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Gears of War (Any %) (Segmented) (Casual)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Youkai:
Quick Verification
A/V Quality: The verification copy is rendered in lower quality but I know how the source was captured so it’s good.
Cheating: None detected or suspected.
Decision: Easy accept
Reason: The run uses all time savers know at the time of creation as well as a fair amount of luck manipulation and beats the current run by a very respectable margin. While there are a few errors they were mostly cosmetic and usually cost less than a second.

Preface: Let me start this verification by saying I am the incumbent runner Youkai. I have done a run of the game on this the easiest difficulty and also on the hardest difficulty. Currently my name is attached to every run of the game on SDA. I feel that I know the game pretty well and that I am a good person to judge a run of this game. I have judged this speed run and frankly I’m offended. You, Brass-master sir, clearly hold me in the highest contempt and used this speedrun as a vehicle to display said animosity. I shall unmask your chicanery for all of SDA to see; starting with segment 1!

Segment 1: The runner moves over to the door to avoid the “Y” prompt saving half a second over my run which was unaware of the capability to do so. Saving half a second in the first segment which consists entirely of scripted events; clearly Brass-faster holds no respect for those that have come before him.

Segment 2: Aha! Already a chink in the runners detestable armor. The Brass-caster chooses to dive right instead of starting by running at an angle then continues on to miss the first burst of shots against the grubs! Both of these mistakes combine to cost him one second. At first I questioned the runners choice to end his first segment when he did but then I see he used that to luck manipulate the grub placement for a grenade toss on the inside. Lamentably this produces a much quicker and tighter fight than my previous run.

Segment 3: Crass-master starts this segment by sneaking a peek at Dom’s butt. Clearly a backhanded reference to how my run is already behind his. I must confess an upwelling of bile at this slight. That is until the runners stunningly horrible grenade toss settled my stomach. It did not stay settled for long though. As I watched the atrociously slow fighting taking place in this segment I realized the runner to be abusing the luxury of scripted events to make a cruel parody of the run he is striving to obsolete; namely mine. Then in a stunning about face he shows that he cares not for the danger and runs into a hail of bullets to wrest a Hammerburst from a Locust Grub before it even completes its dying breath.

Segment 4: Here Brass-twister serves me another helping of scorn by making use of a previously unknown cut-scene skip which saves 10 seconds. Additionally the runner flaunts his updated knowledge of the gate opening trigger to not close the grub hole as I did in the previous run saving another few seconds.

Segment 5: Is there no end to this Brass-blaster’s disregard? Inside the building both holes have to be closed and one of the two grubs has to die for the gate to open. The runner decides to flaunt his supposed superiority by actually making the NPC’s useful! I’m incredulous! He has them kill one of the grubs since he apparently can’t be bothered to stop and do so himself. But I get the last laugh this time Mass-master as you take one too many steps in the running section and are forced to waste nearly a whole second by walking. Clearly sub-optimal; hehe.

Segment 6: Blaster-master shows signs of weakness here by not displaying his derision. He turns in a well optimized but not perfect segment.

Segment 7: Brass-disaster again does well but not perfect.

Segment 8: The runner in all his guile shuns the accepted way to complete this segment opting instead to use a fancy grenade toss to chop a respectable number of seconds off of the segment. I can feel Lass-master’s maniacal smile upon me.

Segment 9: Even the way this Brass-mister runs mocks me!

Segment 10: Distress-dastard now turns the very game against me by having the enemy graciously throw a shotgun at his very feet. He did kill the Grenadier with the wrong weapon though causing him to waste a second switching weapons to pick up the shotgun.

Segment 11: Heedless of the danger Sass-master runs out into the face of the oncoming horde slaying them as they approach. Each kill echoing its cacophonous peal in my soul.

Segment 12: After killing the enemy the runner takes the time to dance with Kim on the grave of my obsolete run. Dom metes out retribution though by taking a sub-optimal path to his position to trigger the checkpoint. Schucks-disaster then beats down the Wretches with the same ruthless efficiency that he is crushing my soul.

Segment 13: In segment 8 my route was not good enough for the runner. In this segment they use exactly my route. I wish this Copy-paster could make up his mind.

Segment 14: Ho-ho! Clearly the last segment was meant to lure me into a false sense of comfort as Lofty-bastard uses a previously undiscovered sequence break to save thirty seconds as the blood of my previous run drips from his jowls.

