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Lag.Com: 2006-10-26 04:48:47 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to speedrunning in general, so I'll keep this brief.

I'm gonna give Jedi Outcast a try, see if I can beat the current time. Currently I'm still plotting out the levels to see where I'm gonna go. Once I figure out how I'm gonna record it all(looks like it'll be good ole vcr) I'll post some progress vids.

Feel free to make fun of the n00b all you want Smiley

Btw, if David Spickermann reads this, I was the guy who sent you the email about the strafe jumping. Sorry I didn't reply back. Apparently Hotmail flagged your email as junk an filtered it out from what I can tell, otherwise I'd have gladly replied. I didn't even know you found my email until, as a joke, I did a google search for myself an found your updated video Smiley

Amazing thing that google really is
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Semi-retired FPS expert
Ah, this is excellent news. If you can improve the already great run that'd very impressive. I'll definitely follow your progress!
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YautjaElder: 2006-04-13 05:14:47 pm
Speed is the key.
I've watched David's run and it looked flawless. If you can make a even better run, I'll be impressed.

Seriously, good luck. Wink
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honorableJay: 2006-04-13 09:12:15 pm
The Dork Knight himself.
my main priority right now is to try and "smooth" out some of the levels, mainly by avoiding enemies/objects, etc. I also want to try some other ways to get around certain parts

right now, the biggest change I've made is in the beginning of artus mine. Since I don't need the bowcaster that early in the game I'm gonna just skip it an jump the chasm. you don't actually have to walk on the pipes, with enough speed from the initial walkway (and with the help of a lovely overbounce) you can easily get across the chasm

I'll post a vid of that jump as soon as I get it captured

*edit* got a 60fps 320x240 vid of the jump itself(~60mb for original, 1mb for wmv). quick note on it. it's not perfect in any way, mainly because I was getting less fps while recording than the video itself has, which is weird cause the video has no stuttering. I also used Fraps to make it, but I will not be using fraps while I record the speedrun(or at least I don't plan on it, system hit for me is too high). Also, quake3 based games in general are fps related for almost all types of physics, especially in movement. the magic number is 125fps for quake 3, I don't doubt this game is the same. however since I'll be limiting myself to 60fps for recording purposes(hopefully I can get a vcr that can do that with no problems) some of the strafe jumping techniques I use won't be as effective(either that or they'll take more work)

if someone wants the video to host for others, contact me on AIM (Impulse1001) or ICQ (28046784). Seems my ftp is down an I don't know how long until it goes back up, sorry
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
I watched the 1st segment done by David and i found a few multiple improvements.

1st. He is not strafejumping/bunnyhopping as fast as possible  Wink

2nd. He could have used the ducking high jump glitch to get on top of the ship at the start and then gotten on the ledge to the right and jumped past the corner.

3rd. He jumped on the ledge, then the walkway, then backtracked until the walkway exploded, then crossed the walkway and jumped down into the building.

Instead of doing that he could have jumped on the ledge, then the walkway, then duck jumped through the window on the building.

I havn't seen the rest of the segments but those are the possible improvments for segment 1.
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eepmeep: 2006-04-14 06:26:28 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Here is a video of what I am talking about.

I recorded this with fraps so the audio/video is a little jumpy.

I watched a few more segments and I don't mean to be rude to David because he did really good, but he could have saved some more time if he had strafejumpped/bunnyhopped a little better. But I havn't seen the whole run so I guess I can't say anything.
Speed is the key.
That's a nice time-saver you've got there. Wink

Just a little tip, if you don't know it already (and if you plan to submit the run to SDA), Radix wont accept .wmv files.
The Dork Knight himself.
oh I know he doesn't accept wmv files. I figured I could use them to post some updates an get feedback. no way would I waste my time doing this if I planned to send in a wmv, even I'm not that stupid Smiley

stupid question though, if I record this with fraps, can I submit the uncompressed files? I seem to be having a hard time acquiring a vcr, plus I have no room where I keep my pc to put it, lovely predicament. I plan on using 640x480 @60fps for the recording, then dumping the finished segments to dvd to get them off my already filled to the max hd
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honorableJay: 2006-04-15 09:27:14 am
The Dork Knight himself.
okay, I think I'm just about done with the first level, been playin it for about 4 hours now, can't even recall how many times I've had to start over

