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Benoit Alain's single segment run

Verifier Responses

Verifier: Alright, so I finished FF1 (Yay you didn't harass me for this one!); anyway...
Verifier: The guy certainly took everything that was said to heart and came back with a more solid game plan.
Verifier: There was some good luck in this run as he only really had to use Life once, even though he had it on both his WHM and RDM.
Verifier: His menu work was solid for most of the run, nearing the end. I dont blame him for slowing down a bit since everything was coming to a point. There is a lot to be said about this.
Verifier: Definate better game plan, execution is a lot better, he manipulated through great use of the counter and all. I can't really complain, well I can but its under 4 hours in a game that kicked most of our asses when we were kids.
Verifier: Its SS to...
Verifier: I guess its just an accept. But really its an MOTHER-FUCKING-ACCEPT

Video quality is awful but considering the other runs I've seen I know why so no big deal there. He seems to be showing off his stats after the ending and then after THAT there's some extra crap so the video could be clipped a bit better. No cheating spotted.

3x Rapier, 1x Iron Hammer
2x Chain Armor
Garland, one fighter dies to a crit
Extra fight for experience?
Rez fighter, inn
Extra fight outside provoka, why swap rm/fi twice?
Pirate fight, wm dies
3x Kyzoku, 2x Geist
Short Sword
...doesn't equip short sword?
NOW he equips short sword
CURE x2, RUSE on WM, FOG on RM, tries to teach RM RUSE
Long way to Elfland town, extra fight, inn
3 grind fights
Iron Shield to Port
5x Pure Pot, 14x Heal Pot (7G left over)
Equip Iron Shield
Almost uses heal pot, then uses tent instead on way to marsh cave
Tent+heal pot just outside marsh cave
Short sword pickup in marsh cave
Slight snafu in weapon screen
Poisoned during fight, pure used as running
Copper bracelet, House, Iron Armor picked up
Iron Armor to Port, old Chain to D'Ar, Copper Bracelet to Aram
One heal pot to Port
One heal pot and CURE to Port just before Wizards
Swap Atos and Aram for RUSE in second part spot
4 wizards... WM uses RUSEx2, RM uses FOG on Port
Heal pot on D'Ar
Swap Atos and Aram back
2 poisoned during muck fight, have to swap back, fucks up order slightly
Straight for Astos
Uses HOUSE outside castle
...Magic menu for no reason?
MUTE, fails twice, works third time
Good luck on ASTOS, doesn't try to cast until after muted
Straight to Matoya
Atos poisoned, not swapped back right away
Fight AND run?
Back to prince
Collect elfland locked treasure
Sell Silver Hammer, buy Silver Sword for D'Ar
HRM2, try to teach it to the wrong guy
Back to Astos castle for treasure
Equipment fuckery
Deliberate mummy fights
Back to elfland, sell power staff
CUR2 x2
Soft Pot x3
Corneria Castle for TNT and other treasure
Sell extra weapons
Pure Pot x13, Tent x2, Heal Pot x a billion
Dwarf Cave, treasure collection
Melmond equipment fuckery
Earth Cave coral sword, drop rapiers
lol fucking bats
Cabin outside, straight to ROD cave
...use the iron hammer? wtf
Unlucky bullshit with undead paralysis
Ran back to Corneria to revive WM, inn
Starts to fight, runs at the last second
Lich fight... used a FIR2 shot early on that could have made it faster
Crescent Lake ho!
Heal, pure, cabin or two
Sell silver/coral/dragon sword
Sell bunch of iron, buy silver for fighters
Equipment fuckery
To ordeals!
Battle counting?
Cabin, more counting?
Zeus Gauntlet
More counting
Gold Bracelet, Ice Sword
More equipment fuckery
Tail and other stuff
Zombie D farming
Whoops RM dies
Elfland, inn/life/inn
Soft, cabin, heal
Battle counting
Ice Cave
Pointless menu?
Boo cockatrice
Extra battle
Boo cockatrice again
Hello there cthulhu
More extra battles
Ice shield and other equipment fuckery
It is really hard to see the holes with this horrible video quality
Eye farming
Damn stone
Damn instant death on WM
Extra battle
Ice Armor to Atos, pitch Iron armor
Cthulhu returns with more friends
Northeast town I can't remember the name of
Sell some armor
Buy some ProRings
Clinic for WM
Class change
Why does a rat tail show courage to me it shows cruelty to the poor rat
Melmond for Inn and LIFE/WARP to RW
Waterfall cave
Wizard Staff, Ribbon
Equipment fuckery, WARP to leave
House use
Water shrine town I can't remember the name of
Item shop
Opal Bracelet/Helmet
Equipment fuckery
WARP to get to base floor, continue to Kraken
Indecisive RW fighting ghosts
WW almost got fucked up by Kraken, but very clean fight overall
Melmond, CUR3 and HEL2 to WW... wouldn't you want to save those charges for LIFE anyway?
WARP to leave the town
Land on the wrong side of the volcano...
He must have really taken that 'don't take the long way around the lava' seriously because now he's barreling through it on purpose
...ok he went the wrong way and ended up going through EXTRA lava
Alright we get it you aren't afraid of the lava goddamn dude
I guess HEL2 was useful but CUR3?
Pretty clean KARY fight, nice 300 point crit
Warp to leave
Fucking first strike frost wolves almost killed everybody that would have been a wonderful kick in the balls
Mirage tower
Whoops armor is full you dumbass
Aegis Shield
Warp out, HOUSE, now take short way up the tower
THOR and other crap
...drop the Zeus gauntlet :<
Opal Shield, Ribbon no 3
Black/White Shirt
Extra battles, avoid warmech probably
Reasonably clean Tiamat fight though I don't think he he swung once so the White Shirt was a bit superfluous
WARPing out of towns never gets old
One last CABIN and HOUSE before final dungeon
Battle manipulation before third floor
Oh THAT'S what that's for
...fighting Lich with only one guy. Clever. Came goddamn close to dying, but it worked.
Equipment fuckery. Leaving RW stoned? Worried about KARY and KRAKEN I guess?
633 crit damage goddamn did all four hits crit or something
Unstoned the RW finally, shifted equipment around again
WARP to get back to the correct stairs
RW almost got exploded by TIAMAT
Oh no here comes CHAOS

