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The cake is a lie
Quote from Sly7745:
3. Binding Of Isaac - Chest speedrun
Estimate: 30:00
Personal best: Sub 30 (havent used a timer)
Console: PC
Link: N/A

I havent speedrunned this game a lot, but its quite fun. In this game you basically collect enough power ups / items on your way through the game, that boosts your hp, damage etc. until you are good to go to rush to the end. Contains a lot of RNG. As there are other people who submitted this game already, im putting this here incase I could possibly participate in a possible race.

I submitted it as a bingo race but I think I'm still alone so it was cut in the first pre-selection.
If you agree to do so, maybe we can put this as a race Smiley (But really the bingo is my favorite thing on BoI)
2. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - any%
Estimate: 2:00:00
Personal best: N/A
Console: Wii U
Link: N/A

I havent done a speedrun of this game yet or learned it, but im interested in doing so if this game gets accepted. I see there are 2 other submissions of this game. If someone is gonna run the game at the event, I think it should be one of the other 2 guys who sent the submissions, as spikevegeta is speedrunning the game already but I'll put this in here incase they cant go to the event, or if I could participate in the race.

A race who definitely work for me. This game is really enjoyable to watch and a race would be really easy to follow.
6. Populous The Beginning - any%
Estimate: 02:30:00
Personal best: no Single Segment Run done yet (check IL list for refrence)
Console: PC
This is a little project of mine that i picked up a few days ago. Populous The Beginning is in my opinion a really cool strategy game with a lot of diffrent ways you can approach the diffrent levels. I havent completed a full single segment run yet since i only picked up the game 4 days ago but i have already done 11 out of the 25 levels individually and i am getting  better fast. Since there also doesnt exist a full table of IL or a single segment run it is kinda hard to give an estimate on how long a ss run would take so for now i would just like to submit this and update you in the next few days on my progress and if i want to still run it.
To give you a rough estimate i would guess it will be something around 2:30:00 but it could also be 30:00 faster than that.
Here are 11 out of the 25 levels so far to give you an impression of the game
Updated my post on page 3 to add new PB's, new game suggestions and removed the already cut ones. Sorry for any complications.
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) rolmander ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        4. Payday 2 - 4 Player CO-OP (with tocophonic, AMVX and Heinki)
Estimate: N/A
Personal best: N/A
Console: PC
Payday 2 is a COOP first-person shooter made by a Swedish game company. It is the sequel to Payday: The Heist, but the game is a lot different than the first one.
In the game, players plan and carry out various heists and robberies by using a combination of teamwork stealth and firearms.
You can't really speedrun this game, because there is no story and you can only choose different missions(on
But I think it is nice to show some missions - bank heists and jobs in stealth mode.
Stealth mode means as long as there is no police, SWAT, FBI or whatever, you are allowed to do everything (kill people, kill guards, blow things up, etc.).
People in chat could decide which mission are we gonna do in stealth mode (there are some jobs that you can't finish it on stealth!).
And yeah we are still looking for a 4th person, because one of our friends can't travel to Sweden, so feel free to join us.
The only condition is you have to be at least LVL 60 in PD2.

Since winkl0r is really improving his Hard Reset run and he has no time for PD2, I removed him from the spot and put you both into it. I hope that is ok everyone.
I updated also my first post in this thread with a new estimate on BFBC2.
You can never run enough games
Quote from MLSTRM:
4. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger - Any%
Estimate: 1:25:00
Personal Best: 1:36:11
Fastest Known Time: 1:05
Console: GCN (PAL/NTSC) (On Wii)
Comment: A collection platformer similar to Banjo Kazooie / Ratchet and Clank. The game involves 3 sections of 3 levels each, in each section a certain number of Thunder Eggs need to be collected to unlock that section's boss level. After clearing the 3 bosses then the final level opens leading to the final boss. I recently learnt the current WR route and my times are dropping pretty quickly. Possible donation incentives could include watching the cutscenes (They're pretty good and funny), or for a bonus cheat% run (Using in-game cheats to get the thunderang and then go straight to the end of the game)

Just an update to this submission, I now have an NTSC copy of this game for GCN on order, and when it arrives I will time the differences between the 2, and play whichever is faster. Also I have updated the fastest known time and the estimate, but not my current PB, as it can be found in the practice thread.
Deadline has been reached for suggestions.
have already talked to svenne but also writing it here just in case..
withrawing my submision on Alice, thank you for considering it..
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Cut Games - Round 1

After the official closing of the games thread, we have completed our first full round of cuts! We’ve been slowly working on this since the thread was made. We basically filtered the games into a few categories and organised them based on whether we wanted the game or not and whether the runner is good enough. This is the first time skill has factored into our decisions. If we need you to improve before the marathon, your game will be listed in a separate post. The first post will be the cuts and the second post will be for those games that we’re giving goals for. Some games (particularly the longer ones) we have high standards for, so be aware!

