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Hard, single-segment run

Verifier Responses

A/V Quality is very good, commentary track is clear, aside from the fact that you can hear the game sounds leaking in.
Uses the developer 1 flag to remove the 100fps cap.
Increased FPS helps with the physics and HPdoor heals you much faster this way.
More about being a coding bug than cheating. as even 20fps can change some things when compared to 60fps

Timing starts: 00:05 (map loaded, excludes a fixed intro ride)
Final shot: 39:33 (Moment the final boss dies)
Teleport: 39:58 (Green flash, takes you to the ending sequence where it's no longer possible to die.. by normal means.)

As there are no major mistakes, I will point out (nag/nitpick) about some minor mistakes that I spot while watching the run...
Test chamber could have contained more entertainment but the reason for this was explained in the commentary. Vortjump was executed quickly and nothing major was spotted.
Object boosting failed at the bridge but the fallback plan didn't really cost any additional time and performing this trick consistently in a single segment isnt't easy.
Office complex went really smoothly aside from a few selfish aliens that refused to die at the first gun blast near the end.
Blast pit was executed really well considering the annoying layout with ducts, sewers and the fan. Some compromises were made with the route in order to save HP and I think that was for the better as extra healing costs a lot of time at this part.
On a rail was smooth for the most part, climatic train escape. The missed jump in apprehension leads to an alternate route: the ladders + following the right side should be slower than going up straight + jumping trough the tree platforms but it's 2 seconds we are talking about here at most.
Really good surface tension. The other route in triphell could have saved some time as the headcrabs do not pose a much(if any) of a risk in there (you probably knew this would come up;) ). Small mistake in the sewers, really fast hornet-elevator and well executed scientist grenade skip. Rest of the run was trouble free.
I could point out all those small hesitations/bumps here and there but this isn't a TAS. This is about as good as you can get, object boost being the biggest potential for improvement.
Thanks for bringing HL finally back on SDA!

Decision: ACCEPT

A/V is good. Maybe slight audio delay(?) To answer another verifier, the game sound was intentionally mixed into the AC.

My biggest concern about this run is the version used. If using an older version without speedcap the time could be guesstimated 2 minutes lower. But as the runner state in the comments there is problems with the old demo recording system. Recording directly with Fraps or similar reduces the framerate significantly which is a big deal. And capture card devices ext. is rather expensive.
The newer demo support featured in the steam version is simply unbeatable. Thats why I think SDA should allow the "hlspbunny" mod again (which mysteriously was disallowed together with scripts?).

With that issue out of the way, lets focus on the run.
It has no major mistakes at all and uses the best known route plausible considering the category - SS, hard.
Execution is impressive throughout. The number of minor mistakes is minimal but here is a few that i noticed the most.
The headcrabs in the tripmine house can easily be bypassed or even completely skipped by going the shorter route.
Less time could be spent in the healthdoor, gained about 6000hp, I guess he used only 2000.
Could have used the extreme amount of health a bit better (more damageboosts, take falldamage where its faster ect)

A really big effort is needed to beat this. Considering how consistent the run is overall, it might stand for years, thats how solid it is. Accept.

Also, the demofile(s) to a goldsrc game should be available to the verifiers and also on the gamepage if accepted.

A/V also fine to me.

Nothing much to say about it, previous verifier have already pointed out  the few mistakes that can be avoid, i'll not detailled them. Overall it's solid run.

It's an easy accept.

My timing :

gain control : 00:05.

Last hit  : 39:33.   

Teleportation : 41:43.

A/V is as good as it gets. I didn't notice any delay in the audio. Commentary is a little hard to make out, but I got used to it.
As for the game audio being in the background I actually like that. It's balanced well and never overwhelms the commentary.

The runner manages to make the best out of the Steam version's speed cap disadvantage throughout the run. Though missing the object boost skip in Unforseen Consequences, many other difficult skips are done first try making the total time very hard to beat. The routes taken are executed well with only a few seconds at most lost each chapter, like taking more time than necessary killing headcrabs or destroying crates and obstacles. Hardly any enemies seem to have been killed unnecessarily. Tau Cannon skips in Surface Tension very impressive. Though the hp door didn't need to be used as long, at least it was executed quickly. The tricks it allows certainly beats the snarkjumping of old. Gonarch and Nihilanth fights looked very efficient.

