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I know there is an old topic about this, but the name of it was kinda missleading, so i create a new fitting one. I did some speedruns about three years ago and now i somehow found the time to do some speedrunning again.

any% RTA (complete game)
35:27 - Kubelwagon

any% ILs
05:34 - Molotok
00:47 - Molotok
02:05 - Molotok

100% ILs
1:15:22 - Molotok

Old topic here:
All GTA Leaderboards:

Info on conditions:
Run at 30 FPS(frame limiter on or other frame limiting software).
Begin Timing: First non black frame after loading a level.
Stop timing: First black frame after hitting the checkout point.
Thread title:  
Totally rad
Very impressive run! How many tries did it take you to get this run? I've messed around with zone 1 and 2 in GTA2 as well (using the same route) and I generally get horrible RNG. Are you planning to go for sub 6 minutes? Seems quite possible, though it would require some pretty incredible luck - you had the best cars everywhere, after all.

In any case, curious to see your improvements on zone 2 as well.
DOSBox <3
Nice one!
Looks pretty good so far Smiley
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Quote from AdamAK:
Very impressive run! How many tries did it take you to get this run? I've messed around with zone 1 and 2 in GTA2 as well (using the same route) and I generally get horrible RNG. Are you planning to go for sub 6 minutes? Seems quite possible, though it would require some pretty incredible luck - you had the best cars everywhere, after all.

In any case, curious to see your improvements on zone 2 as well.

Yeah, thanks. I got into speedrunning this game again by watching some random streams on twitch where i accidently hit your stream(where you were playing GTA2). xD
I don´t really know how many tries, but in 10 hours i could only complete 4 runs... a 6:41, 6:40, 6:19 and finally the 6:04. And yes you need a whole bunch of luck to everything going fine, it´s kinda nearly impossible.

What was bad about this run is getting stuck in the building with the cop car, then getting in the wrong car(cop car). Also getting the SWAT van cost me a bit time too, because normally it should follow me to the garage and after i hit it i can immediately get the van. Then i positioned the cop car badly and lost some seconds. Another unfortunete thing was the cop car getting damaged so i couldn´t drive with full speed to the bus stop and also after the bus explosion if i would have enough luck then there would spawn a cop car immediately and i could grab it which would safe me 5 or 6 seconds too. So in total if everything goes fine i think a time around 5:30 would be possible, but the amount of luck you need is not enough i guess. xD
But yes i plan to go sub 6 after i´m done with residential and industrial district.

Generally about downtown: You want to get either the wellard, b-type or cop car at the start. The wellard is the slowest of them, but has very good handling. B-Type has bad handling but is a bit faster than the wellard( i couldn´t really get better times with it though, was about the same). Cop car is the fastest car in this district and has good handling, but you waste time to get it(you need to steal another car first to drag the cops out of the car, but the fast speed should compensate the loss, although i rarely used it and didn´t compare the times).

After you complete the Radio Za-Za mission, a good time should be sub 1:03. Then you try to kill Zaibatsu until the Yakuza respect-o-meter grows to at least 4(you will need 5 later to make the red missions). You also should kill civilians to get cops attention and then kill some cops to get at least 3 heads. and of course to get a cop car to drive down. While you are driving you can try to run down some civilians or cops to get 4 heads(i prefer to run some down after i hit the green yakuza phone), cause you will need the SWAT van later. Hitting the "Get Zitzaki" mission around exactly 2 minutes should be very good. Before hitting the garage you want a SWAT van to be very close to you, so you can immediately grab it(you need it for the next mission). After completing the Zitzaki mission you get one unit of respect awarded to you, so you have 5 now and are allowed to do the red missions.
Btw: When you switch from the cop car to the miara and your car is a bit damaged, it can become very useful at the end, because this is the area where you will do the bus explosion later on and also where you will do the last yakuza mission. So if you are lucky and the car is still there, you can use it if your current car gets damaged or you can´t find a escape car.

Now you drive with the SWAT van to the red yakuza phone(a time sub 3:15 should be good) and all you have to do is just driving to the garage. It´s good to have some cop tail so you can grab a cop car immediately after you complete the mission. If not then any other fast car which spawns in that area(b-type, shark, miara) is fine too, but you will lose a bit time. You drive back to the red phone, get your instructions and then you run down the dudes in black and try to hit the tank without moving too far away from your car, so that you won´t lose much time(if your car is damaged by gun shots, see if the cop car from before is still there).