If your game or category is not on this list, it's still in for now. We have listed the runner and category with the cut to make it easier for you to identify your runs. If your game and category is listed, but your name is not listed with it, then you are still in. We have tried to make it clear if we are only cutting one of the runners.

No games are officially 100% in yet. We have some choices we’d really like and that are unlikely to be removed, but we are not announcing anything yet.

For the sake of clarity, this post was written by flicky. The decisions were made by the ESA scheduling team - flicky, bangerra & joka.

If you have a question, comment or problem with a cut, please send a PM to this account and we will get back to you.
Do not fill this thread with non-game suggestion posts.

This is the first full round of cuts. There will be more cuts and cleaning up in the future!
These are the games/categories that we decided didn’t make the cut:

Baten Kaitos – Baffan
Putting a 16 hour game into a big marathon is something I can’t see happening. Just simply too long.

Batman: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Any% - Robosparkle
We had a chat with Robo about this. We like City more, he likes City more.

Beethoven’s 2nd - Two guys one controller – Cruxit/Shrimp
2G1C only really works with a well known game. Any% is still in.

Bubble Bobble - Any% – Meridian Prime
It was played last year and SGDQ are doing something big with it. We’re happy to leave it out this year.

Bully: Scholarship Edition - Any% - lillbrorsan
We’re going to drown in Rockstar titles and this was a more obvious cut. While a decent game, it’s nowhere near as popular as its cousins.

Castlevania 64 - Any% Carrie - Guiren
We’re of the opinion that the only reason this gets any attention is because Cosmo runs it. We don’t think it would fit in a marathon without a big personality behind it.

Castlevania: Harmoney of Dissonance - Maxim All Bosses - Charleon
We had this last year so we’re opting for Aria of Sorrow as Soma is too strong to be denied.

Contra - Any% - WERY
We’re just cutting WERY out of the contra race. A two man race makes more sense and we have Hurblat and Frezy!

Crash Bandicoot - Any/100% – PeteThePlayer
While this is a cool game, we don’t think the run can compare to 2 or 3. CaneofPacci is also very associated with this game and did a great job at AGDQ.

Crash Tag Team Racing - Any% - PeteThePlayer
We’ve opted for CTR on PS1. We didn’t even know this was its own game until yesterday.

Crash Twinsanity - Any% – PeteThePlayer & Smartkin
We had it last year.

Crash: Mind over Mutant - Any% - PeteThePlayer
Not a well known or loved Crash game. Again, we’d much rather have really good runs of 2/3.

Deadly Creatures - Any% - Bangerra
Even your position on the schedule team can’t save this.

Digimon World - Any% Glitchless – BlackWin5
There’s an alternative glitched run which is much shorter and super interesting so we’re opting for that right now.

Drawfender - Any% – JangBang
Didn’t look interesting enough to overcome its obscurity.

DuckTales GB - Any% - Bangerra
There will be plenty of DuckTales anyway!

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - Any% NG+ – lillbrorsan
This sort of game is a strange one to have in a marathon. It would be like skipping between random points in an episode of Family Guy. If people like Family Guy, they can go watch it I suppose.

Final Fantasy XIII - Any% – JayFermont
While a cool run, it’s also quite long and will fill a larger chunk than we’d like. There will be plenty of FF without this one.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Any% – Neviutz, JayFermont
There’s a new route which makes things interesting, but we’d rather have Lightning Returns.

Glare - Any% – j4sp3rr
None of us really know what this is. Seeing as the dev is a runner, we think they’d rather do it at a different event.

Gothic - Any% No Skips – Cyprys
A skipless run of a western RPG is weird enough. We’d also like to have Cyprys focus on Ratchet =D

Grand Theft Auto 4: TBOGT - Any% – Jolzi
While undoubtedly the best of the GTA 4 games, we have a lot of GTA to offer this year. A few have to be sacrificed. We’re expecting to be accused of having too much GTA anyway.

Grand Theft Auto 2 - Downtown All Missions – Lightnat0r
A partial category which is against our submission rules.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Any% – Joshimuz
Again, we’re going to be very GTA heavy this year and this game is a more obvious cut.

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue - Any% – Sephinel
We think the game will quickly overstay its welcome.

Ittle Dew - Any% – eTholon
Opting for 100%.

Jak 3 - All Missions – ThaRixer
We haven’t decided on what we’re doing with Jak yet, but we can at least cut the longer category. Any% still in.