Segment 15: I’m not sure what to make of this segment. I can only assume that by taking two shots to kill the second grub Inyour-facer is showing me that he needs not optimal segments to make a mockery of my previous noble speedrun. Well played sir.

Segment 16: Bullet-taster laughs in the face of danger in this segment and again spites me. Rather than take the route around the Troika like a normal person he runs headlong into the hail of bullets all to save another few seconds with which he can brow-beat me.

Segment 17: Clearly the game is on his side in this segment. The grubs all conveniently grouped themselves for dismemberment and the NPC’s were useful again! I know not how much longer I can abide this abuse Tin-teapot.

Segment 18: The previously unknown trick of opening the doors with grenades is put to use in this segment to chop an unholy amount of time off of the segment. When will it end Aluminium-artichoke?

Segment 19: Oh I see how it is Platinum-pistachio. No mercy for me but after ruining the Berzerker’s day with a Hammer of Dawn blast you give it a nice pat on the shoulder to say “there there”. And it seems to accept your apology and commits suicide by running into an explosive pillar. Is there no justice in this world?

Segment 20: Lead-lemur conjures his vile luck again to kill both boomers quickly and have both of the boomshot’s drop within easy reach. Detestable.

Segment 21: HAHA! Finally things are starting to go my way. Neither of the two grubs died to that second boomshot. I can’t believe you continued the attempt Titanium-toaster but I’m glad you did because this can’t possibly turn out to be a good segment after that! Wait, what, NO. Was that grenade covered in Grub pheromones or something? Was it the grenade of the gods? How the heck did it kill everyone in the back room? Did they all jump right on it? Damn you! My only consolation is that the running through the hallways afterward was sub-optimal but that grenade toss saved you enough time to keep the segment anyway.

Segment 22: Dumb, just dumb. That grenade toss at the beginning took out both grubs which it really shouldn’t do. Then all the other enemies just line up to be blown away by your shotgun. I do think you chose a poor place to end the segment but as we have seen already you clearly care not for my feelings so just do whatever you want Uranium-umbrella.

Segment 23: Bah I guess the way you did this segment the last segment break kind of makes sense. I hate you Zinc-zebra.

Segment 24: BWAHAHAHA! Two kicks on the door and a missed boomshot? How the hell did you keep this segment even if it didn’t cost time as you claim due to having to wait for Dom? Clearly you kept it in as a peace offering. Unfortunately for you I do not accept Silver-snail.

Segment 25: A good grenade toss and then a lucky grenade toss. See I knew that last segment was offered in jest. Clearly you do not wish to mend broken bridges Magnesium-mailbox.

Segment 26: A bunch of clean running and a walking-while-talking skip . . . I hate your face Bronze-billboard.

Segment 27: FINALLY! All run long I have been feeling your smug satisfaction as you use trick after time-saving trick that we didn’t know about when I created my previous run. IT IS MY TURN NOW! HAHAHA, HEHEHEHE, HOHOHO.  Clearly when you did this run you did not know about the as-yet undiscovered trick to manipulate the spotlight/krill. Of course you didn’t because I didn’t discover it until after you completed the run! And so even though you did everything optimally this segment is still over 20 seconds slower than it could be! How does that feel Nickel-nail?

Segment 28: Oh I see how it is Iron-ingot. Toss a grenade to blow up the cabinet and save time and then get a very well timed dive and door kick to open the door before the talking sequence. When you kicked the door in did it feel like you were stomping on my dreams; because you were. You starting to turn the wheel about 4 seconds later than you could have gives my dreams a glimmer of hope but I bet you plan on snuffing that out in the near future.

Segment 29: The grenade toss at the beginning destroys the group of grubs; not unlike you are destroying my previous run. If not for your less than perfect use of the shotgun Damascus-drippan I might think that unforgivable.

Segment 30: Oldies on the radio to mock my being older than you huh? Perhaps over the hill even? You are truly a jerk Pewter-pencilsharpener.

Segment 31: Really short segment made even shorter through Lithium-lightbulb‘s vile use of luck manipulation.

Segment 32: I don’t know how to feel about this segment Mercury-marble. On the one hand I’m elated because it is clearly not one of your better segments. On the other hand I know this segment to be better than it appears since it depends heavily on the uncontrollable placement of a large number of grubs. Add confusion to the list of emotions this run has extruded from me.