In the last part drive to the bus stop and hijack the bus(careful not to get cops after you or you will have a very rough time.. lol). If you notice that people are exiting the bus after they get in, then you have to drive backwards until a certain spot(watch the video) then drive back and it should be fine. After collecting at least 10 people drive to get the bomb and be careful that there are enough people roaming, so your explosion can succeed(i don´t know exactly but about 20 - 25 people should blow up instantly to get the expeditious execution). If the execution succeeds, grab the spawning cop car if you have luck. If not, look if the car(look up Btw) is still there. Else get a fast car as fast as possible and drive to the checkout point.

Preview for residential dictrict: Because I save and restart it makes more sense to do it in 2 segments, so i can optimise the second part. The things which can be done better
(old run)

are at 0:50 jumping straight to the multiplier instead on top of that building(very hard, safes 5 seconds). At 1:22 not jumping down, but to the right(safes 14 seconds). At 2:30 jumping from the middle box insted from the third one(safes 2 seconds). Multiplied with 2 because i have to do it twice is already a ~40 seconds improvement. With better luck(better cars) and driving and maybe some small things which are not obvious yet i think it can be improved over ~1:30(but just an estimation). In the old topic someone claimed that he did it sub 7 minutes, but unfortunately he didn´t upload the vid.
Sweet nostalgia trip, and awesome work. Hope to see more!
Just a small update on the status. Through testing I got a totally different route at residential district now. I will have 3 segments and only collect 5 multipliers. Also the tank part got dumped because it is too slow.

Route change: In the first segment i won´t turn left as in the old run(see 1:15) but drive on the ramp instead and jump to a wang car. I also would want to have wanted level of 2 which should give a chance to spawn a cop car immediately after i enter the wang car and get teleported to the wang cars garage. Next time saver i just noticed yesterday: At 2:29 i will jump onto the small bridge with the car using handbrake on the stairs and hitting the edge of it, saves 8 - 10 seconds. After i get wang car and get teleported i will hope to get the police spawn and get the next wang car, after that again hoping for police spawn and drive to the saving point. First segment should be ~2:00 with wanted level 2 and multiplier(x1 + x3 = x4) Also cash ~65000$. Saving costs 50000$.

Second segment: Because i will have wanted level of 2 or 3 i will now run to the street and cop car will spawn immediately(always does). It saves 5 seconds compared to getting the furore gt. Then i skip the first multiplier(save myself 10 secs and get the other two and collect the three wang cars as usually. Second segment should be ~15 seconds faster than the first, so ~1:45(total ~3:45) with wanted level of 2 or 3 and multiplier(x4 + x2 = x6). Cash should be something about 3x6(multiplier)xwangcarbonus(100000$)= 1800000$ + 15000$ from before + random~5000$(instant stunt bonus and running down peds) = 1820000$- 50000$(saving) = 1770000$.

Last segment: Just collecting 2 wang cars. Different possibilities but one thing certain: The wang car next to the wang car garage comes last.
Possibility #1: Getting the wang car where i had to jump from the ramp first. Was always my first pick until i discovered the little stair trick yesterday.
Possibility #2: Running straight to the railway, die electrified and getting spawned at hospital nearby the wang car where the boxes are. Dieing takes about 11 seconds, but i don´t know how to die faster. Getting shot by the Zaibatsu dude at the start gets me spawned at the wrong place.
Well no matter what possibility i choose i get the wang car nearby the wang car garage at last and then i grab the furore with the mines and drop them like hell while driving to the check out point, so i can make up the missing 30000 or 20000$ which are missing. Both possibilities should take ~0:45.

So total time i´m aiming would be 4:3X, over 3 minutes faster than my old run.
Can't wait to see the videos.
I followed the first tries of this speedrun on youtube a long time ago, i'm glad to learn this project is not dead !
Edit history:
Molotok: 2013-04-02 05:14:25 pm
Residential District done, in 0:52!

I asked some experts about GTA 2 tricks and big thanks to Sektor from who showed me this trick. You can trap peds in some special area and get continuous Expeditious Executions(EEs). It works only in Residential District because other areas don´t have that kind of landscape. Kinda annoying to find that out after spending days of routing this district... but whatever its 5 times faster than my planned run! xD

Some notes:

At first you must death warp, fastest way seems to be shot down by the redneck with two shotgun loads, which i didn´t get in this run, but it safes maybe just 1 second. Another way is getting driven over by the Zaibatsu car.

After you spawn at the hospital and get into the Medicar, drive around the corner and try to trap a ped in the upper corner just about after he falls into the water. I don´t know where the border is, but if you do it lower, you might get spawned at the wrong hospital, which would take 6 seconds longer to get to the checkout point.