I did the ole' stopwatch routine to figure out how long it took me. from my count(which could be off, started from just as I had control to just after going through the end door) I clock in at about 1:03. In David's video it took him about 1:15. Assuming that's accurate I'm about 12 seconds ahead so far.

I would've been under a minute (~55 seconds or so) but I did make a few mistakes. First, I can't do the window jump, tried it a million times. I seem to be going way too fast by the time I get to the bridge, can't slow down enough (in fact I flew over the bridge countless times). Plus my aim is off. Also, I missed a couple blaster shots, so I didn't have a clear path.

Overall I'm so-so with the lvl. I could've done better, but I don't think I'll get the time much lower if I keep at it.

Next up, lvl2 (yay!!)
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YautjaElder: 2006-04-15 11:04:18 am
Speed is the key.
12 seconds by just running it faster? That's great, it's too bad that you had to leave out the window-jump, though.

Keep going. Wink
Semi-retired FPS expert
It's great to see such big interest in this game. I might even have to re-install the game and look for stuff myself. Grin

Is there no way you could slow down enough to get that window jump? If it can save you close to 10 seconds I would keep trying (in a segment of 1 min). Otherwise great start though!
Wow, it's great to finally see some interest in the game.

Yes, I know that my strafejumping wasn't that good to begin with, but I've improved that a lot while playing online.

I never thought about jumping through that window, that's a great trick. I knew about climbing on the ship, but that didn't seem to be a good idea back then because I couldn't find a good timing to jump to the ledge, as my straejumping was rather bad back then.

In any case, I don't have a graphics card that could handle recording the game right now, but I'll see if i can borrow one and help you out.

We could even try a cooperative run if you guys are interested, although right now it looks like I'll have to get a lot better to keep up with you, I'm sure you'll break the one hour mark this time around.

I think there's one or two shortcuts that I didn't use in my run for various reasons, I'll see if I can remember them.
The Dork Knight himself.
Cool idea, coop run would definately make things interesting

As for the window jump, I've been trying to do it again, but I still can't get the right speed when I slow down. half of the reason is fraps unfortunately. the frame skipping makes it really hard to hit the window. I'll get it maybe once out of say 20 tries. if I don't record I can get it more often. what really bites though is when I do get it, Jan gets killed an I have to start over. Stupid stupid Jan  Angry

I'm gonna keep at it though, see if I can get a time under 1 minute. I'm also gonna try activating the panels at the end 2 at a time to save a couple seconds. I did that by accident in the run I currently have saved, didn't occur to me to do that until after I was done with it.

As for the second level, I can improve some parts, but unfortunately due to the constant fighting an small hallways, the most I could get was an extra 4 seconds, half the enemies don't play very well with me
I don't exactly know why, but this graphics card seems to be able to handle this game pretty well, I can even record decently ... on the lowest graphics settings of course, which make the game look like the very whole general mish mash itsself.

In any case, I guess I am TOO fast for the shortcut now, take a look at this:

The video looks even worse than the raw capture, there must be some filters still active in VDub, but I don't feel like reediting it right now, heh.

In any case, I'll still try to find a better card to be able to capture in at least decent quality at more than 50fps (I can only imagine how low my framerate would drop right now on ns_streets, heh)
Semi-retired FPS expert
Is there a way to get into the tunnel? Otherwise you're simply too fast. Grin
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LLCoolDave: 2006-04-21 11:47:18 pm
Small update:

Getting better at this. Right now, about 75% of the tries end with me missing the window, as opposed to not making it around the first corner 50% of the tries this afternoon. I'm also getting a lot closer to the window than I used to, so that's nice to see as well.