Kung Fu - Any% – WERY
We don’t need a race for Kung Fu. Badbrakes is still in to run this.

League of Princess - Any% – Rueake
While a cool run, we think that the actual layout of the run doesn’t really work. A quick skip to the boss is cool, but it happens so fast and then the rest of the run is a slow boss fight. The cool part is such a small percentage of the run and the game isn’t that well known.

Lego Batman: The Videogame - Any% – Tirean
The recent lego games are fun but they’re very easy and straightforward. There’s nothing particularly interesting or impressive about runs of them, so we’re cutting Lego Batman.

LIMBO - Any% – ShadowDraft
A typical puzzle run – it’s not that interesting if you don’t know the game and not many people have actually played Limbo.

LittleSamson - Easy Warps – KennyMan666
We’re opting for Any% Normal by Primal85.

Mario Kart 64 - No Skips – Flippy_o
With Skips is still in.

Maximo: Ghosts to Glory - Any%/100% – A-M
We had it last year and we think we can skip it this one. We also want A-M to murder Resi 4.

Megaman 10 - Bass% – Mitch
Megaman 3 - Any% – Druvan
Megaman 9 - Any% - InfestedRiche
Cutting Megaman games is hard. We have a bunch of suggestions this year but we don’t want to have too much Megaman. More cuts may need to come. These ones were cut for various reasons:
Bass% isn’t as interesting or familiar as Megaman and 10 has been in a few marathons.
Megaman 3 is a tough game and has its star player.
Megaman 9 has a star player too and has been in multiple marathons.

Metroid Prime - Any% – Dalfen
We’ve had this before and Miles is just streets ahead of everyone else.

MURI - Warpless/Warps – hvqoi
We have better NES games to feature.

Mystery Game - Any% – Joshimuz
If you still want to keep it a secret, we won’t reveal it. Feel free to message us about why it was cut.

Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon - Any% – Trineas
Opting for MN1.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Any% – TinglesPalace
Partial category + see Family Guy.

New Super Mario Bros. U - 100% – JayFermont
Three and half hours is just too long for a 2d platformer. Is a shorter category possible and if so, how long is it?

Nightsky - 100% – Gyoo
Not a hugely interesting run.

Pepper 2 - Any% – WERY
A pacman clone. We’re of the opinion that pacman isn’t that impressive to watch a speedrun of.

Ragnarok Battle Offline - Any% – KennyMan666
We think this is just too long for a beat ‘em’up

Resident Evil 5Single Player  - Hetsig
We don’t think we need both Resi 4 & 5 so we opted for just 4 and we’ll keep Hetsig on 3.

Rygar - 100% – WERY
While a very silly game, we associate this too closely with feasel/darkwing duck so to not have them on it is an odd one. WERY still has plenty of games =D

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Ramona – KennyMan666
This has been in quite a few marathons already so we don’t think it will be missed.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time - Any% – Nikneim
Way too long for a 3d platform. If we recall correctly, that’s because there are unskippable cutscenes which aren’t very marathon friendly.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - World Tour Any% – Sephinel
Too long for a racing game like this. We’ve got a few other mascot racers already so giving this one a miss.

Stacking - Any% – lillbrorsan
While an interesting game, I think it’s just much too reliant on good commentary and knowing the game. Anyone who has done this 100% will essentially know the entire run anyway as there’s nothing much to it.

Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars - 100% – Pottow
We’re not sure about what to do with Lylat Wars yet, but we’re opting for the shorter runs in any case. We’re thinking about a possible multiplayer session instead on stream 2.

Super Mario 64 - 1 Star – Paradox Karl/exe
We’re not sure we need to see 1 star any more. 0 Star is still a slight possibility.

Super Mario 64 DS - 50 Star – Paradox Karl
With our big plans for SM64, we shouldn’t need the DS version too.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - No Banktoad – MLSTRM
We’re really not sure what our plans for a Galaxy title are, but for now we’re at least dropping the no banktoad run.

Super Mario Sunshine - 96/120 Shines – Chrism, Stelzig, Samura1man
We’re cutting everything that isn’t Any% right now. Any% is almost a certainty, but we haven’t decided if we want a race and if so, how many people.

Super Meat Boy - Any% – Ryugu_no_shigan
We’re happy without a Meat Boy any% this year. It’s been at a lot of marathons and unless we have the WR holder to do it, we don’t think we need it.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Subspace Emissary – M. Bison Futé
3+ hours of Smash Bros is a lot in one go, especially when it’s Brawl (which is a love/hate game).

