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just got a 40:56 im am getting close
I got a 39:50 figured out a good route for the end that saves a good amount of time.
will post video once its uploaded
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BronzeLeaguer: 2013-11-23 09:50:37 am

video link for the 39:50
new unofficial WR 38:34 vanilla any% no stimpacks. 
Hey man, great work! Loved the 39:50 run. I wish I had saved all my notes from when I was doing trial runs of this game.
thx! ill post the 38:34 when i have time that was a great run as well. also thanks for following me on twitch. I will get this WR. Feel free to start running it again id love to be able to race. Smiley
I've been thinking about streaming, but my hours would be extremely random, and my computer is ancient. I may try it out one night, with just a mic set up, and see what happens. Streaming on twitch or something and making it profitable would be amazing.
as long as you have fun doing it. plus it would be great to get this to be a popularly runned game.

so as no one is running this except for me and no one ever got a recorded record im claiming it.
38:34 in this run but i also used no stimpacks which is hard enough so im going to classify this as 2 WR
one for fastest time
second for fastest with out using stimpacks.

Here are the rules for future runs

-cant pick up anything except Bennys loot and BoS Key.

thats pretty much it.
Not a Zelda 2 refrence
nicely done

Quote from BronzeLeaguer:
-cant pick up anything except Bennys loot and BoS Key.

thats pretty much it.

that's pretty silly.
yea i guess it doesn't really matter cuz its just going to slow you down.
I manage to make a 34:46  ingame time and multisegmented but without trying hard either, it was pretty much quicksaving and loading if I did a big mistake, I used the same route as 5tr1k3r, with a bit of personal modification, including the travel between hidden valley and black moutain where I used the Bronzeleaguer route.

I think the sub 34 is possible with strong execution, maybe less if a more optimized route is found.
i just recently got a 37:44 which beat my old record.

id like to see your run Ryderc. could it be done in a single segment?
Actually I start trying recording.
And I think the ingame time is fucked up.

With a SS recorded, I get 37.07 ingame with a avi. which last 35.20
And an other time I get 36.14 ingame with a avi. which last 35.43
So maybe my 34.46 has nothing to do with the real time. ( Actually, I get a 31.03 later with multisegment ).

And does the loading screen count in ? Because I have something like 2.30 min lost with it.

But now, I'll use a chronometer to know where I am in the run. And not the timer in game.
tyring using wsplit start the timer as soon as the screen goes white in the doc office then end when you have yes man throw the general off the bridge.
I think the dialogue with yes-man after the throw count in the run; so I choice to not kill the general, so I can talk faster to yes-man to get the final ending.

Now I just think the sub 35 is possible, and hard to get.
i just want to see your route.
Ryderc show us a faster run than bronzeleaguers otherwise everything you are saying is basically worthless because we do not know if you are actually getting these fast times or just guessing or making stuff up.
Hi ! Actually, i'm still recording it and I manage to get a lot of problem.
The First "problem" about the ingame time being wrong is because, don't know why, my framerate was limitless. So I played with sometimes 90 fps, which make me run 15-20% faster.
The 31.05 came with that mistake.

After that, I fixed my Framerate to 60, and then when I record with fraps, I get a lot of frame's drop. And less FPS you have, slower you run, which make my run worse, and kind of annoy me.
So for the moment, I can't record in a good condition, so I can't immediatly post a video, but I can detail my route (which is almost exactly the same than the 35.39 posted by 5tr1k3r )

My route is :

Goodsprings Cemetery
Vault 19
Camp Mccarran
New Vegas
The White Glove
The tops ( don't forget to talk to swan about benny, and put 3 points into survival to get the perks travel light, all of the remaining points go into speech )
The gomorrah
Lucky 18
-I kill Mr House
Freeside North's gate
Fast travel to Goodspring cemetery
hidden valley
Black moutain (with the exactly same route than BronzeLeaguer)
El Dorado
Fast Travel to Vault 19
Red Rock Canyon
Fast Travel to New vegas : You talk to Yes-man, you go to lucky 18, you look at the securitrons being upgraded.
Fast Travel to El dorado
Fast Travel to New vegas
The dam : And there a little discovery I did, you can jump on the water, follow the barrage, and get to something which look like that :
This shortcut save something between 45s and one minute I think, but it can be hard to do, even more with low fps ( thanks fraps ).
And after that, you go just go to finish the game.

My last time, with a non-constant 60 fps, is 35.34  (something like 33.02 without the loading time).

I have some question to ask, am I allowed to tweak the game to make it uglier, like a lot ? I wan't to record with 60 constant FPS, because the entire physics depend on it, sometimes I have to keep my eye on floor to avoid the drop of framerate, and it make me lose time ( and make the run pretty ugly ).
And second question, there isn't an "official version" to speedrun fallout new vegas ? I found out the 1.3 patch made the access to legate's camp faster. But look like the global enemy are less dumb and I get more dommage during the run, so it's like a blessing in disguise, but I will try to continu with it.

Sorry for the wait. And hope my explanation will be enough, I don't really want to do a video with a non-optimal run.
officially you need to use up to date version with no dlc installed this in a vanilla any% run. you can change the setting to low if it will help thats fine. as far as recording timer just use wsplit. This must also be single segment so one continues run the load times do count. 
That's weird, the loading time depend on the caracteristic of your PC, not the game itself. So it's unfair.
SDA doesn't count the loading time on PC in general.

And by make the game uglier, I was talking about removing all grass and thing like that, only visual but which affect the game design a lot.
And I can't use Wsplit and play in fullscreen at the same time.
DXHR runner
I was thinking about Running this game, but it seems like it's a lot of walking and that's about it. I speed run Deus Ex but Fallout is my favorite game franchise in the world, any interesting things with this game as to why it's worth running?
well the record is still up for grabs. The community that runs this game will grow by 1 which is good :). its harder than it looks. new routes are still being found. and if you have passion for the game you should do it.

That's it,  it's a 34.28 with loading time, it begin at 48s, and finish at 35.16.

Streaming is a pretty good way to record it. Too bad the quality is so poor.
DXHR runner
Hmmmm, does it have to be on PC or can I run it on Xbox version? Cus I do love NV but don't really wanna rebuy everything on PC ya know?