Segment 33: Just a running segment; a long one but still just a running segment. There are definitely some sub-optimal spots but none of them are bad enough to make me happy and I hate you for it Gold-giraffe.

Segment 34: More previously undiscovered tricks! It’s like when I ran this game before it was the first time and no one had discovered this crap yet. Not falling when the floor does and luck manipulating the fastest path. Cruel Copper-cake, too cruel.

Segment 35: Oh well I see how it is. Upgrading your game from luck manipulation to gosh darn omnipresence. It’s like you know exactly where those wretches are going to be. If I wasn’t afraid of your divine retribution Beryllium-basketball I would curse you!

Segment 36: I can hear you tapping your foot as you wait for Jack. I can feel how the painful slowness of it sends you back to the feeling you had watching my previous speedrun. Ha! Auto scroller bitch. Make that faster. You can’t can you. Guess you aren’t as godlike as you would wish us to believe! Curse you Cobalt-cocoon.

Segment 37: An example of some of your worse luck manipulation. The wretch is on your side but you melee the wretch instead of shooting it as it falls. The game getting too much for you Rhodite-rapscallion? You do however make quick work of the Boomers so I find reasons to hate you anew.

Segment 38: AHHHH, ARG, NOT AGAIN. This is too much! Not just a sequence break but a full on out of bounds glitch discovered after my run! And to top it off it involves getting the map to unload and then re-load when you need it to! And it saves two and a half minutes! Clearly you have sworn to destroy me Solder-soldier and are using this updated speedrun as your vehicle.

Segment 39: And yet now matter how putrescent your vile oath against my personage even you are merciless in the face of scripted events! Couldn’t find a way to make the Corpser faster huh? Serves you right Chrome-croissant.

Segment 40: More confusion. On the surface you turn in a very decent segment but there is one grenade you toss to your invisible friend for some reason. Was he bored Steel-dishwasher, did he need to play catch? Not sure what to make of that except that maybe your quest to destroy me is addling your mind.

Segment 41: Clearly the mind addling has made you think your Rambo in this segment because you run into everyone’s face heedless of the danger and shoot them the heck up. And like Rambo you are apparently invincible because that Torq bolt that tagged you didn’t explode. I see how it is Tungsten-teetotaler.

Segment 42: Didn’t know it was possible to kill the Seeder and then close the hole in the same Hammer of Dawn blast did you? Huh? Did ya, did ya? Well you can and you didn’t which clearly wasted at least two seconds! So there Cat-captain!

Segment 43: Just going to run past all the enemies. Completely ignore a Troika shooting at you and then perfectly time the final kill huh? I see how it is. If I didn’t already despise you this would be good reason Marmoset-manager.

Segment 44: So you aren’t perfect after all. Reloading the sniper in the last segment only to waste a bullet at the beginning of this one so you can get a perfect reload for the boomer! What now Iguana-instructor?

Segment 45: Oh I see. Another “it’s ok Berzerker” pat on the shoulder and he obligingly dies for you again; huh Snake-supervisor. What’s a matter not man enough for the two Hammer of Dawn blast, try not do die, strategy? Perhaps it’s my turn to feel smugly superior.

Segment 46: A hammer of dawn blast aimed at my ego kills both grubs at the same time. Is there no end to your torturous ways Turtle-taskmaster?

Segment 47: The Nemasyst’s almost do me a favor and kill you Alligator-administrator. But you like a cockroach refuse to die as you continue treading upon the corpse of my previous run.

Segment 48: Again Ocelot-overseer uses his shotgun and knowledge of where the grubs will be to blast a hole in what remains of my dignity.

Segment 49: Is there no justice in this world? All of the grubs conveniently converge on Baboon-boss so they are easy pickings with the shotgun.

Segment 50: After clearing out the enemies Chicken-chief laughs in the face of the torq bolt much as he laughs in my face when comparing this run to my old one.

Segment 51: Dingo-director’s unholy luck continues as all three grubs line up to be shotguned in the face and then the Boomer obligingly walks to a convenient place to be tagged with a grenade. He runs on as the sound of the explosion behind him an exclamation mark at the end of his cruel slaughter.

Segment 52: Wow Platypus-patriarch that grenade was thrown way late. Perhaps you were trying to leave an opening should I decide I can no longer abide the malcontent this run is fostering and decide to take my rightful title back?