I'm shooting the stormtrooper right behidn the ship, there's two advantages:

a) Jan is more likely to survive (although she still tends to die too fast)
b) I don't try to jump off the ship too early, ending up with sliding off of it for some odd reason.

The 3 enemies in the second hallways inside the base are spawned by landing on top of the walkway. As I'm trying to skip this for speed reasons as well (I'm sure I could make it about 20 times as often if I did it like eepmeep did it in his video), it's quite cool to not have to worry about running into a trooper there.

I managed to get a 0:58 run, but well, the end is horrible, I miss two buttons, accidently hit one button too often and have to cycle through, I hit the side of the small hallway that leads to the button that activated the buttons on the bottom... I'm not satisfied with it, I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Oh, and I added you on ICQ, honorableJay

Edit: Okay, got a 0:54 run. If there are any obvious flaws or shortcuts/tricks I missed, tell me. I know that the switches at the end were rather, well, random and chaotic, but it all worked out. I also hit a few more walls than I should have, so I might try some more tomorrow.
The Dork Knight himself.
very nice improvement indeed, I'll have to remember that whole thing about skipping the bridge

I actually haven't had a chance to update my lvl1 in a few days. I work overnights an go to class during the week, gonna give things a shot tonight, see if I can get to that window easier.

oh, if you think you were going too fast, a few times I was going so fast I actually flew OVER the bridge entirely. another time I hit the second set of windows(on the left side of the building) an nearly got through, but apparently those windows aren't big enough to let you through cause I got stuck halfway through, I looked a bit like an ass trying to wedge through
Speed is the key.
Nice improvement! Wink

Something that would save a second or so would be to somehow jump to the ledge that's shown about 20 seconds into the vid. That would be faster than going up the stairs.

Maybe not possible, but I thought I'd point it out.
And up you go.

I'm finally back on equipment capable of running and capturing the game, likely in better quality than the old runs as well. I'll be busy for a few more weeks, and I think I should finally get FreewareRuns running properly and make it public, but I hope to start working on my final run for this game soon.
Speed is the key.
Sweet, can't wait for this.
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Mad_Andy: 2006-10-13 11:12:57 am
i haven't played this game much at all, but there's a little trick that i'd like to share. I discovered it in alice and it works on any other Q3 engine game. It involves saving at any spot, then pressing forward while loading. This will trigger a glitch that will make you clip forward a few frames. However, in these few frames it is possible to clip through any object or invisible trigger without activating it. That is, if the trigger box isn't too big.
Speed is the key.
i haven't played this game much at all, but there's a little trick that i'd like to share. I discovered it in alice and it works on any other Q3 engine game. It involves saving at any spot, then pressing forward while loading. This will trigger a glitch that will make you clip forward a few frames. However, in these few frames it is possible to clip through any object or invisible trigger without activating it. That is, if the trigger box isn't too big.

If that works, then wow. This could be abused a lot, even in the first level (if I understand the glitch correctly).
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LLCoolDave: 2006-10-14 10:17:56 am
Hum, well, I'm not sure if I'm going to use it for my run. If you can pass through a closed door that way, it might be useful, but I still dislike the idea of it. I mainly want to do this final run to make it look smooth, there aren't many shortcuts left to be taken that I know of, and I doubt I'll find tricks to reach places I wanted to reach in my last run, but you never know. I'm going to test that glitch later, maybe I'll end up making two seperate runs.

Edit: Strange, just installed the game and it doesn't run properly at all, not even at lowest settings. QuakeIII runs more than smooth on high settings, Prey runs fairly well on high settings, too. This is rather strange, wonder if I can find a way to fix it.
No, you can't walk through any solid objects. Only invisible triggers or anything which you can walk through.
Then the only use would be for skipping those "stand still and listen to useless talk" scenes, which would be neat. Got to get it to run properly first, though.