Important thing while the ped is trapped and you press up, release the button after you see the score changing to 2,4 Mio. then press Enter to get out of the car and die. You will still see EEs going on because game reacts late. You should now have enough score and just grab the Medicar and haste to the check out point... thats it... lol

In the run i got surprised by the train and probably i should got out of the car earlier, probably 2 seconds wasted, but whatever. I will update the first post with the video once it is uploaded! *Edit* Done.
That is

Totally rad
What the actual fuck. I need to see this.
Quote from S.:
That is


That are 30 EEs in 20 seconds. It also means ear rape for 20 seconds. Wink
Quote from AdamAK:
What the actual fuck. I need to see this.

I updated the first post of this topic, the video should be there.

I also start to dislike this attempt, because I wasted 2 seconds and in a such short run it is a lot of time. I think i will try to get the faster kill + those 2 seconds, so at least 49 seconds would be satisfying. Then I probably will try to get downtown sub 6 minutes and then industrial.
Iha paska
Haha, what a dickhead Claude is now.
I bet that GTA2 has so many other similar bugs, if the newer GTAs tell anything then this should be full of glue-code as well.

Industrial still needs to be broken.
I found a faster way to die than getting shot twice by the redneck. Just punch the redneck guy while the Zaibatsu man is shooting with his machine gun and try to get hit by the bullets. I timed it and compared to what I did in the run and it is ~2,5 seconds faster. Adding up the wasted ~2-3 seconds in my run at the end there would be about 5 seconds to safe. But if I arrive earlier the frickin train will block my way. So in the end it will be probably just 3, maybe 4 at best, seconds safed I guess.
Holy shit, what's going on? An endless loop? (Drowning pedestrian overrun by car -> dead but no longer drowning -> dead pedestrian drowning in water -> drowning but no longer dead -> )

I thought just GTA 1 was that glitchy Cheesy
These are some really nice runs, you've got me interested in the game. Cheesy Have you made any progress on the Industrial district, yet? I know that one is the longest and the most irritating. It'll be fun seeing it broken to pieces.
To be honest, i don´t think that Industrial is that broken, there are just too many fences around the interesting spots... and i don´t see other useful bugs.

Compared to my old run i planned to change some things a bit. Instead of doing all green and yellow russian missions i will just do one green mission(not hotdog mission) where i also can drive over some zaibatsu on the way for getting one more +respect for the russian yellow missions afterwards. Then i will do all yellow missions(i don´t know yet in which order) and then i will do 9 EEs instead of 7 in the old run. The reason for the change is that 2 EEs are faster than doing the hotdog mission. I will have at least 540000$ after the missions and a 5x multiplier, thats why the 9 EEs. In the old run i had more than 800000$ and 6x multiplier, therefore 7 EEs were enough. I wish i could rampage with the tank instead of the EEs, but unfortunatelly the tank is too slow(in 3 minutes i managed to do 180000 - 200000$ at best with x1 multiplier, compared 2 EEs are 200000$ and take ~2:40 in avg or even less) and you can die very easily.

I still need to route the exact way i will take, in the old run i drove clueless at some points. I estimate the run to take 22 minutes(probably 50% missions 50% EEs). But before that i still want to improve Residential and Downtown, there are still some annoying things.
I watched your previous run. I think after you complete all the Russian yellow missions, you can gun a few of them down to put your Krishna respect in the yellow and then take the Russian Assassins mission. The phone for it is right next to the bus stop and its really short and simple, all you do is drive into the Russian territory (just up the road) and take out some assassins chasing you. I think that should be faster than doing two extra EEs. I've also been toying with the idea of doing full-game any% runs. I made some attempts the other day but haven't even finished a run yet. This game is RNG hell to the max. Lips Sealed
I think you are right, in my mission walkthrough i needed 2:13 minutes and i didn´t even do it the fastest way. Also I need to shoot some Russians anyway for the EEs later, so it should definetely be faster, good observation.

