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Marble Madness (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
Watching your marble not give a shit about the hammers in the Aerial Race is incredibly impressive every time I watch it. This run improves on the other one you sent us in various ways and makes for an even more polished run. ACCEPT

Quote from andrewg:

Oh wait, I have to comment first...

After looking at the 2:52, I thought the run was pretty good, but could use a little work. I honestly thought "I think he could get 2:50 considering the mistakes." And, well, that's what he did.

The run:
- Stage 1: Perfect

- Stage 2: Perfect

- Stage 3: Very good, If I remember correctly, 69 is a possible time (maybe 0.5 seconds lost here)

- Stage 4: Didn't get the bad luck i had in my 2:54 and didn't slow down at the hammers. I think he saved about 3 seconds here. This was basically flawless.

- Stage 5: I love this one. He executed the run very very well, even past the glitchy area midstage. To top it off, he managed the shortcut I didn't bother with when I did attempts. I think he saved ~2 seconds here, maybe lost 1 total from perfect.

Stage 6: In this last stage he managed to keep his cool and complete the run. He had a few hesitations, but very minor. I think he lost more time in stage 6 than any other stage, but it still was very minimal.

Overall, I think stages 1-4 were pretty much perfect, stage 5 had the shortcut and less mistakes than my previous run. Stage 6 had very minor mistakes.

2:47 or 2:48 is likely the limit here, and considering the difficulty of the run, this is an easy accept.


Quote from UraniumAnchor:
A/V good, no cheating.

So this is a two second-ish improvement over the one I just accepted, which I had minor reservations about. No such thing can be said here, it stays just about equal with andrew's run until andrew's run get a random wand, and it picks up and never lets go from the hammers on.


I don't know what's better. The time of this run or that the runner improved it so fast. I was going to try, but never mind now.  Tongue

Quote from SCXCR:
A/V fine.

A cleaner run this time around which fixed the more glaring mistakes from last time and took a bunch of turns so tight that the marble damn near fell off the stage.  Much easier to say Accept for this one.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Because he listened to us

Congratulations to Steve 'Elipsis' Barrios!
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Awesome!  Thanks once again to everyone who put their time into the verification, double thanks to AndrewG - I really don't think I would have had the capacity to stick through this without the support of this community... not just on the run itself which was frustrating enough at times, but also struggling with getting a proper capture and other technical difficulties.

So for whatever reason, twitch deleted the original archive of this broadcast (even though I told it to auto-archive, and had older things that it didn't delete), so I had to restream it last night and you can tell that the aspect ratio looks a little jacked - here it is anyway:
Crappy Twitch Restream Highlight

I made a youtube version of this run that combines the left side of the twitch feed (webcam + livesplit), the higher quality Yua encoded capture for SDA, and the two previous WR runs for comparison.  Here it is:

(how do I make this embed?) - don't use https for the youtube link

After even more attempts since our last discussion on the matter, I'm going to go with 2:47 as the god-run.  That's my sum of best and incorporates absolute lunacy that you're unlikely to see all in the same run.  You'd have to get that ridiculous 6.6s practice race that only happened to me once, the second ramp-drop on Intermediate race and some blind play there, an absolutely perfect silly shortcut, and then after doing all of that - a fearless ultimate race as if you had nothing to lose.

I will probably bump the marble madness thread soon and discuss some of these possibilities in more detail.