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Quote from Wawlconut:
I fully recognize my games as lackluster and me not being a charismatic runner/entertainer and I have no problems being cut. I support this marathon all the way and will do what I can to support this in any possible way even if I don't have to run a game.

Ditto. If I can play a game to help that would be great but if I can't that's totally understandable. Either way I support this marathon 100%.
Stop with that talk wawl Sad

As far as individual requests went in this thread for changes and such, we handled them on a document behind the scenes, so no need to worry about if your changes don't get reflected in the document you guys can view.

We are pretty far along in choosing games, and should have a full list of games completed within the next day or two. My goal is to have the schedule done by the end of this week.
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R3DninjaJOSH: 2014-09-04 05:22:41 pm
I can't wait to raise enough money for these runners to come to AGDQ. It will be glorious!!
Ah crap, I submitted a few days too late. I wanted to help. Sad

I'll still donate for this anyway, because it would be awesome if 0x and Hanage made it.
Don't forget Ohon baby! thumbsup
Hello again.

The schedule for our marathon will be revealed tonight on The Final Split, right at the beginning of the show. That's at at 8PM eastern. I'm very excited and want to thank everyone who helped with scheduling, as we managed to accomplish this in just a few days.
The schedule has been released! I'll update the OP to reflect this.

If you have a game in the marathon, we'll be contacting you soon with details about how we're going to handle streaming. If there is a time conflict or something else preventing you from playing, please also mention that. We tried out best to match everyone's availability, but it appears gamers don't like early mornings. As such, we had to put some people in spots they might not have signed up for.

While I'll leave it up to the individuals who helped me out in deciding the games if they want to admit that or not, I think they all deserve thanks for helping put this together in just a few days. We had 150 or so players offer games, and managed to accept just under half of those players. I hope this schedule offers something new for the viewer, and if you have questions or want to direct salt somewhere, feel free to point those in my direction. Ultimately, even if your games were rejected, I hope you understand and support the marathon, as we all want to see these guys attend AGDQ!
Schedule looks awesome!  Super hype for this!
Many words! Handle it!
Twitch PMs have been sent out to all runners in the marathon. Please check your Twitch PMs as soon as you can!
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Golden: 2014-09-21 10:11:05 pm
The marathon is only 5 days away! A lot of information has been added to our Twitch page, which I encourage you all to check out and follow in advance.

A few updates:
-The donation link is LIVE! You can donate now to start building hype for a file name, bid war, or donation incentive (just remember to tell us which one that is in your comment).
-The schedule now contains links to the streams of each runner!
-The schedule will also link to pictures of the prizes we are giving away. Some of these prizes are yet to be announced, but we will add pictures once we have them.
-Though the donation link isn't quite ready, the list of incentives and file names is up for browsing. You can start to plan ahead!
-There is an image (ty Citrine!) that you can use in your own Twitch panels to advertise the marathon. That image is in one of the panels on the marathon page.
-I added a bunch of details about the marathon itself. The page is much more fleshed out.

Again, if you're a runner, please check your Twitch PMs if you haven't already! We have given you all the information about streaming, mumble, the marathon IRC channel, etc.
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Golden: 2014-09-29 05:50:30 am
Thanks everyone for making JRTA a stunning success. I am very proud of and humbled by how quickly we reached our goal. Within the first 8 hours of the stream, we managed to raise enough money to meet our original $6,000 goal. After switching remaining donations to Doctors Without Borders, we managed still an additional sum exceeding our original goal, for a final total of $13,280. That we would even come close to a five-digit figure was a thought that never crossed my mind in planning this marathon. I legitimately felt like it would be a challenge to meet our $6,000 goal. I am pleased to say that was not the case. It shows that the community can unite over a common desire, and I'm very grateful for that.

Thank you again for helping make what was initially a simple "what if" scenario materialize into an exciting new opportunity for AGDQ 2015.

Now, here's the fun stuff:

-All of the marathon VODs (or at least, the ones Twitch has saved) have been accounted for. You can either view them as highlights on the marathon Twitch page, or you can visit this playlist which I've compiled:

List of known issues (if you find other problems, please let me know so I can TRY to fix them):
-Pokemon Trading Card Game is split in 2, and missing a section
-Touhouvania 2 is split in 2
-Ninja Gaiden 2 is missing the second half of the run
-Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 are missing completely (Twitch? Hello?)
-For some reason, Twitch doesn't want to allow the export of Final Fantasy Tactics or Dragon Quest 3 (length?)

-Prizes will be figured out in the next few days. I'll make another announcement here once we've determined the winners of those.

-If you like stats and numbers, check out these statistics from the marathon:

Thanks again. I can't wait for Ohon, 0x, and Hanage to join us at AGDQ! -Go1
Prize winners have been announced! If you won, I will contact you shortly:

Furthermore, the playlist on Youtube has been updated as I've managed to make a few fixes and recoveries:
-Zelda 1 and 2 runs are now added to the playlist (though they are the original hitbox feeds, so we dont have the overlay and commentary may be missing)
-Final Fantasy Tactics run made it to Youtube in 3 parts

Again, the playlist is available here:

Thanks! -Go1
Just a quick update: if you've contacted me to claim a prize, it will be shipped in a day or two! Those that have not claimed their prize have until the end of October to do so, and have been notified via e-mail.