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Ryderc: 2014-02-21 09:21:38 am
Ryderc: 2014-02-21 09:14:53 am
Ok, so I decide to download the record, and edit it on sony vegas.
My run last exactly 30.53.09, and yours last exactly 30:57:27 (with a margin of 0.5s)
So I get exactly 1:47 min, and you get exactly 1:06 min of loading time.

The comparative video :

And the picture of the editing :
As you can see, we have exactly the same split in the record, no more no less.
You can even saw that in the first half, I get the loading time after you, because I'm behind, and after that, I'm getting ahead.
The final time is in the bottom right of the picture.

You're faster with doc mitchell, but overall, I'm ahead, even more when you saw the 10s lost at the dam skip.

Hope it'll be helpful, you have a great run, but still, I'm ahead Cheesy

EDIT : And I forgot to count the first loading time, so you you get an additional 2s of loading time, and I get and additional 3.1s Smiley
Ooo I like that, nicely done. Way more precise than timing it by hand.
Quote from 5tr1k3r:
Quote from nocti:
kill benny at the way in his room easyly with the laser gun and talk to yes man

i managed to kill benny in his suite only, too hard to do it with 4 guards around him (hardcore, normal difficulty). i wonder what i do wrong
edit: damn, it's easy


i always killed him with a stealth boy. i took the one from the scholl in good spring to pass the cazadores but its a good way to do it u use the stealth boy before entering the tops and talk to the cashier who take your guns but with a stealth boy you can keep alot of wapons so use vats and nobody will hit u
And i was wondering are all those techniques are useable on xbox360 if yes you might get a new competitor but i wouldn't mind me XD i just started 2 weeks ago and i was thinking on doing a all expansion run since i know more about those than the actual game and its definitely a new run so i might put a time on it... anyway i found this threat really useful for my run so thanks to all of u

(p.s. i'm french so sorry for orthographical errors)
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Ryderc: 2014-02-21 02:52:58 pm
New record :

A lot of mistakes, sub 30:30 definitely possible.
ok do you have a stealth boy ? if yes use it before enteringte tops and kill the bitc with throwing spears
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netarchy: 2014-02-21 05:25:30 pm
Quote from vexingtube:
ok do you have a stealth boy ? if yes use it before enteringte tops and kill the bitc with throwing spears

You don't have a stealthboy OR throwing spears by that point in the speedrun unless you go out of your way to find them (which costs time). Remember, the speedruns are on pure vanilla, no DLC (not even courier stash/preorder).
Quote from netarchy:
Remember, the speedruns are on pure vanilla, no DLC (not even courier stash/preorder).

There's no rule against using DLC, there never was, you just don't because it wastes time to get those dialogue boxes.
Quote from Vexingtube:
And i was wondering are all those techniques are useable on xbox360

I've messed around a bit with the PS3 version, so maybe this will apply to XBOX360, maybe not.

-Block boosting is actually viable on the console version, block boosting is a technique where you jump, block, then unblock as you land and as you're in the landing animation jump again, optimally you can move over 3x faster this way
-You don't need to punch at all to get past Neil in front of Black Mountain, just keep on jumping and you're fine
-All forced encounters (Neil, Vulpes, etc.) are a bit easier to get past
-Hopping is more fluid
-The Dam skip they use doesn't work, although you can item hover over the central barricade, item walk up the side of the dam near the rocks they use, or go to the right and item walk up that side
-On PC if you don't pull up your pipboy fast enough after leaving Doc Mitchell's, the screen will be too bright to see anything once you do, on console the screen never gets bright enough for that
-Some menus are quicker due to the cursor's initial position (On the hardcore selection, the cursor starts on no so you can mash confirm, instead of having to hit down+enter like you would on PC)
-You lose around 7 minutes in load times
-The game stutters a lot more
-The game's less stable

That's pretty much everything I can think of.
Quote from SlayerOfBabies:
Quote from netarchy:
Remember, the speedruns are on pure vanilla, no DLC (not even courier stash/preorder).

There's no rule against using DLC, there never was, you just don't because it wastes time to get those dialogue boxes.

Ahh, my misunderstanding, I stand corrected sir. I am still somewhat new to speedrunning FONV, and speedrunning in general, forgive my mistake.
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netarchy: 2014-02-22 09:14:53 am
New PB of 31:57

Twitch highlight:

EDIT: Added Youtube video
So am i my good friend. and during my play throught i go take the one in the shcool in goodspring i take me maybe 10 or 15 seconds but i don't have to worry about the benny part for that and 10 to 15 seconds is important for u guys, the frame war is coming soon XD. but i can manage it because of the all expansion run. i speedran my way to zion and now its pathing which is kinda hard to do in that place but with the alien blaster nothing stands a chance . (have all a good day and win another second ^^.
(from quebec with love)
while being lost a time or two, zion done in 37 min ingame.with the loading of my old white 360 i could had maybe 6-7 mins of loading and unskipable cutscenes(zion opening and ending sequences). and thank you alot slayer i will be considering those techniques as soon as i can but i need to work on dead money which might become a bitch. and i hope to get more of those.
P.S. i did really great thank to wall hugging in zion
New record :

And on twitch :
I talk to Vulpes AND Ben, so it's a 5-6s lost.
But, perfect dam skip, and decent run overall.

