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So what's your PB ?
I heard you in a run on youtube it's 36:3x.

But look like you've done better.
I just got a 33:27 on my first run using a route of our combined strats, I was streaming but I wasn't recording, I think we could get another 20 or so seconds off this.

My previous PB was 36:33 which was an awful time.
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BronzeLeaguer: 2014-02-04 11:53:17 am
I don't say you lie, but I would be happy to see your run, because I'm a bit puzzled by the fact you beat your previous run by 4 min first try after month without running Smiley

twitch vod of wr
I'm looking at it ! Thanks you !

And let's the fun begin, I have work to do now Cheesy So happy to see a better run than mine :p
There is something weird, don't know if it's me or you, but when I compare your run with mine, your definitely running faster than me.

Try to put your run at 2:51:51 ( )and mine at 11:01 ( ), and you start both run at the same time.
It's just a straight line to mccarran, and you did it faster, and I don't know why :/
I looked at some other point, at 03:12:18 at 31:39
Play them both at the same time when we get outside the water, you're like 20% faster ( and i'm probably generous )
Either I play with 60 FPS and should not, either you're playing with 100 FPS and should not.

But I compare with Bronzeleaguer, and he's going to same speed as me, so I'll assume 60 FPS is the "normal" way.

So I think you tweaked your game to be able to play at 100 FPS, which completely broke the game physics.
It's just a guess.
I was playing at 45-60FPS actually (The game changes around frequently) I didn't tweak anything, if I am running faster the only thing I can think is that I had a glitch where Travel Light stacked between files or something, I did a couple hours of practice, then that was my first real run, so I got Travel Light 2 times before that. I've never seen perk effects stack between files before, but I do know this game has some issues with starting another file after you've already played on one (For instance a lot of enemies can despawn and the Pipboy starts off on whatever page you left it on the last file, which both happened in that run.) so that's really my only guess.

You could try and see if you can reproduce it, then you'll know for sure.
I can't know for sure about stacking the perk, I'll try that, but 10% faster on a full 30 min run could not be acceptable as a little glitch.

I'm not even sure if you're being faster than me or not now, even if your route was better than mine.
Well I've never seen it before like I said, but if it is the case, and people agree that runs shouldn't be allowed to utilize it then, I'd say that a rule should be added to running New Vegas where you must close the game and re-open it for every run. Enemy despawning and Pipboy memory are also glitches in the same vein, so it's either people decide enemy despawning and Pipboy memory are allowed, and thus this Travel Light stack glitch is allowed, or all files must be done on a freshly booted New Vegas.
Well, the rule about closing and restarting the game before every run looks fine by me.
I tried to stack the travel light perk by getting it, loading, getting it again, loading again, and etc, without success. But it's probably not the only way to try.

And about your run, I check the first you did on the 3 hours session, and in that one, you were running at the good speed, so you're probably right about the stacking.
@RyderC, after getting home from work and actually having time to check over the VODs, I can assuredly say there is no difference in running speed between the two, someone else told me they checked it and they couldn't find a difference, so I decided to see for myself.

At the battle of Hoover Dam for instance, I get there at 30:07 and touch the island beside the dam that we swim to at 31:01, you get there at 30:36 and touch that island at 31:34. Meaning it took me 54 seconds to make it there, and took you 58 seconds. Every time you land from a jump, you lose a small amount of time as it's slower than walking, every time you hit a bump you also lose a small amount of time. You landed 11 times (Jumped 5 but were landing barricades then landing on the ground.) And hit 2 bumps from what I see, while I landed 9 times (2 of those chained in to other jumps which almost negates the time loss) and hit 1 bump. Your game also seems to studdered a bit at the start. 4 seconds is not an unreasonable time loss there.

Another one is from the entrance to the Boomers before you get to the artillery barrage, if I put the video side by side, they're practically identical, the only difference is that you jumped up the hill and turned to the left slightly, which cost you half a second while I ran straight.

So with this, I close in saying I definitely had no movement speed advantage, all I had was tighter pathing. The time of 33:27 will stand.
There is no point about comparing on a 50s segment, because we don't use the exact same road, as you tell, sometimes I jump, sometimes you don't.
But on a 20s segment :
Here, I'm going straight forward, you're not.
And you gain 1s. Is this is better routing ?
I tried by myself, and I gain 0.2s at best by not taking the bump and walking on the road.

And here, easier to see : litteraly no difference in route :

I just want to understand what I'm doing wrong for not even being able to walk forward without losing time.
Like I said, your game seems to stutter more than mine, but you also are hitting more bumps which I'm not, you hit 9 bumps in your walk to McCarran, I hit 0. On the Dam section, you jumped 3 times and hit 2 bumps, I jumped once and hit 0.