Tales of Symphonia - Any% – Baffan
This one is tricky. Currently, NG+ is still on the schedule. I would much prefer a NG run but the time difference is too much to ignore. (1:20)

Talespin - Any% – Bangerra
We’re not sure we could top last year’s race.

Tangled The Movie - Any% – Henjoness
We’re not sure the crossover of our audience and fans of this movie exists.

Temple of Elemental Evil - Any% – Onin
We had a watch and didn’t think it was interesting enough. The problem with short games is that they need to either be very well known or really cool otherwise the audience is left wondering what that was.

The Amazing Spider-man - Any% Easy – AMVX
We don’t really know what this one is, but there’s another spiderman game that we had heard of so we’ve opted for that for now.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask - Any% – Etchpen
We’re going with the 4-player co-op 100%. Those who are wanting to do the 100% co-op, could you let us know who the four actually are? We only know of Thiefbug and Goronguy right now. The other’s haven’t actually confirmed.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 100% – SlaskPrask
We don’t want 100% Majora and Ocarina. Europe and Majora are best friends.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3d - Any% – eTholon
We’re not sure what to do with OoT but we don’t think it’ll be to choose the 3DS version. As we recall, this was submitted incase no N64 version was.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (HD) - Any% – Crazyyinsane, Batch, Goldphnx
This game has been at the last two AGDQs and is too closely associated with Cosmo/Demon9 for us to want to bring it in for the sake of it.

The Missing Game - – Alko
We have no idea if this was a real submission or not, but either way, no.

The Ship Single Player - easy/normal% – ShadowDraft
If the game was about The Love Boat it’d be in. Alas, it is not.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run - All Story Missions – Zoton2
While a solid game that we have fond memories of, it’s essentially a GTA style game which we’re already in danger of being full of.

Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland - Any% – Pyatters
As explained in the last cut, Tony Hawk’s games need to be short and sweet. The longer they run, the more normal it looks.

Tony Hawk’s Underground 1 - Any% – Pyatters, Coombs68
See above.

Turtles 2 - Co-op – Mitch
We didn’t get the Frezy submission but this isn’t the right Turtles game. You accidentally picked the wrong one Mitch. Silly Mitch.

VVVVVV - Any% – Goldphnx
VVVVVV has been at a lot of marathons and has been crushed by FieryBlizzard at the last few. We can’t compete with that and we don’t want to.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses - Any% – gcah2006
Card RPGs are a hard sell. When Forbidden Memories (is that what is was called?) was huge it was because of the dumb RNG. Even with two streams this is going to be a polarising game, but we're willing to give it a shot. To help out with this decision, we're keeping an eye on the shorter title.

Those are all the cuts so far. The suggestions thread is now closed. There will be a second post containing games that we would like, but we need more proof of the runner’s ability. There will be requests for video and possibly goals that we would like reached (with proof!) before we add the game.

Again, if you have complaints or questions, please PM this account. We are not too proud to change our minds given strong evidence but make sure you have a very strong case.
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ESA: 2014-03-16 08:17:02 am
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Games We Need Updates On (these aren't cut)

Following our review of submissions, there a lot of games where we either don’t know the runner or the time submitted isn’t up to standard. Instead of simply cutting these games, we have filtered them into a separate category. The games listed are half in and half out. Some games (particularly the longer ones) we have high standards for, so be aware!

Simply put: If your game is here we need updates from you! Your game is not cut. You may be given a goal time to aim for. The deadline for this goal time is June 30th (this date might change).

First, please check the cuts post to see if your game is there.

If your game is not in the cuts post, or in this post then it is currently still in the marathon. This may be because we are unsure of it, so do not rest easy yet! No games are officially 100% in yet. We have some choices we’d really like and that are unlikely to be removed, but we are not announcing anything yet.

If we ask you for current WR, could you let us know (and be honest) if that is a good run or not. If it’s WR because it’s only been run twice, then let us know. If you can estimate what your times could be, that would help too. If we ask for video, it would be in your best interests to point out good parts of the run and to explain some things to us. We can’t watch every minute of these runs and there’s a chance we watch the wrong part and drop for that reason. We’d like to be fair and even with this, but we do need you to help us with that.

For the sake of clarity, this post was written by flicky. The decisions were made by the ESA scheduling team - flicky, bangerra & joka.

If you have a question, comment or problem with a cut, please send a PM to this account and we will get back to you.
If you wish to respond to this “callout” please use the ESA Practice Thread

40 Winks – Bangerra
We need to review the run and find out about NTSC differences.

Amnesia: Justine - Any% – ShadowDraft
Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Any% – ShadowDraft/Apjjm
Due to the popularity of the previous runner (Adam) and the quality of older runs we need to know that you guys are at least near WR pace.

