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Eliminator Boat Duel (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Expert]

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Steve 'Elipsis' Barrios!
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Eliminator Boat Duel (ntscus) (nes) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Expert]

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Doesn't currently have an audio commentary track.

I think you're wasting the nitros in the very last leg? At least the screen doesn't seem to be moving any faster. In any case, nothing wrong A/V-wise in this improvement to existing so...

Surfer Bob - Close to the current SDA-run. #2 was a little faster, while #3 was a little slower.

Weird Willy - Route change. Sinking the opponent in #1 saved ~45 seconds, but then pretty much the same time was lost by not sinking Willy in #2. However, with the new strat, Willy went into #3 considerably weaker. With some aggressive strats by burning through nitros, a second sinking put this run ahead by ~25 seconds compared to the previous run. Nice!

Mangler Mike - The submission started off at a disadvantage compared to the previous run because of having burned through some of nitros in the previous race. However, some cleaner execution allowed the recovery of the nitros, while still dealing pretty much the same damage to Mike. ~25 seconds were saved over the course of the three races compared with the previous run, while more or less using the same strats (softening Mike in #1 and #2 and then going for the sinking in #3). I guess there must be some changes in the setup of how the damage was administered, but nothing I can pinpoint and not something I tried to look into.

Veronica Alabaster - Similar strats to last time. I understand from the comments of the last run that this strat is highly unpredicatable, so nice to see it back here again (even though I admittedly can't tell if has been made somewhat more predicatable since last time). Anyways, a few seconds were gained in #2, while getting hits in #3 for the sink took a few seconds more than last time. Overall ~5 seconds saved though.

Disaster Don - When rewatching the current SDA-run, I can't help but getting a feeling that it tried to deal damage to Don, despite the run comments and the audio commentary saying that's not possible (and even counter-productive, since it will waste menu time when the opponent repairs the boat). Anyways, the new run saved ~8 seconds in #1 and I'm guessing it's simply because focus was on racing and not jumping on top of Don. #2 and #3 were very similar in both runs though. There were a few wasted nitros against Don (picking up nitros when already having 8 or 9), which accounted for a few seconds lost. But taking all things into account, it's not much for this speedrun, so I can understand if it was for playing it a bit safe near the end (if that was the case).

Overall, this was maybe more detail than what was strictly needed. After all, this is a one minute self-improvement through better execution and some improved strats. So it's a pretty obvious

Decision posted.
Thank you guys and thank you especially Ktwo for a very detailed verification.  It's really helpful to read someone else's analysis of my run and think about ways to improve upon it.

I intend to get some new written and audio commentary ready for this thing prior to publication.