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Kid Icarus (Any %) (Single Segment)

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Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. The run is very solid, good use of screen wraps and death abuse, very close call on Pandora but managed to pull it through. Some minor mistakes, but there are so incredibly minor that they don't deter from the quality of the run. Give it an accept!

Quote from CarpetCrawler:
A/V good, no cheating detected.

I've lurked some of Jorf's Kid Icarus streams for half a year now and wouldn't have thought that we'd see this game go down to 25:25, solely because of how cruel and brutal this game can be when it wants to, and it wants to quite often. It takes a lot of skill and discipline to run this game. I commend Jorf and his hard work, and it has definitely paid off with this run.

In general, most-all of World 1 is very good. The skip in 1-4 has such a tight window that it's expected that you don't pull it off immediately. Jorf pulls it off pretty quickly here and does a great job of it. Also a very good Twinbellows fight, all-in-all a very solid World 1.

The screenwrap itself in 2-2 is easy to pull off and lots of fun to do, but the rest of the level is no easy task as it requires memorization of the entire level and some quick reflexes. Jorf just makes it look easy here. Smiley

The only stage in the run that gives Jorf some trouble is 3-4, and even with the issues Jorf runs into (I always love when Pit gets turned into an eggplant) he turns in a very solid stage and Pandora boss battle considering the luck he was given.

Overall there was some minor hesitation and some extremely minor mistakes, both of which are completely understandable considering this game is a nightmare to play as a speedrun, let alone even casual; the recent New Year's Day blind race on SpeedRunsLive being a good example of what this game can be like for those who don't know it very well. Very happy with how this run turned out, and this is most definitely an easy ACCEPT. Great job, Jorf!!

[b]Audio / Video:[B] Fine.
No signs of cheating
Timing: 0:25:25

This run looks very polished and is entertaining to watch. Skips and manipulations are executed very well. There are a few spots where I felt the player hesitates a moment unnecessary, but this sums up to (at most) only few seconds.

No doubt: ACCEPT

Tech stuff all check out.

This is a long overdue update.  Very excited.  A few new tricks are shown off that save some time.  The screen warps are not only awesome, but show off a lot of skill as hugging the right is a very dangerous place to be.  The ledge clipping in the dungeons to skip rooms is beautiful.  The runner rapid fires the bosses, all are well done.  I don't like the deaths, but the first to refill the life bar was necessary.  And the second, well, those eggplant wizards are merciless.  I don't know how he survived that eggplant toss the second time around in the last dungeon.  Final stage auto scroll is what it is.  Runner gets the sweet spot on Medusa but loses it for a moment.  Overall though, great run.  I happily ACCEPT.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Gerfuggery'!
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DK28: 2014-04-17 05:00:01 pm
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Quote from CarpetCrawler:
(I always love when Pit gets turned into an eggplant)

The only cool thing about being cursed is holding down so it looks like the eggplant is just sliding on the floor.  The rest was a complete nightmare for children.  Tongue

Congrats again Gerfuggery!!!
This is one of the better runs I've seen in recent memory.  I caught the Twitch highlight shortly after the run occurred.  Awesome stuff.