Ape Escape 3 - Any% – Cerberus
We would like you to be much closer to the WR. I (flicky) used to run this game so I know a lot about it. Goal: sub 1:25. Your current PB is almost the same as mine from two years ago.

Audiosurf - Not a Proper Category (Mono sux) – Chrno
We need videos of you playing songs. Specifically sight-reading songs you’re not familiar with. Three never before played songs and three practiced songs pls.

Beyond Good & Evil - Any% - lillbrorsan
We were gushing over this in the skype call. This game is super good. Last I heard, 100% was the more played category. We’d like you to either get close to or improve the any% record before we make a decision. We’d love to have a really good run of this game.

Borderlands - Any% - Incalex
Can we get a video please?

Crash Bandicoot 2 & 3 - Any%/100% - PeteThePlayer
Can we have some video of runs and could you send us WR videos if poss.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos - Any/100% – Chrno, Puppermaster
We have high hopes for this and big plans, but we need some video of your guys playing. If you could let us know what WR is too, that’d be great.

Dark Souls 2 - Any% - Noobest
OK so you can’t actually do anything with this yet, but when you can, could you keep us updated.

Deus Ex - Any% Realistic – footbigmike

Deus Ex Invisible War - Any% – Heinki
Super low estimate, we didn’t think it was this short. Can we get a video?

Devil May Cry - Any% Normal - AncientAE
Non-DMD runs tend to get flak, so we need a video of your Normal run to see if that’ll make up for it.

Dishonored - Any% - Twiggimuz
There are a lot of good runners of this and the Ghost run is really cool. We need some times and video.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - Any% – Twyn, Sly7745, Spikevegeta
As it’s a new game, we need to keep an eye on this. Could you keep us updated with time/length etc. This is especially important as it could edge out the established DKCR.

Doom - Ultra-Violence – Wakecold
Need some video. Doom has high standards.

Dynamite Headdy - Any% - Pyrious
Send us some video and let us know the WR time.

Electronic Super Joy - Any% – ShadowDraft, Nikneim
Goal: Within 1~ minute of WR.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem - Any% – Zwajken
Could we get some video and an idea of how much it can be improved. We’re thinking of adding more survival horror classics, but they can make very boring runs.

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - Any% – Neviutz
We need to know you’re good at this and that you can make an impressive co-op run.

Gargoyle’s Quest: Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins - Any% – Yvathacal
Some video please.

Goldeneye 007 - Multiplayer – Meridianprime
Could you let us know who the others runners would be and how good they are at multiplayer? We only want this if it will be impressive.

Goof Troop - Any% Hard – Edenal/Alko
We need to know if you guys are Blechy/Cyghfer level. We have really high standards for this. Video and updates please.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Any% – Tirean, Eidgod, Ultimaomega07, Joshimuz
We’re being really picky with this. In my experience of this game, we’ve never really had a brilliant run of it. If this does get into a marathon it needs to be massively clean. I know that’s hard, but if you guys could keep us updated as much as possible. The more time that comes off the WR, the better the chances.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - Any% – Eidgod
We’re somehow down to one runner of Any% for this, but we’d still like to see a good run. The closer you can get to a good run (RNG included) before then, the better. Apparently none of the main runners are coming.

Grand Theft Auto V - Any% – KVD/Meridianprime/j4sp3rr
We’re keeping a really close eye on this. Again, any improvements with video and that, please let us know. We know this can still be improved a lot.

Gunstar Heroes - Any% – Goldphnx
Amazing game, but we’d just like to make sure it’s a clean run.

Halo 2/3 - Any% Easy – HiipFire
Bangerra says he contacted you, but to make sure, are harder difficulties a possibility?

Hard Reset - Any% – winkl0r
Some video & times please!

Hotline Miami - NG+ – Seriphe
We need some video and that. We’d like you to be really close to CFB if you can.

Ikaruga - Any% – Plasmo
We’d like to see some video. We know you’ll be at Gamesfest so if you could talk to flicky (me!) while you’re there about it, that would help. Could you send us the Gamesfest video too.

inMomentum - Spherehunt/Gamer – The Paprika Killer
Some video and times. This game is super cool.

Island Peril - Any% – icedpingu
Some estimates and video would be good.

All these different Kingdom Hearts Games - Any% – ThaRixer, RoryExtraLife, Spikevegeta. Bl00dyBizkitz, Slyzer, Jinny
We don’t have a clue about these, but we’re probably going to pick whichever is shortest. If Spike could contact us about the games and help us learn more about them, that’d be great.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil - Any% – PeteThePlayer, Sephinel
We don’t know much about Klonoa 2. Could we get some info/video etc?