I'd recommend steering clear of IGT, it's bullshit on both console and PC.

Honest Hearts can be done a lot quicker too, from a new game I've finished Honest Hearts in 21 minutes (Start of New Game straight through to credits of Honest Hearts)

Also sick shit Net/Ryder.
it's not that bad my last run to the same point as you is 30:20 but ! Ah i said but i have some planning i did for the long run,they are my safe strat for now but as soon as i will have made the 1st complete run i may choose to forget them but for now i anticipate the worst so here are my safe strat and some clause i think can be good for a live run
-i go take the stealth boy in the school safe for easier time with the cazadors between vault 19 and goodspring
-i actually go take the alien blaster (using it to counter RNG)
-using wild wasteland and look at them everytime i got the sign(entertainement clause)
-using custom skin(hispanic girl 1st preset)(depts clause)

now gonna explain some of these choice. the alien blaster is one of the best weapon with 10 luck(yes i run 10 luck,view RNG clause).that game is full of RNG and it can kill runs really easily, during my run of zion i had 3 out of 5 time daniel spawning in front of me and he can kill u with 3 bullet without you knowing it the 2 other time he was near the same spot where he can shoot you but not lethal hurt with the increased crit chance from luck u can vats him quickly and continue and i expect some other things in the other dlcs.i use wild wasteland for the alien blaster but for entertainement too. its mostly a jogging game without some exitement and its dunnier for the viewers.and for the depts clause , i owe my 1st character for staying with me for over 300 hours in the same run so i love to know that my run is in some experienced hands XD.and its of course the 1st hispanic girl preset because i found the guy one really ugly and the 1st preset for the girl is the same as amata,sunny smile and the 1st shop clerk in the 3rd installement and i find it used enought.

here are my time
-newgame to alien blaster 17min32sec
-alien blaster to the end of zion 30min20sec
-end of zion to think tank obsevatory(exploration period) 46ish minute

Just grab the Med-X in Doc Mitchell's and take 10 END, it costs no time and will guarantee you get past all enemies. And don't run to Vault 19, run towards Sprint Mt. State Park, Cazadors can't touch you that way. The Courier's Stash items can kill Daniel no problem, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road are a fair amount better to speedrun RTA because of fall damage cancelling. In Honest Hearts you can just jump off the first cliff, save before you hit the ground and load, then run straight to the Narrows and the fire that Daniel spawns at, kill him then grab the map and fast travel out (Killing anyone that's still aggro'd at you, or, if you wish to grab the stealthboy, sneak attack kill Daniel and wait until everyone else stops aggro'ing you and fast travel to the entrance)

If you plan on doing Old World Blues, RTA is useful since you can just jump off the top of the satellite dish after grabbing the antennae and fall damage cancel on to the cliffs then run away from the radscorpions and fast travel, saves time over killing them to fast travel.

In Lonesome Road there's 2 spots where there's a long drop from a tall building you can make to save yourself time, and there might actually be spots where you can utilize jump extending but since you're on console jump extending would probably waste time for you on the loads.

Dead Money doesn't benefit much from RTA outside of dialogue skipping from what I recall.

my actual build doesn't allow the 10 endurance but if can can out run them maybe i can keep that stealth boy for later. but i might choose  the sspring route to get xcloser to the khans. On normal difficulty i can indeed kill daniel but i prefer to just ignore the guy because if i kill him i get a sequence in the ending cutscene. and he got more than actually one spawn its only one of them that actually gave me trouble but i just use a super stimpack and rush to the map my run is now 9ish min throught zion i moved to old world blues and i can just re enter the building to get out ,i use two door loading instead of a save file reliency ,its more safe for a single segment run which can be replicated ( i would love to make agdq at 4 am with a 1h30 run ^^)

my old world blues is quite done now i just need a reliable way to kill the giant robo-scorpion.which got me to think,should i do lonesome road to get a red glare and finishing it while i'm at it (its already on the way to get to the sink and the scorpion is weak to explosive dmg. and not sure why would u fast travel when you can directly go to the school of terrors( WOLVERINES !!!!)

thanks for the advice again senpai XD
What is your build? 10 STR, 10 END, 1 INT, 10 LCK seems to be the best for an all DLC speedrun, otherwise Lonesome Road will probably destroy you.

