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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow () (pc) [100 %] [Single Segment]

Verifier Responses

Quote from mrprmiller:
A/V good.  No cheating (it would be difficult in a point-click-adventure).  Short answer, accept, pending decision on the use of ScummVM.  The runner should amend his notes to include this information at the least, and barring an update of the notes, noted on the actual run page if accepted.  Smiley

And of course, the constantly annoying "Alex... Alexan... Al... Alexand" after every action is enough to drive a person mad.

Biggest question is the use of ScummVM.  I am in support of using it, as I understand that DOSBox crashes with it making 100% pretty much impossible.  These Sierra games have a tendency to do that.  I wonder whether disabling the EMS and XMS in the DOSBox configuration file would fix these, as it certainly did with Quest for Glory I VGA's specific "out of handles" crashes that exit the GOG version without an error unless extra steps are taken.  Both use Sierra's SCI1.1 engine, so it may be worth a try.  That being said, there is no difference between the two quality wise.

Quote from Korzic:
Audio/Video - Seems fine.
Cheating - None detected.

As the previous verifier noted, it would seem this run was played on ScummVM (this can be inferred from a comment he made on the Youtube posting of the run), though I of course can't verify that, nor can I say how accurately it runs this game.  Everything seems fine, at least.

In addition to what mrprmiller noted above, this is what I know for certain can be improved:

- mrprmiller noted hitting "Insert" to switch back to a previous icon (or the middle mouse button), but you can also right-click to breeze through certain dialogue faster (some, but not all).

- When talking to the ferryman (1:45), you only need to talk to him once.

- All throughout, when warping from the Isle of the Crown, the runner uses the map at the southern beach.  Using the library/shop screen as a base, it's a couple seconds quicker to leave near the ferry, but there is a bit of RNG where the ferryman might pop his head out; if that happens, it's about the same time as going to the southern beach.

- mrprmiller already pointed it out, but at 19:12, the runner has a heck of a time hitting the buttons for that puzzle.  I can empathize, as the buttons for the Cliff of Logic puzzles can indeed be finicky, but it still looks bad.

- The peppermint should be obtained before heading to the Realm of the Dead.  To get Night Mare to show up again afterwards, all you have to do is re-enter/exit the catacombs.  This saves a good 20 seconds or so compared to doing it directly after the catacombs.  Another alternative is to climb down and back up the cliffs to make the "old lady" disappear before being tossed into the catacombs, but it's still about 10 seconds slower.

- No need to put the sheet back over the islands' stolen treasures (49:10).

Now, for stuff that I'm not sure of, but I think may be faster.  As the island sequences involve a fair deal of hopping back and forth, it's tough to tell which route is the best.  The stuff I'm proposing at least keeps warping to a minimum.  I can also post a rather bad speedrun demonstrating this route (well, attempting to =p), if anyone desires it:

- The runner doesn't visit the castle right away.  I'm guessing he wanted to visit Jollo before trading the ring for the map, but you can still win his trust a little bit later.  Also, the invisible ink can be obtained without leaving the Isle of the Crown; simply refresh the screen anytime after obtaining the magic map.  In light of these things, I suggest the following route:

- (1) Head to the castle right away, and then do the initial library/ferry stuff to get the map.  Once you have the map, refresh outside the shop, collect the ink, then leave the isle.

- (2) As the Isle of Wonder needs to be visited at least twice before the catacombs (once with the nightingale, and again with the flute), I'd suggest the first visit you should fool the gnomes, get the sentence and pearl, talk to the bookworm/read the riddle answer, and collect an icy lettuce (milk and rotten tomato optional for now).

- (3) From there, go to the Isle of the Beast, and get the little bookworm, followed by the lamp and brick.

- (4) Then, go to the Isle of the Crown and use the wind-up nightingale on the real one, then trade for the flute and leave the isle.  Don't worry about getting the ring back just yet (or at least don't visit Jollo just yet if you do).

- (5) Next, return to the Isle of Wonder and get the rare book, hole in the wall, and scarf.

- (6) Go back to the Isle of the Crown and trade for the tinderbox and ring.  Now is the time to befriend Jollo, as well as trade for the spellbook.  This has the added bonus of skipping his slow outdoor animation, and you only see him in the library once (14:15 of your run, though I realize that's likely an unintended consequence with that route).  You should still hold off on gifting Cassima anything until you come back for the paintbrush (well, maybe when you come to talk to Beauty, but that leaves you without a rose).

I'm a bit torn with this run.  On the one hand, it's a mostly well-played run with a couple ugly-looking errors.  I'm also not convinced the runner is using the most efficient route, but that's still debatable without more solid proof, which is a headache all its own.  But as the runner has noted elsewhere that below 50 minutes is quite doable, I unfortunately have to reject this run.

Verdict - Reject

Quote from gammadragon:
Video / Audio is good, no cheating detected.

I agree with everything the previous verifiers have said.

While I'm sympathetic towards using ScummVM, I think we need an official approval before it should be used, otherwise there is no level playing field for competition. It's sad that DOSBox has a tendency to crash on single-segment runs of this game, but there was a similar situation with the Quest for Glory 1 VGA run and a workaround was found by slightly editing the DOSBox config. While editing the config may also be stretching the rules a bit, it's not as drastic as using a different emulator.

I hope this doesn't disappoint the runner and would encourage him to keep improving the time, as most of the run was excellent and just a few things need adjusting for it to be accepted. I'm keen to see a polished version of this run on SDA.

Verdict - Reject

Decision: Reject

Reason: Planning and execution issues. Can be substantially faster. Neutral decision on ScummVM - it can be permitted if it is required to make the game work properly, but some testing needs to be done for sure.

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
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Korzic: 2015-03-22 04:20:55 pm
To elaborate on the "can be substantially faster" part, I did some more serious attempts of my route proposal (also with ScummVM, but am unsure if it's the exact same build - I used 1.7.0), and managed to beat this submission by a little over 7 minutes without much trouble.

As for the DosBox problems, I'm admittedly not sure of the suggested settings for these old Sierra games, but this game always seems a tad clunky to me when playing it through that.  Not to mention, if I play on a different version than what was bundled with the Steam release (0.63), the game doesn't fill up the entire screen when I switch to full-screen.
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EthanWolfcat: 2015-03-22 07:22:12 pm
What a shame. Guess I need to practice more Smiley next time will be on text-only. It will prevent the "Alex-annoyness"
Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
It will prevent the "Alex-annoyness"

Hehehe.  I actually enjoy the talkie-versions.
Quote from EthanWolfcat:
What a shame. Guess I need to practice more Smiley next time will be on text-only. It will prevent the "Alex-annoyness"

I don't know if text is equal to speech or not, but at the very least, you should be in speech mode to end the scenes with the Winged Ones' leaders prematurely via right-clicking.  For whatever reason, this is not doable in text mode.  Something else I learned from an any% runner is to also mash Enter when going through the dialogue, though that functions as a left-click, not a right-click (I think the keyboard equivalent would be Escape, but that tends to bring up the icon bar at unwanted times).  That, and using Escape to exit the inventory screen without clicking "OK".

In any event, good luck to you Ethan if you continue to run this game.  If it wasn't for the uncertainty surrounding the use of ScummVM, I'd probably do some more attempts myself.  Well, that and the fact that cursor optimization seems particularly difficult. =p
I hope this doesn't disappoint the runner and would encourage him to keep improving the time, as most of the run was excellent and just a few things need adjusting for it to be accepted. I'm keen to see a polished version of this run on SDA.