Mario Kart 64 - Skips/No Skips – Flippy_o
We don’t know much about the Mario Kart 64 scene. Could we get some times for the skips record and some info about you? We’re going with skips.

Mass Effect 2 - Any% – Tentaclepie
Some video and info if you can. Which class, general route outline and if it’s glitchy please!

MDK - Any% – Fatzke
Some videos and times etc.

Mega Man X2 - Any% – Acefrog
We need you to be close to Ajamar if you want to race.

Metal Gear Solid - Any% Extreme – mrhazuki
Some video, info and times would be good. Are you using skips?

Metal Storm - Any% – WERY
Some video.

Metroid Fusion/Zero Mission - Any% – Dragonfangs
Could you let us know if you’d rather do this or Zero Mission and share some info and times for the games.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Any% – MLSTRM
Can we get some info about the run and so on. It’s slightly on the long side at the moment but we don’t know how much has been done since the segmented run in 2010.

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Any% – Trineas
Some video and info please.

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee - Any% – RoboSparkle
We need to know you’re serious about this and able to get very close to the WR. We’d like to see you working on this ASAP as we know you haven’t started yet.

Osu! - Any% – Seriphe
For the Osu! Games, we really need video and your history. People can watch teams of four people perfect songs on twitch so we have very high standards.

Payday 2 - Co-op – Icedpingu
We don’t know who your co-op partners are or anything.

Point Blank - Any% – RoboSparkle
See Oddworld. We also need absolute confirmation we can get the equipment there.

Populous The Beginning - Any% – Eidgod
We need some info about the run.

Power Blade - Any% – Crippe
We need to know if you can match Riche.

Resident Evil 3 - Any% – Hetsig
We need some info about your run, times and video etc.

Rock Band - Any% Vocals – Anyone planning to sing
We need to know that you actually sound good if you’re going to sing.

Sanic 06 - Any% – RoboSparkle
See Oddworld. One of these three is probably going to get cut.

Serious Sam 3: BFE - Any% – Sly7745
Serious Sam: TFE - Any% – A-M
We’d like some video and info about these. We’re probably going to have at least one of them, but we need to know a little more, especially about 3.

Shadow Tower - Any% – Chrno
We need updates, video and times for this.

Shadow Warrior 2013 - Any% – NicoTn
We know this game is developing, so if you could keep us updated that’d be great. The lower your time goes, the better.

Sonic Colours - Any% – TimpZ
We need you to be near that DSS time.

Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage - 14 Talisman/100% – Xer
Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon - 100 Egg – JazzY
Could we get some video and other times for these two.

SSX 3 - All Freestyle Golds – JangBang
Could we get some video clips and an idea of what exactly All Freestyle Golds means. It’s been too long since I’ve played it. Are you using a maxed out char or a fresh one?

Super Mario 3D World - Any% – Paradox Karl
Could we get some info and video on this one.

Super Mario 64 - 120 Star – Noizeeh, Hampern, Fuzzyness
Because you guys are racing with Sig and CpKaka, we’d like you to be near enough to make a good race possible. A sub 1:50 would be very nice and anything closer to that would be brilliant. As I think a 4 person race is our limit, obviously one of you may need to sit out. Could you three keep us up to date with the times so we can plan accordingly. We’re not necessarily requiring you to be perfect, but if Sig or Cp mess up, it’d be nice if you guys were good enough to challenge them. We will update you with a more solid goal time in the future.

Super Mario Sunshine - Any% – Paradox Karl, Chrism, Stelzig, HiddenPower13
(Stelzig might be on here accidentally).
Same deal as the SM64 runners. If we are to have a race, we’d like to know if you guys are at a level to challenge for a win. We haven’t decided what we’re doing with Sunshine (single runner, 2 or 4 person race) but if you guys could share times that’d be great.

Super Mario World - 96 Exit – Akisto
Could you share some times and what sort of level you’re at.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island - Any% Warpless – Steady, InTheFlesh93, Sape, aedelz
Yoshi’s Island is a popular game and we’d like to have a competitive race with a good time. Could you keep us up to date with your best times. Our current cut off is that you all be sub 1:50 at least.

Toejam and Earl - Co-op – Shrimp & Cruxit
Just keep us up to date with your progress and how clean the run is.

Tomb Raider: A Survivor is Born - Any% – JustShanz
This is a great game but I know there are a lot of run-killing moments. Could you keep us up to date on your progress and times etc in comparison to WR.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion - Any% – j4sp3rr
We need to know if you’re as good as the SDA Runner. If you are, this is in. If not, we need to think so more.