I tested to see if I could stack Travel Light again, here's the results It could be a very rare glitch, but I have my doubts on that.

People have suggested since we have different FOV it looks like I'm walking faster, and it definitely does, but here's the thing, let's look at your first video again. If I'm walking 10% faster than you, for every 10 seconds I should directly gain one second, for every 5 or so bumps you do, I should gain another second. The McCarran video is 22 seconds long, yet I only save 1 second off yours even with better pathing.

Until there's more definitive proof, I'm going to have to go with Travel Light stacking not being a thing.
On the dam, hiting 2 bumps ? Where did you see bump ? And even if I lost 0.1s by hitting one, it's does not explain about the 1s left behind.
Even if I jump on more time, it's not like after that third jump, I should be slower, I would be just a bit behind you, and not getting distanced after that.

And on the first video, I said the bumps make me lost 0.2 at the end, so something like 0.0x by bump, not 0.2 by bump. There is still 1s who come from nowhere.

And again, it's may be my game, not yours, but there is definitly something. But when I compare my run to plaguefather, or bronzeleaguer, there is no such difference.
Just yours.
I'm still working on trying to find the Travel Light stacking thing, like I said, until there's more definitive proof I just can't agree on it (I'd like to find it because having the ability to stack speedmults would be good for speedrunning since I don't care about category definitions.) I've managed to make map markers stay between files consistently, but you can't travel to them, they just stay there for a second then disappear so maybe I'm getting closer I dunno.

And I agreed with you, it looks like I'm moving faster, but if you just look at the timings, the time just isn't there for it to make sense, if I am moving 10% faster than you, I should be saving 1s for every 10, and I'm just not. In your McCarran comparison, I think we can both agree, you hit 9 bumps while I hit 0 and I moved around the corner to the door faster than you since you went straight, turned 90° then went straight again while I chained together 2 diagonal jumps and opened the door in the air so no movement speed loss from landing, I should be at the very least 2 seconds faster, realistically more like 3, but I'm just not. Your 2 bumps at the dam were on the rocks.
Ok, last try, look at that :
(user is banned)
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SlayerOfBabies: 2014-02-05 12:09:23 pm
Yea they definitely look even, can't argue with that.

So now the question is, how to do it again. Using the same method I did to get the map markers to stay between files the first time you use your Pipboy hasn't returned any results. Unfortunately I don't have any time to test my next idea right now, but I've tried seeing if console commands stick between files, they don't, so it's not that. But from what I see, I got Travel Light then broke my leg while on Hardcore and reset before that run, so that's what I'll test when I get some time again.

Mainly I really want to see if it's possible to stack more than two Travel Lights.

Edit: Forgot to add this a while ago, on Doc Mitchell's final conversation, pick the last option, it's 4 text boxes instead of 5.
Well, that's was a long fight to get my point ! Tongue

And i'm not really into using that bug to run, it could be cool to know how to repeat it, but definitly not for running, I don't even like to Quicksave/quickload to get faster.

I have some idea to repeat that bug too, I'll do some try.

And thanks for the doc mitchell tips, I think there still some other dialogue that are not optimal in my run.
Oh, and I look a bit at your 3h session of running/trying thing on FNV on SlayedSigger twitch's channel.

Just for you to know, it must have been annoying to hear my complain about your run, but it was annoying to search why your run wasn't "looking" right either.
It's not like I want to raise a war just about 1s every 15s, it's that in the total run, it must be like 1min-1min30 (because we don't run 100% of the time either ). So it was not "nothing".

So don't think we're just dumb runner who love to jump everywhere, some of us are working on the run pretty hard too Smiley
I wasn't annoyed at all by you finding that, it's a good thing to point out since I didn't notice it myself and probably wouldn't have.

You're the only New Vegas runner that isn't slow as fuck though, everyone else has 37+ minute times even while running RTA, the New Vegas community is pretty easy to make jokes about.
Ok so, I made comparative videos between jumping and running in different situation, here the result :

: Running and Jumping are almost the same with perfect Bunnyhoping, you lost speed at the first jump and last landing only.
: But jumping is slower if you're not able to chain the jump correctly.

and : Jumping is always better on hills ( already known by everyone ).

So overall, if you're able to do a correct bunnyhop, it look like it's better to jump almost everytime you're not in New Vegas or in a really flat land.
That's kind of weird that going down hills is faster to jump actually, since after only a small amount of falling the game can stop your forward momentum entirely. Maybe it only occurs on falls where you didn't jump before them though, I don't really know, I just could've swore I've had it happen both from falling and jumping then falling.

Cool to see direct comparisons for the rest though.
I tried about the "freeze" you get when you fall from a cliff or something.

It never occurs if you jump before the fall.