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Lord Of The Beards
it isnt SDA has single segment and single segment with resets (this is actually RTA btw they name it weird).
DXHR runner
I also find it funny how there's a whole bunch of non fallout players backing up arguments in this thread. Like Jymotion, do you even play Fallout? Or are you here to complain more?
Quote from PlagueFather:
You are linking SRL rules in an SDA forum. My argument stands. Please, the door is to your right.

*unzips katana*
Quote from PlagueFather:
I also find it funny how there's a whole bunch of non fallout players backing up arguments in this thread. Like Jymotion, do you even play Fallout? Or are you here to complain more?

You don't need to play Fallout to know what RTA and SS mean.
Plaguefather, defining what single segment means has nothing to do with playing fallout, and I'm saying that as someone who ran this game because that apparently has some value to you.
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zastbat: 2014-02-03 09:47:13 pm
Lord Of The Beards 
with resets: You are allowed to save and resume in a single segment run as long as it is part of the same game session, this will add the with resets tag to your run. Generally, this is done to save warp to a different location that would be slower to reach by other means of travel or to retry a difficult trick. While reloading and retrying tricks is allowed for single segment runs, note that doing so may look sloppy and lead to verifiers rejecting the run if they deem it not on par with SDA standards. In cases where resetting during a single segment run saves significant amounts of times and alters the route of the run, single-segment with resets may denote a separate category from single-segment, otherwise this is just a classification tag.

This is added to any run that saves and loads Single Segment with resets this is RTA this is from the SDA knowledge base if you still do not understand well lol you clearly havent actually read SDA rules about categories and such.
I know you probably think I am trolling plaguefather, but  (operated by SDA) links to which defines Single Segment as " A speedrun that never loads a save." and RTA as "A speedrun done in real time."
Sorry letterswords, SRL rules aren't allowed here...... apparently.

(The people who spout this SRL/SDA split bullshit are so tiring.)
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jymotion: 2014-02-03 10:05:12 pm
how delusional do you have to be to stand by your argument at this point
Wow nice argument mate you sure convinced him with those hot opinions
Guys can we please drop this.
Naw man we gotta know hes best at holding W
DXHR runner
Thanks for the viewers guys! I really appreciate it Smiley
Quote from BronzeLeaguer:
Guys can we please drop this.

What is the best known time for Single Segment?

Quote from PlagueFather:
Thanks for the viewers guys! I really appreciate it Smiley

this isn't related to fallout.  please leave this thread immediately.  the door is on your right.
What is the best known time for Single Segment?

as far as i know its 34:02 by ryder.
DXHR runner
So I admit my mistake about SS and RTA being mixed up, I apologize for that I had a derp moment.
Quote from PlagueFather:
So I admit my mistake about SS and RTA being mixed up, I apologize for that I had a derp moment.

Thanks.  Hopefully it becomes more clear what the best times are for each category now.
DXHR runner
However, I don't agree/understand why you don't QSQL in SS for Doc Mitchel. You save a LOT of time QS QL'ing his dialogue
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Quote from PlagueFather:
However, I don't agree/understand why you don't QSQL in SS for Doc Mitchel. You save a LOT of time QS QL'ing his dialogue

You don't QSQL in the SS because then it wouldn't be an SS.  An SS is a run where you do not load a save.  If you QSQL Doc Mitchell (or anywhere else), you are doing an RTA.  The amount of time the QSQL saves is irrelevant.

A somewhat similar question would be, "why don't you just make a macro/script and use that in your SS?  it would save a lot of time."  Well, an SS is not allowed to be tool-assisted.  They're just different ways of running the game.
DXHR runner
Gotcha. I understand now. Sorry for causing a shit storm due to my longer-than-usual derp fest.
@RyderC, I had stopped paying attention to New Vegas runs a couple months back, apparently you showed up in December and had some way of getting consistent 34:00s, but since I didn't know this, I was still assuming 36:33 as the best known time.

