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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (eu/na) (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. I hadn't known about the barrel glitch before now, but after looking at what it is and seeing it in action, it really does decimate the game. Everything else in the run appeared to go smoothly. No random encounters were had, which is good. Overall, this run is really well done and I'm giving it an accept.

Quote from Fishaman P:
Congrats, Alta! This run was fantastic.
A: 10, V: 6 (see below), no cheating detected.
SDA timing appears to be 1:18:16 (first control of Toad to last control of Mario and Luigi), but I think this needs further investigation by a mod or admin.

The Bad:
- Up to 15 seconds lost from sloppy movement, Hoohoo Mountain being the worst offender.
- Early game RNG wasn't the most cooperative.

The Good:
- No unwanted random encounters. Not a single one.
- Barrel glitch and everything after was performed ridiculously quickly.
- Absolutely demonic mashing for Chopper Bros.
- Luigi's Stache reels. What in God's name did you do to get this RNG?!
- No sign of Chokeletta here!

The encode? I would be extremely disappointed in SDA as a whole if this were to become the final HQ encode. There are gigantic black bars around the game, the encode shimmers and flickers at spots (especially at Hoohoo Mountain's peak), and there are artifacts from downscaling to such a low resolution. The 30FPS I'm presuming is a limitation of the runner's capture card, so I can't knock the encode for that, but every other issue is unacceptable for SDA's standards. I sincerely hope this was a rushed encode just to give verifiers something to look at.

The run itself? What else could it be but an Accept!

Quote from kirbymastah:
Run is filled with CatBags.

Quote from Dragondarch:
I'll keep this brief.

-No unwanted encounters + good RNG early game.
-Glitches were all performed quickly.
-Slightly more optimized early game compared to my old segmented run.
-Didn't see any glaring errors, just very minor movement stuff, though some was to bait enemies out.

Decision: Accept.

Note: By SDA's definition of categories, this would be any% with large skip glitches, though mine could be renamed to any% w/o large skip glitches as well.

Quote from TheMG2:
Very very good run, once nate had clarified that the final encodes will not look like the verification copy, there is nothing holding back this run.

However, there is kind of the question of what to do with the old run on the site. The Mario & Luigi community does recognize a glitchless category, which the run on the site would fall under. It is actually pretty good even by today's standards, only some small strats have been discovered here and there. However, the run was timed by taking the game time at the last save and manually timing the rest of the run. This glitched run does not save at all, so the ingame timer is never seen. If the old run were to remain in any form, it would probably need to be retimed. I'd leave it up to the runner to discuss this more though.


Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'altabiscuit'!
Thread title:  
Thanks everyone.

I didn't submit an encode with it because I captured this on Wii U with S-Video so I wasn't sure what to do with it.

The movement errors in Hoohoo Mountain and just after Teehee Valley haunt me a little bit, but a run like this with this kind of luck doesn't come around very often so I'll take it.
I went and retimed my run from start to finish, though I'm not at home so I can look at the numbers. It was 3:27:xx, so the in game timer is actually not all that far off. I'll post it when I get home.