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Flip: 2012-11-05 07:47:51 pm
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Earnest Evans (Any %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Game: THE EVANS! (Also...W o L F T e a M)
Audio/Video: Superb!
Cheating: Fuck no!

All I'm gonna say is that I was in Uyama's stream when he got this run, and I see no reason why it shouldn't pass. Play was extremely good, and luck was as good as it'll probably get.
I got it timed at 8:53.


Quote from UraniumAnchor:
My name is UraniumAnchor, and I approve this message. I mean this Earest Evans run.


Good ol' beginning with Evans staring longingly across the bayous of Maine.  Suddenly, he lashes out, whipping hotdogs.  Can death stop him? No! How about roofies? Also no!  He sacrifices just a bit of his life to slide through the lock, whacks an eye, and flies forward from the boulder of doom!

Escaping Maine, Tiki heads attack, but Earnest humps a wall to safety.  After making a fashion statement, he sticks to a wall like a fly to icecream on a moron's head.  He escapes, kills the fly overloard, and moves on.

Blasted into the sky, we find our hero in a volcano.  Scorpions and ribcages are no match for his dodging skills.  Suddenly, spikes! If he were Megaman, this game would be over, but no -- Evans jumps, legs gracing the spikes.  A few stones at Dalhsim, and he lives to tell another tale.

The bubbles of Castle Castalion cannot contain him.  Spikes!  After pulling a Megaman, he dashes towards our foe, Darth Halo.  But our hero has the flail!

A train.  A dash.  A candlestick.  A coal monster.  A victory.

Riding in style, Evans flips over the pipe-wielding brutes, dodging their flips and rampant puns.  A few whips to the helicopter, and he wins.

Worms? Hah! Evans laughs at worms!

Ascending the staircase, our hero finds the waggle beast. After certain victory, he rolls in celebration.

What's this?  Evans goes for a boost, but misses it!  He continues forward, facing the horror he so wished to avoid -- a falling tree.  However, Evans has what no tree ever had: the ability to roll.  He continues on, killing a worm before bashing a plant into the ground.

Up, he thinks. So he goes up.

Evans was always allergic to seafood, but he never knew that seafood was allergic to him.

Across the floor, Evans faces skulls, music clapping in the background.  Suddenly, a floating Buddha appears! But Evans reaches zen in seconds.  The world waves the way waves wave.  Yes, Evans fears the, erm... thing, but fear is no excuse for failure.  With a final whip, he banishes the, erm... thing to the nether realms.

A boulder.  A hope.  A chase.  A Bugtarou.  A death.

Mike made me play this game.  Honestly, that was the best choice I have ever made in my life.  I was also lucky enough to see this run performed live.  This game is lag-tastic, glitchy, and -- frankly -- the most wonderful game ever created for the Genesis.  Yes, there are some minor mistakes, but those are minor compared to the level of skill required.  Of course I accept this run.

I timed from 00:46-9:39, or a time of 8:53.  No cheating except for cheating death at the end.

Oh my, I forgot about this for a bit. I was going to write a narrative of evan's adventures but I see thats already been taken care of now. All I will say is that the fact that the hero is Earnest Evans, grandson of Earnest Evans was excluded from the previous verifier's response.

The run itself was well executed and has generally good luck, and this game has a ton of luck to get a run this solid.

Agreed on time of 8:53 and agreed on accept.

A/V is fine, obvious signs of cheating in all levels since this game took me several hours to beat.

But seriously, the amount of luck and skill needed for this run is insane and it's one hell of an amazing watch.

The essay has been done already, and far better than I could ever manage so I'll just leave it with an agreement of the timing of 8:53.

A c c E p T

Timing: 8:53 as stated
Cheating: the game is completed in a fastpaced and fluent manner. Make of that what you will.
A/V: rice krispies (positive)

So good execution, so much luck, so entertaining. That pretty much sums it up.

Extra props to the stage 3 music which I must have missed while watching the streamed attempts due to runner's highly amusing play-by-play commentary.

In my opinion Earnest Evans should receive an invitation to the Adventurer's League which he could then officially ACCEPT.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Mike Uyama!
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Haters gonna hate
W o L F T e a M
Quote from Mecha Richter:
W o L F T e a M
All the things
Quote from Dragondarch:
Quote from Mecha Richter:
F o W L M e a T
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mikwuyma: 2012-11-05 08:09:01 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Thank you W o L F T e a M supporters! Especially Brossentia, for his eloquent and detailed report.

First off I gotta thank the S-B-A-G-O-K! Without him this run would not be sub-9, and because of him, I'll be back at this game again. I gotta at least get close to the 8:40, even if I can't beat it.

I think I will add both the live audio commentary and the audio commentary from the 799th attempt that almos[quote="Dragondarch"]
t beat this run. I'm not sure if I'll do a play-by-play audio commentary for this game, but we'll see.

Oh yeah, before I forget.

Quote from Dragondarch:
Quote from Mecha Richter:
W o L F T e a M

EDIT: LOL omnigamer, I approve.
How did this get 6 verifiers?
Quote from PJ:
How did this get 6 verifiers?

All hail the power of streaming.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Quote from presjpolk:
Quote from PJ:
How did this get 6 verifiers?

All hail the power of streaming.

I should start streaming my speedrunning... I should start speedrunning again.
Not a walrus
Quote from PJ:
How did this get 6 verifiers?

No pain, no gain
Quote from Dragondarch:
Quote from Mecha Richter:
W o L F T e a M

This run is awesome. Congrats, Mike Smiley
QWOPlvania Jones and the Temple of Uncanny Valley.

Congratulations, Mike. Way to action ROOOOOOOOL to victory!
Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
Congrats on this amazing run. Good luck beating Sbagok, because you're gonna need it. But W o L F T e a M will see you through.

M e A T F l o W