The questions may have come off as me trying to "defend my wr *unsheathes katana*" or something, but I was merely asking them to try and figure out what you're doing differently since I can't watch your runs (I am permanently IP banned from Twitch, and I can't find any of your runs on Youtube) I don't care about world records or category definitions, I just wanted to know, if you were doing SS, what could have been different. Now I know apparently you guys found a good way to skip the dam or something? When I found that a couple months back I brushed it off as too inconsistent to work with the two methods I found, would anyone be willing to link a video of the way you guys do it? (Please not a Twitch VOD) These were mine
Hi ! sorry for missing that debate !

@SlayerOfBabies, sorry for the rude comment about you previously, but I never saw you and just heard about you claiming a wr, and that was kind of annoying to hear :p
I'm actually uploading my 34.02 on youtube, you'll see by yourself :

But remember the run isn't satisfying for the moment, I lost at least 10s by doing random mistakes. And you'll see the trick I use to skip the dam, faster and less dangerous than yours.
@RyderC, a couple friends downloaded your highlight and sent me the file for it so I was able to watch it, your route's really good. Starting Ring-A-Ding-Ding confused me at first, but once I saw why you were doing it, it all clicked and made sense. The dam skip is pre sick. A couple things I noticed though, you take 8 INT, your route actually works perfectly fine with only 1 INT and having 1 INT saves a couple seconds over 8 INT every time you level up. You also didn't pull out your hands immediately after taking Travel Light, speed modifier changes only occur after you either change your weapon state (Pull out a weapon or put it away) Or go through a loading zone. So for the duration of the first floor of the Tops, you didn't have Travel Light active. Another thing is, if you hotkey your Stimpaks or pop a Med-X (Grabbing a Med-X loses no time in Single Segment) You could run directly through Nellis Air Force Base artillery barrage, instead of hugging the wall which wastes a lot of time. And if you don't know, you can skip talking to Vulpes Inculta by just walking to the left once you leave the Tops, saves however long it takes you to talk to him. You can also skip talking to Victor for the first time and trap him in the Ultra Luxe, which saves however much time talking to him costs you.

That's all of the stuff I saw you miss so far, but you're easily the best player I've seen considering everyone else is slow as fuck, when you get to the dam you're only about 30 seconds slower than my PB was (Which of course is made up by the dam skip.)
Thanks for watching !

So, about the INT, you made a good point, I already think about it once, but never think about trying in run.
About the Travel Light, I litteraly have no idea you need to pull out your hands to activate it, so thanks again about that.
I think Vulpes Inculta will run after you, so you can't skip it, he will talk to you at one moment or another, but I may be wrong.

And How can you skip Victor ? By punching-skip when I get to new vegas ? Because when you punch, you're actually slower, so i'm not sure about being a good strategie here, his dialogue is pretty short.
And when I start FNV, I was playing with 140 FPS, and I was too fast for victor to talk to me immediatly ( because the speed depend of the FPS in FNV ) and he was able to talk to me in the ultra-luxe anyway, even if I was 15 meters away, so if you could explain how you manage to avoid him, It'll be great.

Other things, the dialogue's skip with Neil, Do you think it's faster to punch, even with Travel Light ? Because I'm doing it late in the game, so I need to change my weapon before doing it, and to do the punch-skip.
Knowing that I'm running faster with travel light, and the time loss to change the weapon, it look like a loss to make it. It could be good to have a second opinion about it.

And what do you mean by being 30s slower when I get to the dam, do you mean you get to the dam in only 30 min ? It took you 3min40 to finish the dam without skip, I can understand why you didn't already beat me so Cheesy
You can move around Vulpes and avoid him using specific pathing, it's just a question of whether or not for you personally it's worth it.
You only need one punch to get past Victor on the stairs, so you jump down and put your fists away, run in to the Luxe, then punch on your way out. You'll get caught if you punch too many times though. This may or may not be faster for you, just like Vulpes.

For Neil, it was one thing I meant to mention but forgot, don't just equip Maria, hotkey it, then equip and dequip it via hotkey.

And I had a shit dam in my PB but didn't care enough to fix it, but yea I got there at around 30 minutes flat IIRC.