You want to do a full-game run? Shocked Shocked You are crazy man, but I wish you good "RNG" with this. Wink It´s really nice to see other people are interested in this game. Maybe I should do a IL-table in the first post for a better overview, like "District, Time, Runner"?
Quote from Molotok:
Maybe I should do a IL-table in the first post for a better overview, like "District, Time, Runner"?

that would be nice
Updated the first post with the IL-table and added the date of the run, so people can see if a run is old. Also I put extra information about the conditions of the runs, hope it´s fine like that.
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Kubelwagon: 2013-04-11 06:01:08 pm
Kubelwagon: 2013-04-11 05:51:55 pm
Alright I finally did it. GTA2 full-game any% in 42:18

I used a much safer but slower route for it. Sub-40 is extremely possible. In fact, if I hadn't messed up that one jump on Residential and hadn't screwed up one of the EEs, it would have been very close if not below 40. I really want to improve it but for now I'm just happy to have a benchmark. Smiley

Also, I didn't realize my mic volume was so low. Sorry. Lips Sealed

Edit: I just realized I also beat your time for the Industrial sector in that run. My time for Industrial was 25:49. Although, I'm sure you're going to crush that with the new route. Tongue
Congrats, that´s a really nice run there. Completing every level in one go without heavilly screwing up is a tough job. Also you had a completely different route, which was interesting too.

I just wonder why you did the slower missions in Downtown, they don´t seem to be faster or safer. In Residential when you jump the ramp to get to the wang car, you can jump immediately there by turning at the ramp, I failed it in ~5% of the times maybe, it is safe, so you could safe time there. Krishna missions are slower, but it is understandable because they are safer. I was surprised though how you could beat my time in Industrial with the messed up EE. You finished the missions 12 seconds faster than me and started the EEs 1:31 earlier because i still needed to shoot the Russians for respect. In the end you are 1:34 ahead, maybe i did the EEs very sloppy i don´t know.

Still great job man thumbsup, I will update the IL-table and add link to your run in the first post. Btw, is the 25:49 the exact time or did you just look at your splits, it might be a 25:48 or 25:50 who knows... would be good to know the exact time, also for the full run. Also a small matter, maybe it would be better if you could play at noon, people would see clearer. Wink
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Kubelwagon: 2013-04-15 01:12:40 am
Kubelwagon: 2013-04-15 01:11:40 am
Kubelwagon: 2013-04-15 12:57:02 am
Just got a new run done today. Industrial district done in 22:22.

I also set the graphics setting to noon by request. Tongue

I basically did Molotok's route as described earlier, only I did a couple Krishna missions at the end to boost my multiplier. In the end, I only have to do about 6 EEs. This run is definitely improvable. The Russian Sailors section was really sloppy (the Zaibatsu car is so hard to control) and does anyone know what triggers the Krishna to spawn on the Krishna Assassins mission? All I do is just run back and forth until they jump out. I never really found any pattern as to when they spawn. Undecided

Now that I think about it, I wonder if skipping the Karma Assassins mission entirely and just doing an extra EE instead is faster.
Edit history:
Molotok: 2013-04-15 09:54:50 am
I also set the graphics setting to noon by request.

Whoa you get attempts done very quickly, I usually tend to reset when i screw up in the first parts. Still congrats again, nice numbers hehe.

Quick analysis:
At the start i make the same thing as you getting that white Jefferson, the only difference is i turn at the paynspray house to the right, it´s faster. My best getting to the phone was @0:27.

The first mission was not good as you said, just as a reference my best time finshing that mission was 2:45 in my practise compared to 3:35 in your run, i didn´t get the flamethrower though. I also don´t care about driving down peds so i usually get a wanted level of 2 or 3. The idea is to lure a cop car to the dock so you don´t have to run down the whole distance, because you get a fast car immediately. The "Officer Down" and "Tanks a lot" missions were done very quickly, that´s very impressive.

I also planned to do the "Karma Assassins" mission at last. A small improvement would be shooting down some Russian while no Assassins are approaching you. You won´t waste a lot time afterwards.

The next part was just a clear planning mistake i think. You wasted ~1:50 doing the Krishna mission while your average EE time is 1:07. It´s not worth doing the mission. The next part is what i planned to do immediately after "Karma Assassins", the yellow Krishna mission(it is also not far away from where you kill Nova Bright). It took you about 2 minutes to complete mission and start the EE part. It should be a bit faster than 2 EEs, so this strategy probably is better than leaving out all Krishna missions. *EDIT* I mistook the Karma Assassins mission for all Krishna missions. Your idea is actually not bad.

Another concuring strategy that comes in my mind now is just doing the three Russian missions and then 12 EEs (or 11 if you have luck). Lets say 12 * ~1:10 min. = ~14mins or 12:50 if *11. Would end up in about 20 mins probably, although you might need to drive back to kill Russians again.. but i still think the one I planned should be fastest. It seems also that sub 20 mins is very possible now, I underestimated the EEs. Your EE part with average time of 1:07 was very good compared to 1:25 in my old run. Conclusion: Total time improvement of 5:01 mins! and still room for improvement, holy Shocked .