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Mega Man Battle Network 3 (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Battle Network 3 is a long game with a lot of harsh RNG as well as a lot to think about. To get an impressive time requires getting favorable RNG and having no major mistakes, as well as preferably few minor ones in the same run.

This run had no huge mistakes and great RNG where it mattered the most. Walking is very clean. Menuing is also mostly well executed, though he does hesitate/second-guess on the chip selection screen fairly often.

I think this run is high enough quality and fast enough to publish. However it has already seen a 1 minute improvement from another runner and I believe it's agreed that sub 3:30 is definitely possible. For this reason, although I would love to see Battle Network filled out of SDA my decision is neutral.

Quote from RedArremer:
A/V is good, and I see no cheating.

I'm not a speedrunner of this game, but I know a lot of the tricks, since I used to do challenge runs of this game (and the series in general). Most of the tricks I know are related to bosses and fights in general, however. I'm going to try and say something to every section that I notice something.

Tutorial/ACDC: Several missteps into the wrong direction, lost a few seconds.

School: Stage was very well executed. In the boss fight, the runner draws L-series Area Steal and Short Sword, but doesn't use them (in fact he puts the sword before the Area Steal) From my experience, Flash Man is much easier to deal with if you use Area Steal as he then is limited in his movement - this also allows you to dodge the stream of lightbulbs much easier. It might also be better to pepper Flash Man with uncharged buster shots instead of charged as the charging time and damage return are quite low (10 damage).

SciLab: That mission 1 fight with the Ratty could've been done much better. The rest of the fights are pretty much perfect. And then the runner proceeds to mop the floor with the heel navi's Ratties which makes me wonder why he struggled so much with that single one in the first set. There's definitely quite a bit of time to be gained here.

Zoo: Can't say much about the stage, it seems to be pretty well-done. Beast Man is a jerk, one of my least favorite bosses in the game. If I remember correctly, the rock cube can actually block and interrupt the charge attacks he does. I'd have to try if it blocks all of them but it might be worth using defensively. Otherwise, the fight was good.

Yoka: Some sloppy mission fights. Also, since you need a lot of water chips later on, fighting those encounters with 2 or 3 Shrimpies might've been a bit of a time saver. Bubble Man went fairly nice.

Beach: King Man 1 could've gone quicker by just walking into the knight after it comes down instead of guessing, but that's only a few seconds. Metal Man looks a bit sloppy. Guts Man and King Man 2 are nice, though. Due to relying on Master Style, I can forgive not using some of the damage chips. I think Desert Man could've easily been beaten by the chips drawn before the Master Style pieces and some charge shots, though, which might've been faster, seeing how long it takes to do the PA.

Tora's Quests: Really sloppy fight against the heel navis with the momogros, especially the last one (why waste an airshot and a hi-cannon?).

Hospital: That brainfart cost quite a bit of time. Otherwise well done section.

Undernet: Sloppy fight with the guard heel, but the time loss is not as bad as other fights. Flame... pardon me, Flam Man starts with a whiffed VarSword as well, bu I know the inputs are a bit difficult and Flame Man makes me panic too, otherwise nice boss fight.

Undernet 2 Electric Boogaloo: Most of the heel navi fights were good or at least decent, last one wasted a lot of time placing that rock cube tho. Bowl Man could've been killed much faster with VarSword instead of Master Style PA at the end - that's at least 10 seconds lost.

Wily's Base: Even with the whiffed VarSword there were enough opportunities to get rid of Flash Man easily. I'm surprised you didn't even use Pawn, that just wrecks him. Bubble Man could've been killed by gauge turn 3 - there was a Rock Cube+Airshot combo, a GutsStr and a VarSword there were skipped, instead we again get MasterStyle which takes a ton of time to cast. Desert Man was alright, as the Master Style was received fairly quickly. Plant Man was pretty much perfect, Flame Man was okay, although sloppy, and could've been ended without the PA (and as such faster). Same with Drill Man and Bass. Alpha is great.

Overall: The sections that don't involve fighting are well done. But most of the fights could've been done quicker, are pretty sloppy, or both - this is especially true for a lot of boss battles, but also quite a few virus fights. There are also some sections that could be sped up (e.g. farming for aqua chips, as well as the mistake in Hospital that cost at least 10 seconds).

Frankly, I don't think this is a good run based on how badly the runner performs in so many fights. If it was just a few mistakes, I could've easily overlooked them - it is a long game and very RNG-heavy - but there are so many of them, the runner doesn't salvage whiffed attacks and relies too much on getting the draws for Master Style even if it's significantly slower than using chips that are at hand.

I'm sorry, but you really have to step up the fights, and make the best out of the chips drawn. This could easily go to sub 3h30m. Reject.

Quote from The Sid:
Cheats: None Detected

A/V:  Good

Time: 3:33:48 (3:28 Game Time)

Over all there is some wasted movement at times not to sever, nothing more then noteworthy, most of it appears to be looking for GMD, but some of it is movement slop or forgetting where an event flag is in a few rare occasions, only costs about a minute at most over the run.
Menuing is optimal and quick; it is obviously well practiced and well executed.
Several bosses had bad chip RNG, and Tterraj42 sometimes whiffed with chips losing time forcing him to wait for another combo to kill the bosses with. Thought not major in time loss it is the only flaw I can find that is worth pointing out, with an other wise flawless run. Overall the boss fits could have and should have been a bit more aggressive rather then just relying on a quick kill combo to appear which takes time to active on top of the time spent waiting for it.
Pretty good luck on random drops, which are needed to progress the story, which can easily kill a good run up to those points, Tterraj42 manipulated any story line random battle chip drops by finishing the battles a certain way rather then winging it to ensure you get the right drop. Tterraj42 also avoid finishing most battles with counters as that will net you bug fragments and waists time at the end of the battle if there is a chip/item get screen.
Over all most of the fights get slow/bad chip draws but that is to be expected from this game, but in most cases it isn’t an issue as you run from almost every fight in this game, there are some good chip draws that save time and several times where bad chips cost the runner time id say this part of the RNG in this case was a wash time wise.

Final decision:
Overall this run is solid and the “current wr”(to the best of my knowledge). Could it be better? Yes. but the fact that it is faster then the current segmented run and a god run over all leads me to give this run an


This run can still be improved, but this run is grueling and the ability to kill bosses without the Master style P.A. is luck dependent on getting almost all the other good chips in boss battles which can wastes even more time.

Decision: Accept

Reason: This one is borderline (and as one verifier mentioned has already been improved by the same runner), but it compares favorably to the segmented run currently on the site for a game with this much RNG

Congratulations to 'Tterraj42'!
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Appreciate all the feedback. RedArremer makes some good points. Curious though, I thought verifiers were always anonymous?

It was xKilios who improved the WR, not me. I'm working with him to get a solid sub 3:30 recording for SDA submission. For now though, I'm quite glad to get more MMBN runs on SDA Smiley

Now back to MMBN 2 Any% routing for me!
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Anonymity has always been optional, and the new verification form makes it easier to specify.
There is always a way.
Looking forward to seeing a BN2 run submission too! But for now congrats on the great 3 run!