UN Squadron - Any% – KVD/MeridianPrime
Could we  get some times for you two if you intend to race.

Viewtiful Joe - Any% Kids – Fergbot
We’d like you to be as close to WR as possible. Tminator worked really hard on this so we’d like to do the game justice.

Again, these games are those that we’d like, but we need some things answered first. Please help us out here. We’re trying to keep things fair and give people a chance to prove themselves before cutting. The problem is, this approach takes a lot of our time up. The more you help us save this time, the better job we can do. We want to keep a nice community feel all the way through the game suggestion process. If you have general feedback, remember to PM this account.
so I guess my suggestion for Majoras Mask - any% is cut too? :p

the runners for the co-op 100% are Ennopp112, VPP__, GoronGuy and me
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stelzig: 2014-03-16 08:40:07 am
sms any% Sad
Yes I believe i'm at a high enough level to challenge samura1man in a race in that too (i'm assuming this was the question since you didn't include him). You can see the leaderboard here if you want to judge yourselves:
Only Offense Will Survive
Regarding Plasmo: He is a friend of mine and since he is not that active here, I will provide some information: (Ch1) (Ch2) (Ch3) (Ch4) (Ch5)

Plasmo is one of the strongest Ikaruga-Players in the world and very well known in the community. For more information please visit
Plasmo will be your best choice for Ikaruga.
at the moment i am definitely not as good as the trauma center runner on sda, i am practising off stream from time to time but i understand if you feel my level is not high enough, i'll see what comes out of the discussion
I definetly think more Kingdom Hearts runners should be involved in saying their opinion on what game would be the best for a marathon, not only spike.
I can confirm that I'm one of the four who's joining the Majora's Mask 100% co-op.
I can kind of answer for Icedpingu and PAYDAY 2.

It would be Iced, myself, Heinki and Tocophonic off his post. Like was mentioned, this isn't really a speed-runnable game, but more or something where you can complete a range of missions on the second stream. It's a great way to get multiple people involved and interacting. And I meant that for chat as well.

If it helps its case at all, I would be able to get the devs on Skype or similar for the game. You can see some streams of the game on my channel.
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Noobest: 2014-03-16 08:21:20 am
Regarding Dark Souls 2, first run I ever did clocked in at around 4h40m. I promptly cut ~2 hours with a route overhaul and improved execution in the next two runs and currently the time is a bit over 2h30m. Hard to say so soon what an estimate I could manage without any problems but there's no way it would be over 3 hours. I'll keep you posted.

Woops just realized I was supposed to use the practice thread for this update. Sorry, my bad.
Yeah, think Ill drop Gargoyle's Quest for ESA. No motivation to run it even if playing on gameboy, other than that I really didn't see any improvement in my times.
And I doubt I'll be able to get good soon so ehh.
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PeteThePlayer: 2014-03-16 08:33:54 am
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Crash Bandicoot 2 100% WR (1:17:44):
The run is reaching some serious optimization right now. My PB has a few sloppy parts if I remember correctly, but there is way more time I wanted to spend on that category. I haven't done runs of this regularly in the past 4 or so months. My PB is 1:26:50 (
A goal time for this would be something around the likes of 1:20-1:22

Crash Bandicoot 2 Any% WR (43:10):
Going up on the optimization train as well there. I've put way more time into this category than 100%. We had the run last year so you may want to relate to that. Compared to that we use the PS2's faster loading so we save 2 and a half minutes from faster loading screens. I've held the WR in this category multiple times in the past as the time went down. My PB is 43:55 (
I am not sure if I want to set another goal for this, maybe sub 43:30

Crash Bandicoot 3 105% WR (2:23:42):
A very good run, still has a bit to save, but it is a really strong record regardless. The record is on Standard Disc Speed, so using the PS2's loading  option we can save about 6 minutes (if not more) on loading on this record. SSBMstuff currently actually tried to beat it again with the better loading so a sub 2:20 is not too unlikely in the near future. I held the WR in this category for 6 or 7 months with my current PB, which was on emulator and thus did not benefit from the ridiculous loading speed of the PS2. I haven't done any serious attempts since I got that run but I am getting back to it since there are a lot of strats me and other people have found since my PB has been made. It's a time of 2:29:12 (, but playing at ESA will bring me ahead by 6 minutes immediately.
Sub 2:25 would be a great goal but naturally it will be on emu and not entirely comparable to most other times since I would suffer from a massive disadvantage.