Alright so the method for avoiding getting NUKEd to death was much better handled than the last run and the menu manipulation and overall execution was markedly improved. There's still some pointless menu fuckery but it's not nearly as bad or noticeable as the last one. I thought the last one was borderline between 'meh' and 'reject', and this one is a good deal faster even with some horrible luck here and there. He never did end up using CUR3 but the difference is measured in seconds on a run almost four hours long, so I think I can let it slide without too much worry.

I give this one a thumbs up.

My comments:

I'm just going to say that I don't believe in using a WM over an RM, but eh.. the one reason to use WM over RM in this game is for early MT damage spell (HARM). It does so good early on because of the amount of undead that exist early in the game. But.. how many other times could a battle have gone faster using FIR2, acquired much earlier than the Zeus staff? A lot of the time the WM wasn't doing much of anything useful. At least another RM would have done more damage, and the BM spells would have been really helpful. I don't think the runner even used any other WM only spells other than HEL2 (which admittedly seemed to help a bit), and the AICE was wasted against Lich. By the time you class change, it doesn't matter anymore what your party is because you're almost guaranteed to have Knights and thus, the elemental protection spells you need you can re-acquire, and the Knights can get Cure spells as well. So, overall, I don't agree with using the WM, but w/e. I can't say how much time was saved or lost because I don't know. I guess early LIFE is good too in case you do have an unfortunate death, but meh.. consistency over speed I guess.

Other stuff:

- some pretty bad luck early on, I almost wonder if a restart would have been warranted after a few really bad instances (especially the stunlocking around the Earth Cave I believe it was)
- a few head scratchers in the Marsh Cave, why didn't you fight some of those encounters with Bones? HARM would've really paid off at that point..
- I honestly believe that the Zombie D. leveling would've been better skipped and instead level off the Eye, which you seem to be able to kill much faster, although it would have been much riskier with some of the fun spells Eye can use.. but hey, at least early LIFE sort of paid off with not having to take a trip to the Clinic to revive the RM after the Zombie D. leveling
- wow, that 7 FrWOLF ambush upon leaving Lufenia could have been disastrous, if nothing but only that it could have wasted a LOT of time if most of them used FROST, and you also could have lost BOTH Knights.. that mighta been GG right there
- equipment management looked a little awkward in the TOWER and final dungeon, but at that point in the run I can't really blame you much
- in the final dungeon.. WAY too much cautiousness.. White Robe against EARTHs? really?
- and with battles overall, I felt there were a lot of mistakes such as choosing attack instead of run, then changing your mind, etc.. compounding this is that the runner, according to the comments, pretty much knew what was coming.. is it enough to be reject worthy? not by itself, which is fine, because other than the clumsy menu manipulation in the last two dungeons and over cautiousness in the final dungeon (as well as the big blunder that almost got him killed against Chaos), I really don't have anything to complain about

Overall, I think I'll accept this, but I can understand why someone might reject it. Over a 4 hours run, I count 2 instances of really bad luck, a ton of minor mistakes during battle and hesitation in the menu (costing a lot more than the 1 minute the runner claims), and the big fuck up at the end of the run. All in all, MAYBE 10-15 minutes of wasted time, and that's not enough to reject, especially since overall the play was very good.