Segment 53: The wheel turns inexorable as you complain about how it takes way too long; not unlike my previous run. I am in awe of your wit Clam-controller.

Segment 54:  Ceaselessly, Goat-governor, you seek to humiliate me. Diving into that wall while waiting for the scripted event in a cruel parody of what you see as the ineptitude of my previous run. I get the last laugh though as scripted events prevent you from completing this segment any faster than I did. Hah!

Segment 55: Your not entirely optimal running in this segment seems designed to appease me Armadillo-authority. I approve.

Segment 56: A quality segment with no discernible mistakes. You confound me Pelican-premier. In the previous segment you seek to appease me and then you do this. Would you make up your mind!

Segment 57: I was ready to be angry with you again for another quality segment Jellyfish-judge; but then you ran one step too many and were forced to walk for a second. You are forgiven.

Segment 58: Again you produce a segment with no noticeable errors. Your only saving grace Owl-officer that you seem to have tired of disrespecting your superiors. A wise decision.

Segment 59: Every time you get close to death I feel my hope surge and yet you never die. Are you doing this on purpose Blas-traster? Can you truly despise me that much? Fortunately this segment looks terrible. You profess to have been unable to improve the time but I fail to see how that could have been possible. Perhaps you decided to make amends for previous transgressions by leaving the segment as it is.

Segment 60: The Berzerker goes as you would expect. I can hardly fault you for completing such an easy segment without mistakes Smas-masfer.

Segment 61: Three shots to kill a grub Brone-keester? Brings a tear to my eye. At first one would think you mocking me again but it is too late in the run for that. This one was clearly your own mistake; and I applaud you for that.

Segment 62:  Another kiddie segment completed without mistake. At least you can do that Twarse-misgor.

Segment 63: Sub-optimal running galore. Perhaps you do like me Vass-plizatre.

Segment 64: Or not. Clearly the Horde need to find a stronger general. How that panzy managed to kill Kim is beyond me. You Zomb-zizzoster destroyed him with the ruthless efficiency with which you have dismantled my previous run.

In conclusion: And so SDA as you can see Brass-master has chosen to not only dismantle my previous run but to do so in a most heinous and vulgar way. Sadly it is my duty to accept this speedrun though I find no satisfaction in doing so.

GoW Speedrun Report Card

Speed - A+
Quality - A+
Cole Train - A+
Ramm Death Quick - A+
Act 3 Skip - A+


Look at all that amazing speedrun. Quality was great, no cheating was detected, and overall just fun to watch

Final Grade - A+ for Acceptance

A/V are good and there were no signs of cheating.
Segment 24: Missed timed the door hit, the boomshot went perfectly through a small crack in between 2 pieces of cover.
Segment 36:
Segment 38: Good use of the rolling strat to skip the majority of the level.

Decision: Accept
Reason: Certain segments can be improved to save time but overall a great run.

Decision: Accept

Reason: Brassmaster = Zomb-zizzoster?

Congratulations to Andrew 'Brassmaster' Merideth!
Thread title:  
Don't know what to speedrun :(
Oh no! My total domination of the Gears of War page on SDA is ruined. Congrats Brassmaster!
Thanks for the accept guys!

Youkai.... your comments... WOW!!!

to explain and confirm or comment on a few things that Faux-kai said:
The trigger for the wretch room in segment 12 was discovered after this run was completed

Segment 24: I repeated this segment a number of times and could not beat that time. only an 8 second improvement too...

Segment 25: That "lucky" grenade toss happened ONCE for me and never again, although Lime-pie has done it multiple times in SS runs, grr...

Segment 27: Yup, I did that segment on March 5th, and the spotlight/kryll manipulation was discovered (or least uploaded to youtube) on Sept. 21st.

Segment 31: shortest segment at 15 seconds, a 12 second improvement!

Segment 35: This segment was fun to learn. Can you spot the TWO FAKE wretches?

Segment 40: Gotta love randomness.  usually take out a grub or two with that toss...  still was not able to beat the segment after many more tries...

Segment 42: I actually dont remember when that was discovered to get the seeder and the hole in the same hammer...

Segment 44: haha, not thinking ahead for this one...

Segment 51: you forgot to mention I got the Boomer AND a grub with that grenade Wink

And the reason this is accepted is because "Brassmaster = Zomb-zizzoster?" I like it!
The TrUest of Shades
Congrats Brass, go faster now Cheesy