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Hi everyone,

Hover was released a couple of weeks ago now (even though it has been on beta for around two years or so).
The game will probably go through some updates, still some bugs and unbalanced challenges (that last boss is so random - a safe strat is needed I think).

Anyway, in case some of you have been thinking about a single segmented run of this game, here are some good things to know :

- The best character to use is probably Greendy : she has the best basic acceleration, jump and a useful wallrun skill. Her basic max speed is good (even though it's not the best according to the game).
- You can start a new team (= new campaign) with one or several maxed characters (level 10 and all the upgrades you need). The tutorial is skipped by doing so.
- There might be some specific times when switching characters could save time. I'm thinking about the grinding mission in the sewers.
- Getting Gamegirls is a pretty fast way to rank up. So I'm starting a quest to catch'em all. I'm done with Haven District : I have taken a screenshot for every single one of them. I can upload this stuff if someone needs, pretty useful for route optimization. I'll work on other levels.
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