If you are wondering, the PAL version of Crash 2 is the best and NTSC-U is the best for Crash 3. I only own a PAL PS2 so I am unable to play Crash 3 NTSC on console, that is why my times look worse than before now than some newer ones. I already have someone who can bring an NTSC copy of Crash 3 so it should not be a problem to be able to play the correct and fast version. I wanna get Crash 3 PAL just for the sake of getting a sub 50 with a very optimized run (I think). PAL has several changes making a speedrun considerably different. For reference you can still check the Leaderboards for Crash, Spyro and Ape Escape:

Is Crash Twinsanity 100% cut out as well, or just Any%?

As for Klonoa 2, I do not even know what the WR is. I remember having seen a very good run that took around 1h46m if my memory serves right. I have actually done offline runs (because the 60Hz option speeds the game up and my capcard doesn't output 60Hz) and got a 1:58 on my practically first attempt. To give you an idea what it is you can watch this video of a segmented spliced run:
It's basically a side-scrolling platformer with pseudo-3D action going on in the back and foreground, sort of similar to the Hercules game that was offered as well. I am actually going to get a solid sub 1:50 first in this game and maybe see if sub 1:48 is okay. Just sucks that I cannot exactly record my runs or have any proof.

Those who know me can confirm that I usually aim for very good and decent runs, that I can execute with good consistency if I focus on a game/category at a moment. Most of the PBs above just need re-focusing again, but I am definitely still one of the more respectable runners within the communities.

This post better belongs here.
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Super Mario 64 - Any% – Noizeeh, Hampern, Fuzzyness

Just saying, that is 100% not any%. Any% (in a marathon situation) would be 1 star because 0 star is never going to be even close to marathon safe.
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Trineas: 2014-03-16 08:39:03 am
Quote from ESA:
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon - Any% – Trineas
Some video and info please.

I wont be giving up on MN2SG just yet, with the reasoning that theres going to be a run of MNSG at SGDQ already.
I feel like having the two games represented in each of the two marathons would be a lot more interesting in the big picture, not to mention that Pykn is the best western runner of MNSG and I am a lot more confident in MN2SG, seeing as it is my main game right now.

But for now Im going to work with the assumption that MN2SG is cut for good and will devote my time to MNSG, so I can deliver some results as soon as possible.

Some people have probably seen Pykn's run on the bonus stream this AGDQ and he is currently the one closest to the current WR time of 1:21:37, held by a japanese runner called Shaafu (Who also holds the WR for MN2SG).
For the current route, a sub 1:30 is a decent time and that is what Im going to aim for right now.
"Could we get some times for the skips record and some info about you?"
If you mean times for skips record, as in my pb, it's not entirely optimized yet, as it's a less popular category for streaming to my knowledge, because of a lot of resets for a good time.
If you mean times for skips record, as in the wr, it's pretty much a godlike run, with good RNG everywhere, but could still be improved. The wr time is 28:52.82

As of info for me and the Mario Kart 64 community, I've been running this game since around October last year, and have been improving a lot since I started, having one of the best IGTs in No Skips rankings, with less than a minute behind the wr run (which is pretty good). I haven't put a lot of time into skips, just because it's requires some pretty good driving to do a lot of the jumps, since mostly they have a 2 frame space to hit (and 3 times per lap, which can be very reset inducing). Items is also a problem, and can easily cause a pace for sub 30 minutes to become a 34 minutes run - however, since it's not cut out, I plan to put a lot of effort into skips category too now, and my goal is sub 31:00. For the marathon, I'd say with the practice I'm in for, I'll guarantee a worst-case scenario of 34:30, which is still a good time with bad RNG. Dntn31, who did a run at AGDQ'14, had 32:56, which is a very solid run with bad RNG. He has years of practice beforehand and mainly did skips category, so I'll try my best to get on his level in time for the marathon.
Some small info about skips in general: Out of the 16 tracks, there's 5 courses without a single skip in it, which means there's gonna be a lot of action and explanations, and a little bit of time to chill inbetween with normal driving.

I hope that's what you wanted to know, I'll keep updating times in the practice thread.
The cake is a lie
Nightsky - 100% – Gyoo
Not a hugely interesting run.

Just wondering, is there still a chance to see cut games on the bonus stream ?

Player : Meridianprime
Twitch :

1. GTA V - Any% coop with KVD & J4sp3rr
Estimate: 9h
Personal best: 8h 30m / WR = 7h 59m (New tech found to scrap another 30-40 minutes off) Local recording available of the 8h30m
Strats and new PB's still under development.

2. Goldeneye 007 - Multiplayer 2 vs 2
Team 1
Player 1 = Meridian Prime
Player 2 = Eise Smit

Team 2
Player 3 = Will try and confirm asap
Player 4 = Will try and confirm asap

A vid of the multiplay format done in 2012 NLG marathon.