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Hey all, I'm interested in running this game and have started to learn the any% SS run using @Ryderc 's WR to teach me. I hope this is the right place to post considering there hasn't been an update in 3 months. I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers or tips? (Faster Menu Navigation/Jumping rather than walking/etc...)

I love New Vegas and Speedrunning is a hobby of mine and I'd love to combine them, any help/advice would be awesome!
It is the right place, but there hasn't been any update because nobody run the game for the moment, FNV has a pretty small community of speedrunner.

About the navigation in the menu, it is, and will always be a pain, so training and knowing what you're doing will be the best way to go fast.
Jumping is faster when you climb or fall down a hill. On a flat land, it's a tiny bit slower. I post comparative videos about it on youtube :


You need to restart the game after every run, because the game can make ennemy disappear or other weird stuff if you don't.

After that, I can't really think about everything, you should just try for yourself, compare it with my run, feel free to experiment, and if you have any question, ask.
FNV is a really slow-paced game, so it's easy to get a good time, but hard to really improve it.

So good luck, and welcome aboard Wink
As Ryderc said, you'll want to restart the game after every run so spawns and such are correct. Also you'll want to limit your framerate to 60-65 fps (if you use an nVidia card you can do this through a tool called nvidia inspector to set the limiter at the driver level), for AMD cards there are third party tools such as Rivatuner than can also do this.
You need to limit the framerate because the ingame physics (and other things such as lipsync) is linked to the framerate, and designed around 60. (For more information, google the "64hz bug" in Gamebryo/Fallout/Elder Scrolls).

Use other runners runs as a general guideline, but don't be afraid to experiment with ideas, at this point it looks like the most time savers are largely optimizations unless another nice skip is found.

Ultimately, just have fun with it, make a PB, try to beat your PB, and enjoy. Smiley
Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely keep running this it's a lot of fun in my eyes. Quick question, I have the Ultimate Edition so I get the level and quest pop ups at game start. How do I get rid of those? Do I need to uninstall them or what? Thanks again and happy running!
When you start the launcher, you choose "Data files" and only select FalloutNV.esm and not the rest.

It'll launch only new vegas and not the add-on.
I did some experimenting with clipping for RTA, and there's a couple of clips that saves small amounts of time in the casino interiors. Each clip saves around 5 secs. (Note that my movement probably isn't optimal)

I already knew about the first, but not the second !
Could be a 10s win overall if you can do it consistently.

I'll upload one or two other I found some time ago when I have the time, maybe it'll give you some idea.
To Respond on what Ryder said about only choosing FalloutNV.esm, I did that but it still loads everything, Not sure if I'm doing it wrong or what.
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Kungkobra: 2014-06-28 11:05:28 am
Scythe, try renaming/deleting the dlc files in the Fallout New Vegas\Data folder. The game is pretty picky sometimes when changing the configs, so tricking the game that the dlc simply doesn't exist is a sure way to not load them (And save SSD space, which is the reason I deleted them).

And the saveclips can be retried atleast 3 times before cutting even, so it shouldn't be too bad to do in runs. Although, since you respawn in about the same spot as Victor in the Ultra-Luxe, it would be incredibly difficult to skip his dialogue there.
@Kungkobra thank you, renaming the files worked perfectly, And @RyderC , what is your special in the SS ANY% WR?
I have the same route in both run, so 4 1 10 10 5 5 or 1 4 10 10 5 5, doesn't matter.
There's a good clip in the upstairs section of the Tops too, saves a few secs (But looks cooler since you're unlocking Benny's door from the inside).

Really nice found, could be even faster if you wait 1h before clipping through the wall
Uploaded some more videos of clips, credit to these goes to Ryderc/Rydou.

The Tops one is faster and more consistent than my previous clip, and the BoS bunker clip is not quite done in the right point of the run, but you get the idea.

Yeah, overall, I think the sub 29:30 RTA is now possible with a clean run.
Run fast, Die often
This seems possible. I just got finished watching the 37 minute RTA and I'm about to start the 30 minute SS
I don't know if this is up to date but I think this might be a new WR. I used some of Kungkobra's strats.
As I told you before, It can't be validated due of walking speed :/

And other thing, you should definitely try to check how many time does your loading time last, to know what would be your real time.
hey guys, im learning how to speed run new vegas, and id just like to know what the latest confirmed WR is?
Ih Naught0, for the moment, the wr in SS is 30:26 [32:12 with loading time] or 29:58 [31:41 with loading time] in RTA.
thanks ryderc! hopefully it all goes well, this is my first game im ever speed running ^^;
hello everyone, i've decided to go back to the speed-run with dlc of fnv and its going pretty well, zion is ultra-EZ and i've been able to end old world blues, and now i'm starting dead money with a good plan in my head consisting of getting a shit ton of stim and med-X with the vouchers. i'll give you a video as soo nas i can get the equipment to record my ultra-old xbox360.

see you next-run
with OWB finished, it was stupidly easy with a alien blaster, and found some gags in the game, even if you choose to leave your brain with mobius and do not activate the auto-doc (which is said to be necessary if i want my brain back) i finish the expansion with all the cutscene, and i get a  big brained perk . so i'll keep you updated
vexingtube - assuming you did Honest Hearts first, are you using the War Club for movement? Apparently War Club + Honors upgrade gives you a charge attack that can actually move you faster than standard running. I'm currently experimenting with this (I'm eventually going to be going for a full game + 4 DLC run), just wondering if you had any experience with it yet.

Also, is anyone aware of a comprehensive list of skill checks for the 4 DLC's? I'm keeping my own log as I play, but I'd like to know if I'm missing anything. I haven't encountered any major speech challenges in Honest Hearts yet, but there's a Repair 30 check to repair the broken compass, and a Medicine 30 check for fixing the medicine bag, both of which are quest related.
@chris3  hey there finally another person to fight with (XD)

if i tell you that its to complicated to get a warclub in HH, i finish the dlc in 8 min tops with bad RNG. depending on how to get it i could put it in the run,
but for now i'm doing fine with only the standard running.

small hint, kick his ass before he talk to you.

good run and have fun