However, I do think someone might come along and beat this run simply because they used a second RM or third fighter rather than the WM.. the WM really didn't do much..

Decision: Accept

Reason: Single-segment Final Fantasy!
Thread title:  
It finally made it through! Can't wait for this one.
I must have missed this (I verified on the first SS attempt).

Great job! Can't wait to see it.
The long wait is over! El wooty!
Holy crap, I can't wait to see it!
I've probably spent 4 hours on the Peninsula of Power on my FF cart! Beating the whole game is nuts!
We all scream for Eyes Cream
Note to self: Complete Dawn of Souls before this run is posted.
Last verifier here.. congratulations. Smiley
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from Axel Ryman:
Note to self: Complete Dawn of Souls before this run is posted.

Oh come on.  Origins > Dawn of Souls, since the audio quality is better. Smiley
Oh my god, I can't believe this is finally happening! Cheesy Cheesy

Thank you again to all who advised me, and to the verifiers for an unanimous accept!!

Sorry for the video quality... You guys got the verifiers' version: compressed to 10% the original size!

I just have to say: using a WM instead of a RM wasn't a decision that I took lightly. I calculated that the early Geist battles would pay off more than the occasional plinking that occurred in the few battles I wasn't running from. I don't reject Fi/Fi/Rm/Rm as being definitely inferior, but it certainly is with the route I chose... I was prepared for a lot more bad luck than I finally got to endure. I had AICE for Lich. For EYE farming, the White mage would have been able to prevent any accidental death with LIFE, but it didn't happen. Anyway, really, I'm happy that this team is a little unconventional. If anything, I'm contributing to FF1 theory here! Smiley

I also felt like I had pretty wicked bad luck early on. The thing is, every time I reset it took me close to an hour to re-align my game to the right battle offset. When Garland killed my Fighter, it was not part of my plan at all. But I had to take the pain. I did reset on some instances, when undeads really treated me badly. But of course nobody will ever see it. Smiley All that is left is a perfect little game where all goes right. Smiley

7 FrWOLFs... ouch! They surprised me in every possible way. Seriously? A run ended because of a random encounter on the way to Lefein?! Oh, that can't be true... but no, I was alright finally. Still, phew, it was stressful!

When is it that I fought instead of running? You do know that the back-row characters suffer from a bug that make their running almost impossible, right? There was a lot of little an almost transparent bug exploits in this game. Also, the non-reordering of the third and fourth character is voluntary, as they're both supposed to receive the same amount of hits.

On the subject of beating this run: I hope someone does beat it sometime. I said it myself, I chose a White mage for more stability over the perhaps faster Fi/Fi/Fi/Rm or Fi/Fi/Rm/Rm. These other teams I find a lot riskier, and the only successful runs that I managed to get featured very crappy luck. It's certainly possible to beat my time, but man, one would have to be VERY patient! (or think of strategies that I didn't think of)
We all scream for Eyes Cream
Quote from Lord_VG:
Quote from Axel Ryman:
Note to self: Complete Dawn of Souls before this run is posted.

Oh come on.  Origins > Dawn of Souls, since the audio quality is better. Smiley

I'd love to play it, but I can't get it without money.
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This is something I've been eagerly anticipating.  Now just gotta wait a little longer for the actual run to go up..!  Congratz on getting a solid SS run of this not so easy game.
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Woo Hoo! A new Final fantasy game finally got verifi-

*remembers the bounty that was posted about FF*


OH NOES!!! I FORGOT ABOUT THAT BLASTED BOUNTY!  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to know that not only do we have a new Final fantasy game in the waits now (after many rejected runs of FF1), but for it to be a single segment run is pretty damn impressive too (the only other ss FF run provided by the other bounty poster...)

I'm not going to try to talk my way out of this... This is for the runner of the FF run, if you wish to collect your bounty, please be sure to message me, Essentia, and thequietman as a means to get your prize (if you want it)...
Everything's better with Magitek
I'm very willing to pay my bounty for this.  Great job on getting another FF game on the site! Smiley
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Quote from Axel Ryman:
I'd love to play it, but I can't get it without money.

