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Hitman Blood Money (100 %) (Individual Level) (Professional)

Verifier Responses

Nice to finally see a Blood Money run make it to SDA. There's a metric ton of speedruns on YouTube and various other sites that use a lot of different conditions in their runs. In this case, "100%" actually means getting Silent Assassin (highest rank) for all levels. What's impressive is, as MAS said, most of the runs are only a few seconds slower than the "run 'n gun" speedrun we have currently. I'm not sure whether to credit the runner or bash the developers for their programming. A/V looks good. Graphic settings are turned way low, probably to help with framerate.

A Vintage Year: Guards don't seem to be too concerned that there's a well-dressed bald man sprinting around their secret underground tunnels. I've never seen the white suit guy get taken out from below before, looks slick. The elevator dance cannot be stopped. Final time is 1:14.

Curtains Down: Well there wasn't much to this one. Usually, when people SA this level, they take out both targets with a pistol. Runner says "I ain't got the time" and takes out the second guy with a mine. Time is 0:28.

Flatline: Runner uses the mine trick to make a beeline for the agent. Then, all hell breaks loose. He's not really being a "silent assassin" if he sets off two bombs and alerts every guard in the level. Roll Eyes Time is exactly 4:00.

Murder of Crows: I love the classic Blood Money AI at the beginning. I had no clue you could just throw mines up through the windows. Would have saved me a lot of resetting on my first playthrough. Final tally says three kills. Umm.. how about that pile of bodies right outside the Blue Oyster club. Roll Eyes Time is 0:51.

A New Life: Is it just me, or is there a faint voice at the beginning of this one? Lady hits the water so hard, it knocks her unconscious. Shame, this looked like a nice neighborhood, too. Time is 0:43.

Death on the Mississippi: Guard at the beginning has an old lady voice(?). For the record, as someone who has been to Mississippi many times, the people there don't actually talk like this. Roll Eyes Game suddenly turns into CoD as soon as the runner gets to the top floors. Time is 1:12.

You Better Watch Out: Weird, hot tub guy looks like he's standing outside the hot tub, but shooting the glass still kills him? Ok. Runner blazes through and snatches the tape like he just don't care. Time is 1:19.

Till Death do us Part: More mine mayhem. Runner is in and out in a flash. "Ain't you fancy?" Time is 0:53.

A House of Cards: This level entirely depends on how fast you can take out the Sheik. In this case, its instant. In the meantime, the runner goes around enabling people's gambling addictions by giving them free coins. Runner also proves he is a monster by forcing an innocent waitress to witness his murder then knocking her out. Time is 5:57.

A Dance with the Devil: Runner says in the comments that this isn't the record. I can feel his pain though because I know just how frustrating this one can be. Guards just can't resist the temptation of a syringe lying on the ground. Runner impressively blind shots the red suit guy through a door. Good stuff. Second part looks optimized. I'm curious as to how this run could be down by seven seconds, looks almost perfect to me. Time is 4:05.

Amendment XXV: Guard phases through a solid door at the beginning. What is our government hiding from us? In this level, you're supposed to chase a guy all throughout the whitehouse and then have a showdown on the roof. Runner cuts it short by bombing the target through a solid wall. Time is 2:08.

Overall, these runs look super optimized. It would be very difficult to tell where they could be improved. Its also a bit funny seeing what you can get away with and still get Silent Assassin rank. Props to the runner, I don't even want to think about how many attempts some of these levels must have took.

It should also be noted that in each run, the runner attempts to load a game to prove he is playing on Pro (Saves are disabled on Pro.)

Its a big accept from me. Smiley

A/V Quality: Very good, very few stutters, if any.
Accept on time alone. (The current runs are usually 4-10 seconds faster, however they are not played for SA ratings)
About the run:
Very clean execution, there is no reason to suspect cheating.
I guess the "trying to load a savegame on Professional difficulty" is a glitch that I dont know of (and found no Information about in the comments); Care to explain?


Sorry this took so long.

Curtains Down
Perfectly placed bomb and good luck with guards no finding bodies. Not improvable.

New Life
A very silent run, 47 very sneakily enters the house and hides the body of his target. Should probably point out the possible effect of super high framerate affecting the final time but I still see no reason to doubt the in game timer. Not improvable.

The Murder of Crows
Knocking out the delivery guy in thr middle of the street was extremely ballsy. Not improvable.

You Better Watch Out
Good luck with the second target being right on the way. A bit of hesitation with the item selection but that's just nitpicking.

Death on the Mississippi
The bomb strat is amazing, one my favorites in the game. Gets stuck on a door for maybe half a second, perfect otherwise.

Amendment XXV
It might possibly be slightly faster to shoot the cameras instead of taking the tape? I think we looked into this but can't remember the conclusion, I'm guessing their timing screws things over or it's just too many difficult shots while running. Either way, an excellent run with no notable mistakes.


Something the comments don't mention is that in most (or all?) or the runs when the runner tried to save/load the game it's only to prove that the game is on Pro.

Obvious accept on the missions I'm allowed to verify.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Kotti, Mark 'ExplodingCabbage' Amery, and msqrt!
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Waiting hurts my soul...
And finally a specialized request gets fulfilled. One less game on the request list. I'll watch this once it's released.