Definitely accepted.

My timing:
Start of input:    0:05 (run time 0:00)
Final boss dies: 39:33 (run time 39:27)
End sequence:  40:01 (run time 39:56)
End of input:      41:43 (run time 41:38)

A/V is good, and there's no cheating detected.

Anomalous Materials:  It's funny how far away from the guard you can stand to have him open the door. This whole section feels amazing.  The scientists do blab a lot, though. That keyboard is really interesting.  Okay, sample's ready! Nice, fast push! And the cutscene's just a bit broken.

Unforseen consequences: I'm not sure Black Mesa had any clue the consequences they'd have with you running this, man.  Got stuck on the door frame for a second, missed the pistol at first. Stuck on a barrell.  These are all minor and only cost about half a second each.  Cool box slide! Omygosh... jumping across the boxes above the cliff... I can't say how many times I died there playing it the first time.

Office Complex: What. You just jump through all the lightning zappy stuff. Well, that works!  Haha. So fast you saw the headcrabs spawn.  Barney cooperates reasonably well.  Oops, stuck on a ladder.

We've got Hostiles: Poor dead scientist.  Eh, he deserved it

Blast pit: Whoa! Crazy fall with a ladder save.  Yeah, I'm someone who doesn't know most of the tricks in this game, and it's blowing my mind.  Hey! She said you have a minor fracture! How are you running?! Anyway, uh, a trick to get down near the death claws early.  I'm having a hard time keeping up with these notes.  Button through the glass while keeping the claws distracted. And hahaha. Yay for being in the room with them as they die.  Took an extra second to prepare for a jump.

Power up: Haha.

On a rail: Lightning water doesn't really matter, I guess.  Also, no rail cart?  Man, you just took away the most infuriating part of the game! I died so many times. Ooh, stuck on ladder again.  It's always those little things that happen in final runs.  The Earth is jiggling as the rocket takes off.  Okay, -now- you're on a cart.

Apprehension: Oh, man, everyone loves water levels.  Random scientist scream.  Ooh, barely missed a couple jumps.  Ahh, GMan!  Caught on a barrell for a second, and a glitched out alien becomes your friend for a second. Uh, Barney died? Oh no, you've been mugged!  Looks like you crushed their hopes.

Residue processing: Slow platform is slow.  Whoa, crazy water boost! Ever good FPS needs squashers in a factory.

Questionable ethics: Does your speed break ethic rules? Eh, maybe I should be more worried about you blowing those soldiers up before they knew you were there.  Ooh, missed a team with the grenade launcher. Great crossbow skills!  Wow, the AI is just a little slow.  I swear they're killing themselves now.  Okay, cooperate, scientist. Cooperate... Great! He was alright.

Surface tension: Ahhh! Nice boost. Very nice grenade launches.  And stuck on a ladder.  And, out of bounds! And again. Yeah, this game is only slightly broken once you get the radiation gun thingy.  Random scientist screaming again.  Good headcrab kills; I loved making all the bombs explode, though. More out of bounds.  Omygosh, this game is so broken. Whoa, health glitch! I have no idea what just happened.

Forget about Freeman: Looks like you have almost-infinite life. Nice!  This makes for some really crazy action!

Lambda core: IDDQD, anyone?  And... a slow-movind platform.  Seriously, this is more of a playground than anything else now.  Barney runs from you realizing how crazy awesome you are.

Xen: You've reached the runner's zen.

Gonarch's lair: I have a feeling this is gonna be silly. Does that thing even attack you?

Interloper: Okay, quick warp thingy. Jump through a giant badguy.  Seriously, the game is not this easy.

Nihilanth: That was ridiculous.  Seriously, good job, good job.  GMan is pretty ugly. Punch him! He can't kill you!