I know this very well

And this is gunna be a fun run to watch. Good job on this Wink.
Hahah, yeah, I had read about those bounties. Sure, I want the prize. That's special money. To be spent on precious things only. It's like contests money. That will make me a well-earned salary of... somewhere in the area of a couple of cents per hour of work. Smiley I will probably PM all the people involved sometime tomorrow when my head is clearer. So there's MAS8705, Essentia, and thequietman, if I read correctly.

(To the people who congratulate: thanks, I hope you enjoy it! When it's up.)
Weegee Time
I don't watch a tremendous number of speedruns, but this game kicked all our asses as kids, so I am definitely looking forward to it.  Good job, and congratulations!
Wait a got through the whole game without getting raped by FrWolves?????  And without dying because of the good ol "pre-emptive strike by nine fucking undead that stun your whole party?"  If I were a verifier i'd say you were CHEATING since nobody is that lucky lol.  But seriously, congrats man, hopefully this gets put up soon for all to enjoy. 
Quote from Chromium:
Wait a got through the whole game without getting raped by FrWolves?????  And without dying because of the good ol "pre-emptive strike by nine fucking undead that stun your whole party?"  If I were a verifier i'd say you were CHEATING since nobody is that lucky lol.  But seriously, congrats man, hopefully this gets put up soon for all to enjoy. 

He WAS cheating, in a sense.. he was able to predict which encounters he would get based on some kind of RNG counter. I don't really understand it myself, to be honest. >.>

And no, I didn't know about this back row run away bug. I don't even remember much about the run itself, but IIRC, I think you selected the run command, decided against it and went to attack or something like that.
Ahah, I didn't cheat, rest assured. The game's still on the cartridge if anyone has doubts. Also, this is not my first single segment for this game.

I have a pile of failure DVDs just here if you're interested... I can let them go very cheap ::). For this particular party and route, I got killed multiple times by Astos, Coctrices, and Geists, and I have been killed once by ManCats, Wizards, Wraiths, R.Goyles, and oddly enough, Ogres. (That's not counting the test runs on emulator.) The worst thing is that I did try to put all the chances on my side, with the White mage and early Mummy farming. And of course *battle manipulation*. Grin

If you want to know more about that last one, I recommend Pat Buns' Character Lists FAQ on GameFAQs.

I don't know if I selected the wrong command, it's possible. It's a long run, it's hard to remain concentrated. I also went to the trouble of buying a HOUSE and using it in front of Onrac, just to stupidly walk into the Inn by reflex when I passed in front of it.

Thanks for being impressed! That's what keeps me running. (Hopefully.)
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This is going to be so awesome, congratulations to you Winkwonle.
I can't wait to watch this run!  Congrats Winkwonle!

Quote from Chromium:
Wait a got through the whole game without getting raped by FrWolves?????  And without dying because of the good ol "pre-emptive strike by nine fucking undead that stun your whole party?"  If I were a verifier i'd say you were CHEATING since nobody is that lucky lol.  But seriously, congrats man, hopefully this gets put up soon for all to enjoy. 

^ This.  I am amazed you managed to finish this run in one go.  Really remarkable!
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This is one run that has been a long fricken time coming.  I can't believe that it's an SS either.  Congrats, and enjoy your bounty money!
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Yay! Another NES classic slain by SDA!
Yeah, fricken long. I know.

Once upon a time, around 2005, there was a forum discussion and a man whom people called Siyko. Then there was another man who went by the pseudonym of GooberGrape. A lot of promises and plans were made at that time. But no run. There was also Red_Scarlet, who had what it took to make one but who didn't seem to care so much about making it to SDA. And then it was dark and cold.

Yet, hope of ever seeing a FF run still persisted in the heart of people, passed down from generation to generation by the elves and the dragons. Another thread had come to existence during that time. It was in the distant land of robots, where king WarMech had many servants and a great vision...

Then I came, and pretty much highjacked the discussion, even though I was in the wrong thread, and I stubbornly used Fi/Fi/Rm/Wm despite that I have yet to see *anyone* agree with me that it's the best team for a single segment. And my run was rejected. And I laid another one. Et nous voici.
oh shit goobergrape? i knew him very faintly from some other corner of the internet. i've been doing forums too long, fuck

also congrats winkwonle, i -may- just watch it since it's single segment! i don't like watching runs of traditional jrpgs in general though.