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Segmented run

Verifier Responses

The death so early in the run.. what can I say about it.. it looks painful in so many ways. But other than that, this is a VERY well played run, I just wish the runner would have thrown this attempt out after the death and tried it again. This run should probably be rejected because of the death, but by no means was anything sloppy or rushed.

I will reject this run and hope that the runner doesn't give up and submits a new run without the death. They are definitely capable of producing this.

Estimated Time: 15:57

Cheats: None
Video: Pixels can be seen close up, but otherwise, it looks good
Audio: Sorta quiet, but nothing that can't be fixed by turning up the speakers

DAT BEGINNING DEATH! Otherwise, the run seems very planned-out and fast to me. Even though that one death made my stomach cringe, I think I'm going to accept this run because I think the runner, SSBMstuff, hasn't shown much interest in this game after this run was made, and I think the only way anyone else will be inspired to speedrun this game is if other people see this run and think that they might be able to beat the run with no deaths; besides, that death only cost the runner about 5 seconds altogether.

Decision: Accept

Quote from Verifier 1:
If the case is that the runner doesn't plan to attempt a new run without the death, than I believe this run should be accepted as is. Minus the death, (which I calculated cost 7 seconds of time and by my recollection was due to bad luck / timing and had nothing to do with skill, therefor should not be classified as a mistake on the runner's part) this run is pretty well done indeed. I shall hereby change my decision and ACCEPT this run.

Estimated Time: 15 minutes, 43 seconds.

Segment 1: 5 minutes, 49 seconds
  Time began upon selecting "Start" from the main menu.
  Did not count the Opening Movie.
  Stopped the timer upon reentering the main menu.

Segment 2: 9 minutes, 54 seconds
  Time began after loading the game file and selecting "Start" from the main menu.
  Did not count the Credits.
  Stopped the timer upon 'collection' of the final golden frog.

Cheats: None
Video Quality: B+ (Kinda low quality in full screen, but completely watchable by my standards)
Audio Quality: A (Pretty good sound according to my ears, no significant issues)

Final (Re)Decision: ACCEPTED

Firstly, I should mention that I haven't played this game on console. The console version, it turns out, is much faster and smoother than the PC version that I played as a child. I've downloaded the console version and played it on emulator, but I don't know much about the differences between playing games on emulator versus the real machine, so there may be some important differences in behaviour that I'm ignorant of.

Secondly, I should say straight up that I find the fact that this is a two-segment run really offputting. There's no proper segmentation scheme being adhered to, like one segment per level or one segment per zone; instead, the run is just split into two at an arbitrary point. The run could plainly have been faster had it been more segmented - there's an accidental death early in the first segment that costs time, for one thing - but I don't know whether that's something that should count against the run or not. By the letter of the rules, the runner should have used as many segments as necessary to optimise the run, and so his choice to use two segments should be considered a reject-worthy mistake... but plenty of people (including me) have submitted one-segment-per-level runs and they don't get rejected for using too few segments, so I don't really know what to make of a situation like this one. Frankly, it's the sheer arbitrariness of just having two segments that doesn't sit well with me; I'd rather see a single-segment or a really tightly optimised one-segment-per-zone run, rather than this compromise between the two. This may be a matter of taste, though.

Anyway, Flip, it's up to you to decide whether the runner's segmentation decisions should count against him or not. For now I'm just going to judge the merits this run within the context of the segmentation scheme the runner chose to use.

The accidental death notwithstanding, execution is pretty impressive. I find it very hard to move quickly in this game because you have to tap the directional buttons at just the right rhythm, but the runner's movement is near-perfect and strongly signals to me that he has practiced this game a lot. He is also pretty darn good at reacting to the randomness in the retro levels sensibly. As I played through the game while verifying, it sometimes took me several minutes of practising from a savestate to manage to replicate the runner's time once for just rescuing some individual frog, let alone matching him on an entire level or zone. At this stage I find it very difficult to imagine being able to match the runner's performance on segments of the length that the runner has chosen to do. So props for being skilled.

The planning leaves something to be desired, though. There are a handful of irksome route mistakes, which is a little disappointing given that this is a fairly simple game to plan. I found three serious errors costing several seconds apiece, and three diddly ones costing around one second apiece.

Serious errors:
Scorching Switches
It's possible to get the yellow frog on this level in half the time the runner takes by going to the right instead of the left after triggering the moving platform, saving having to wait for it to come all the way across to the left.
Time lost: >4s
Video link:

Bang Bang Barrel
It seems the runner didn't know that you can barrel-jump directly to the lefthand side of the final island without going via the newspapers, which speeds up getting two of the frogs significantly.
Time lost: ~12s
Video links:

Uncanny Crusher
After super-hopping onto the first of the rising platforms, if you're quick, you can hop straight onto and off of the next one and skip waiting for it to go through a cycle. This has the happy side effect of making the rest of the level faster and easier because the crushers are all much more co-operatively positioned and you can just charge straight through.
Time lost: ~8s
Video link:

Minor errors:
Just some marginally faster routes for a few frogs, each saving about a second:

Canopy Capers (gold frog):

Honey Bee Hollow (green frog):

Dark Dark Cavern (green frog):

I guess overall I can't really bring myself to give a reject vote on this. The execution is great, and the planning errors I found add up to less than 30s which is significant but not horrendous for a 15 minute run. They bother me, and the segmentation issue bothers me, but I know I've let worse things through in the past.

Verdict: Accept, I guess, as long as you don't think this should be rejected over the segmentation issue. It would be cool if the runner reran this, though. Especially if he could pull off an SS. Smiley

Decision: Accept

Reason: Despite an early death and strange segmentation decisions, this is still a solid run.

Congratulations to Stephen 'SSBMstuff' Evans!
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I played this game so much when I was younger!  I loved this!  I can't wait to see the run.  ^_^

Congrats SSBMstuff!  Now go record Ape Escape
Quote from PJ:
I played this game so much when I was younger!  I loved this!  I can't wait to see the run.  ^_^

Congrats SSBMstuff!  Now go record Ape Escape
Obscure games ftw
Quote from PJ:
Now go record Ape Escape

All the time difference between his and mine comes from a glitch that I recently learned how to do...[/off-topic]

Congrats on getting this accepted though SSBMStuff.