This is so stupid! Not "stupid" as in "oh, such a stupid run." No, it's "stupid" as in "I feel stupid for the hundreds of times I died in this game just to see this amazing piece of work."  Of course I accept the run.  Did you even need us to verify it? Yes? Well, okay then. 

I agree with this timing:

Start of input:    0:05 (run time 0:00)
Final boss dies: 39:33 (run time 39:27)
End sequence:  40:01 (run time 39:56)
End of input:      41:43 (run time 41:38)

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Max 'coolkid' Lundberg!
Thread title:  
coolkid has a real name?!  I thought he just had a model number.  o.O

Congrats regardless!
Haha, thanks for the comments PJ & the verifiers! They make for a great read. I'm honestly not too satisfied with this run but eh, it'll do for now. This game is really brutal and annoying to SS. I've had my game crash at various points of the game at least a dozen times and more (which obviously makes it quite discouraging to run), getting stuck inside moving objects and walls during loadings, stupid enemies who can ruin a run in an instant, autosave lags (they even show up on the demo & video) and running on an inferior version of the game (the speedcap makes it so much more frustrating to run). Death is always just an instant away from happening in Black Mesa. [/speedgamingrant]

Regarding the timing; the final time ends up being 39:53 if you use the same timing as the previous Half-Life runs on SDA (start: c1a0 control - end: green flash after defeating nihilanth)

Stay tuned for more Half-Life runs from me and the upcoming segmented run.
Congratulations coolkid, looking forward to watching the run with commentary.
Edit history:
Exo: 2012-08-26 02:48:46 am
Congrats coolkid! You know you're my only love (sorry PJ ;( )
Lookin forward to your hl green run Smiley

P.S.: And of course the orange segmented run!
SEGA Junkie
I haven't seen this and I'm just going to assume it's a great run, because it probably is, but I just have one query:

Quote from Verifier 1:
Uses the developer 1 flag to remove the 100fps cap.

Isn't this pretty much what we laughed Spider-Waffle out of the community for wanting to do? I'm legitimately curious.
Edit history:
coolkid: 2012-08-26 07:35:09 am
coolkid: 2012-08-26 07:34:56 am
coolkid: 2012-08-26 07:22:01 am
coolkid: 2012-08-26 07:08:48 am
I believe he wanted to legitimise a hack/mod for the old WON version of the game which made it possible to have above 100fps on that version while having uncapped speed w/o hlspbunny mod. Having above 100fps on the Steam version I used doesn't require any hacks or cheats which is one of the few advantages of using that version.

and thx guyz, u can watch the run here.

Edit: Would be nice if the demo file could be included as well on the gamepage as verifier #2 mentioned.
Watched the run - great coolkid!

Quote from coolkid:
Stay tuned for more Half-Life runs from me and the upcoming segmented run.

\m/ -_- \m/

get record 4 usa bby
train kept rollin
Gotta love more Half-Life runs. Congrats coolkid
Good job! Love HL speedruns Smiley
Awesome run, will also listen to AC!
HL in an SDA-legit way back to this site? I'm so glad. And I thought HL running on SDA was dead. Congratulations!
Hey coolkid thanks for the run, was great.  And thanks for the AC, I look for runs with AC.  However, with it, I thank you for including some of the in-game audio in the background, but I found it was a little too loud for it to be 'background' per se.  It was detracting from the actual commentary.  Just an FYI.  Otherwise, thanks again.
Thank you for the feedback on the AC. I believe that the issue was that ingame sounds were leaking in from my headphones to the microphone which gets distracting when added together with the actual ingame sound mixed into the AC.

I'm currently working on an improvement to this run. My current best Half-Life time is 37:45ish with SDA timing, a time I might settle with. I also plan on obsoleting the Opposing Force & Blue Shift runs. I already have a time that is nearly 2 minutes faster than the current OP4 run but I'm planning on creating a new category for that game Wink
SEGA Junkie
So, I watched this run before it went up as a final check that the encodes were alright. That very same day you posted about a 90 second improvement. No fair!

Great job coolkid!