades for the fastes car. I was long thinking of a run for most wanted, but the story modus is very long. What we need is rules, because there is nothing what can stop me on need for speed most wanted. Wink
I hate the police modus. So I run only real races.

we need a new topic for this Smiley


know that by doing segments in the game, one could techincally "manipulate" the rewards at the end of the rival races in order to get the rival's vehicle and unique Performance upgrades.

-> not manipulate. it will happen to do with the story modus, when you race the first numbers 15 to 13-14 without upgrades you will get very often the best car for the other numbers. So I was unlock the car from number 3 in the race and this car has all upgrades unlocked.

ok enough. this is F-Zero Wink
So few basic issues:
Segmented or SS?: I think run will be pretty long so segmented will be much better. You can save after every Black List member so it will be about 15-17 segments, but I think it would be good idea to make rivals' races separate segments, because of luck manipulation, so it will make about 30 segments.

Version: I played through a PC version few times and I started playing GameCube version and I didn't see any gameplay differences (only graphics). Only thing is that PC has Black Edition with some extra stuff in it, but it doesn't matter in Carrer mode.

Who's gonna run it?: I can't record my runs unfortunately, because my computer is a piece of crap, and I don't have capture card Cry But I can help you with some routing of course.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Well, it goes without saying that it has to be segmented since it would be a rather ungodly marathon to do it all in one setting.  As for segmenting, I would probably think it would be more than 30 segments so that you can do everything before the rival race and then to save again after the rival is beaten and confirmed that you got the unique part with pink slip.  I've actually never recalled being able to save after each individual race with a rival, but if that's the case, then the races and police pursuits would have to be flawless each time...

For the actual execution of the run, Mortyre had expressed his interest in doing it, but then again I did too, so we will see.  Regardless, just need to start planning out routes and go from there, from start to finish, or at least one rival at a time.  Then alongside with that, there are all the police pursuits and the grand finale and how you would be able to maximize the time of being chased and get to the bridge at the end when you are sent the message.

overall, it is possible, but will take alot of work and planning.
Hey, I played a LOT of this game when it first came out.
I remember if you know the place of the first pink slip, all the others are set (always shuffles one left or one right I don't remember). The other rewards are most likely also set (though I always picked the car). SS'ing this would be a BITCH as the later milestones are really damn impossible at times (police randomly pops up out of nowhere).
Multiple cars are a must! One for racing, one for milestones as the "heavier" cars (like mustang GT500) are WAY stronger when it comes to crashing into roadblocks and stuff. If you guys need another runner "on the team" you can alsways contect me. I <3 this game.
I do remember being able to save after each race on the PC version. Haven't played GCN or PS2 version.
Quote from bangerra:
I do remember being able to save after each race on the PC version. Haven't played GCN or PS2 version.

Yes you can, but it will waste some time because you must pause, go to hideout and select save, which will take some time. Instead we will just start next race from Black List menu ("M" or "B" in free roaming in PC version, I can't remember). Unfortunately you can't save during rivals' races so luck manipulation will be tedious to do because you will have to race 2 or 3 races and hope for good luck. Multiple cars is a great idea because in late game when you have x4 or x5 level on car, the police tends to chase you after almost every racee.
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Patrick: 2012-07-30 12:46:30 pm
Patrick: 2012-07-30 12:17:47 pm
I have timed it: It takes 40s from failure to the next attempt. hideout->main menu->load career->select race are most of the steps. Has anyone timed that on PC? Autosaving on the PS2 version  takes 5-10 seconds.
Btw, because of all those random factors (opponent's car, police) I suggest to just do a very good casual run, without insane luck manipulation. Speedrunning is supposed to be rewarding and fun I guess.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
I found out that Most Wanted for the 360 is $40, while the PS2 version is $15, so I am deliberating as to which game version I should do.  Once I can figure that much out, I can see for figuring out what to do in regards of what cars to get, what tracks to do, and how to do the police pursuits properly, and how to segment all of that...
Why not get it for PC? It has the best graphics, it's old (I can play on max on my 8y/o pc without a problem). Saving is WAY faster (almost instant). Navigating menu's is faster, recording is easier, you can give around savefiles easy.. and it's probably like 3$.
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Fusik: 2012-07-31 04:56:02 am
Get a PC version, because you can backup your saves in 15 seconds after a succesful segment and loading times are very fast if you have a good PC. Game works great with gamepads, so it shouldn't be an issue.
I am late with my post, because some trouble in my live. I have also the PC version, because all PS2 version are very bad, because of loading times and sometimes it stocks on the ps2 when you have to much action in onetime on the tv. ProStreet is very very bad on the ps2. So I think the best is PC port. When we run older parts of need for speed, than I mean that the ps1 versionen are faster than PC versionen. I have a friend he had say to me, that the GC versionen are run better than PS2. X360 never try out.

The question I have, is the police races. We need the police races to get high scores to unlock the black list number. For this races I have not good tricks and it is very hard to do this on a speedrun. What can we do that it make it easy to race with the police ?
Yep, you need some milestones and bounty points to advance. My idea is to do a segment with a race which has high chase probability so you don't need to start chase manually. Also avoid long chases on lower heat levels. For example on x5 you get 5000 bounty for every 10 seconds of chase IIRC, so early in the game chases must be short, just to gain all necessary bounty to advance, and later do few longer chases to gain enough bounty to challenge Razor. Standard strategy for chases is using a lot of pursit breakers so you can destroy a lot of police cars quickly. And when you want to end chase destroy all the cars and when backups timer is on, lose the last car, and in cooldown find hiding spot to end chase very quicky. It will be tricky to do in a speedrun, but after some attempts there is big chance you will come up with good segment.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
The reason why I don't do PC runs is because I have no PCs that can actually run any game well enough (let alone well enough to be recorded).  If I did, then I might reconsider, but where things stand, it has to be all consoles for me.