I managed to finish Honest Hearts in 8 minutes from talking to Jeb to the leaving Zion (That's including the intro slides, it would be 6:36 without the HH intro) I just killed Benny and House before I did HH, so I went in at level 6 with Travel Light and used a Stealth Boy and the Weathered 10mm Pistol to kill Daniel and get out of there quick. For the Giant Roboscorpion, my strat was to use the Antennae, he died no problem whatsoever.

On a side note, during OWB I managed to recreate the speed glitch, or possibly found a new one, I had a permanently crippled leg and was moving at a speed where you could hear the difference just by how fast the steps were (Might've been twice as fast even) I still don't know how exactly I did it though.

hello senpai.
I looked at you run on youtube and i must say i<m impressed. the mt.thingy park near the khans i sa good route but it made me lost a good 2 minutes on my way to the blaster and i couldnt take the mcharan waypoint for risk of getting more time added.i found a use to it thought it will in fact be my way back to go talk to them from goodspring since i don<t have any closer point.and for my build. now ...THANKS TO YOU XD, IM CHANGING EACH HALF HOUR!!! my 1st build was 9 in agi int and10 in luck and per(alien blaster build),and since you told me to go all LEROY JENKINS in the middle of the cazador i<m looking more at a 5end and per,9int and agi and 10 luck(more or less) and now since i<m starting to think to rush the divide,i might go more for a build to destroy build with explosive weapons.

i love the way you think im gonna go against the giant roboscorpion head-on when i can<t even take 2 laser of his but i migth consider the antenna since its a requiered item.

for the speed glitch, owb seems to be full of it,(Q n A my ass),i was switching between 1st and 3rd person when i lost my held weapon(at the time my grenade launcher) it just clipped out and falled to the ground.thats were a lobotomite took it and attacked me with it (you know the thwomp sound) i freaked out returned to 1st and took my weapon out, it stopped as soon as i took my weapon out but i couldnt go back to 2rd person because it would fall everytime until i loaded a new game ... it would be good to find that mvmnt speed glitch and if u can keep it for the rest of the game even bettter

and now my pb for zion is 8:06 with both cinematics. and you musn<t kill daniel for the fun outro,it says the courier tipped the scale and the only thing you did was to put the caravan in bankruptcy.(best tiping the scale ever XD).

and now you got me wondering. are gonna do a run too ^
Hi everyone, I did some tries to see if it was possible to skip the 2min basement scene ( with the upgrade of the robot ).
And the result is : I can't find any.
You need to get the last dialogue with "New vegas has[...] worthy of protecting it", if you don't, and get outside the basement before the end, Yes-man will talk to you about the Fort and the army of robot, and not about El dorado.
Maybe there is an other way to trigger the end of the quest, but I can't find one for the moment.

And I tried to find some RTA strats to get faster with the Quickload clipping glitch,  and it was not really concluding. You can clip in the lucky 38 by the west-side of new vegas, and get to the door faster, but you'll need to talk to victor anyway to get the front wall opened ( which is absurdly hard to clip through ).
And later after telling to Yes-man to get to the lucky 38, it's only 1s faster if you do it perfectly, so not really worth it when you know about how inconsistent is the glitch.
Other one, when you first get in New vegas ( when Victor talk to you the first time just before some stairs ), you can pass through the invisible wall on your left, behind the fence, it could be a 2s win, but it's a bit hard to get it fast.

After that, no point about load clipping anywhere, or at least, I didn't find any interesting point. You can't go to Nellis's base or khan's camp any faster, there is no point about clipping through the inaccessible door at the dam and skip the rock, it's almost the same distance to run ( a bit less) , and even if clipping in is easy, clipping out is really hard.

And an useless fact, when you type "coc lucky38penthouse" into the console, you can find Mr house in a human form, not the cadaverous one.
@Ryderc: Yeah, I did my own checking for potential load clip speedups in NV the other day, and there really aren't any. Outdoors the terrain has multiple layers such that you can't managed to clip out of bounds for any warps.

It really seems like all the potential for load clipping abuse is for casual runs rather than speed running (stuff like locked doors, ie; the vault 34 armoury, force fields in OWB, etc).

doing OWB now and i didn't need the sound wave gun yet,i didnt even light up the sink and its still go fine (i'm at the roboscorpion boss fight now and still doesn't need it.i really think that the only glitch which is possible,is the one Slayer found were you can cripple yourself to walk faster (physics).

i don't want fallout to end like portal XD

good day to all of you
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Ryderc: 2014-03-18 06:00:32 pm
Ryderc: 2014-03-18 05:47:16 pm
Hi everyone, I tried RTA and get some bad runs, but a new wr anyway with a 31:41, so something like 29:58 with approximately 1:43 min of loading time.

I think I can get a sub 31:30, so something like sub 29:45.