Thanks for telling me about the PS2 version though, although for the 360, I can't say for sure until I get it.  Still, need to save some cash so that I can get it...

As for the chases, Fusik hit it spot on.  It would be best to try and do races where the police show up so that you can build the bounty while getting a race out of the way.  As for building that said bounty, I would be more concerned about actually getting the bounty for the racer, not just for Razor since those challenges will still require you to still partake in a chase.
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Patrick: 2012-07-31 10:32:31 pm
I have to disappoint you: As far as I understand, only CTS (cost to state) can be worked on while a race, otherwise chases during races are worthless. See for yourself:
for iPhone etc: it is 20:10
Interesting choice of vehicle.
Quote from freakypaddy:
I have to disappoint you: As far as I understand, only CTS (cost to state) can be worked on while a race, otherwise chases during races are worthless. See for yourself:
for iPhone etc: it is 20:10

Yes, I knew about it. I mean it still will be faster to continue the chase insted of starting new manually. You will already have some police cars on your tail and you will gain heat levels faster.
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
While I can't say for sure how to properly perform the police chases, that will still be trial and error as how to do it, for now though, I do have to thank Freakypaddy for the video link since the TAS can actually help alot in the route plan and the times to shoot for.  Obviously, it will be hell trying to match times, but if the runner can be somewhere close to those times, then it should be good enough to move on.

Also thanks to my latest paycheck, Most wanted is back in my library, so I can see for starting the first of many failed attempts at this...  >_<  I'll post progress if I can get any...

Also before I forget, I'm still trying to figure out how to do the "Pink Slip" cheat.  Granted I know that there will be a few cars on the blacklist where you don't need to go out there to get their ride (such as Baron's), but also to try and figure out when is the best time to not go fishing for the pink slip and get the special car part instead.
This TAS is more like tool assisted playthrough, but maybe you can see something useful. And Pink Slips: the pattern is not random until you save. For example if you got pink slip for #15 car in first card, #14's pink slip will be in second card etc. But if you save it's random again, so it's not useful in segmented. And second thing, it's quite easy to figure out where the pink slip is, but only if you have 2 cards to pick. Here's the 3 possibilities:

cash - pink slip - free jail
free jail - cash - pink slip
pink slip - free jail - cash
I have a problem. I had buy for ~1 week a new PC with win7 or 8 and all the time of my life I had never use win7 or 8. So, need for speed most wanted do not work on win7 64. Later I had install need for speed carbon, because it is the same thing from most wanted, only better graphic engine. The carbon game was also not work, than I had download a pirated copy and a patch with 1.4 and it works on win7 64. But the big problem is, the most wanted and the carbon do not work in the same time when it is install on one PC, because same engine.
The next big problem is, when I play under the 720p resolution than I have red pixel errors in the game. That means my fraps videos are very very big, because I must use high resolution, but the quality is awesome, when most wanted works on win7 64. any Idea ?

I had not try out the x360 version, has someone play this version ? I am not sure to buy the x360 version of most wanted ? I know the Ps2 version was bad.

So I am work also on rules for nfs porsche psx version and nfs 'the run' on pc. But when someone finish a speedrun on most wanted I can verify it, so no problem Wink

btw nfs porsche has very easy rules,I think ,not sure. Smiley

to manipulate the cards, shut down the game, when it is the wrong card Wink
Sorry, I have no idea because I'm stuck on Windows XP for few years Grin Maybe you should try some kind of compatibility mode if such thing exist on 7.

I recently made playtrough on GameCube version (on my Wii) and I have to say the loading times are very fast, but game lags hard when there are lot of police cars around. I think XBox 360 version should be good because it's the next-gen console.

And when it comes to actual game I tried to figure out what cars should the run use. I think we should go with Chevrolet or Lexus at the begining, then win Supra from #13, then Porsche from #10, then Lamborgini from #6 and then Mercedes from #2 or buy Porsche GT right after defeating #3 and upgrade it. Any thoughts?
Do not forget that you earn money and you can upgrade your car to ultimate. Not all cars from the numbers are in ultimate. I had run this game with 3 cars. I can not play this game on win7, but I think I had found my save data files from the winxp directory. I try to upload this, when it is my profile. someone want the files ?
bring back the topic Smiley

Good news, I can start the game back on win7. So I had patch the game to version 1.3 and than use a proper crack. It works perfect.

The bad news ->
I had try to use fraps to capture test videos. In the beginning of the game it will give no problems to capture with 60fps. Than I had use my old save files and had start the game with the best car I have. When the game run to fast, than will it break my PC. The same problem on my old winxp PC.

on ALL the PC runners. Please try to capture test videos with the fast car that you have and prove for your self when it works good or bad. Not in the beginning of the game.
Cool, you're still doing this run. Unfortunatelly I can't test this for you, because my PC is shit. But I have a question: do you have 2 HDD, because maybe when you're driving fast cars, game reads more data and HDD is more loaded, and framerate drops. Also maybe try to record in 30 fps. Too bad this game don't have draw distance option IIRC.
The only graphical options are "detail level" and resolution.