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Ducktales Remastered (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (wiiu) (Easy)

Verifier Responses

Quote from Ahee:
No cheating detected and the a/v quality was good. At the beginnig of the video there is a little idling in menu and he shows the leaderboard. At the end of the video he shows the leaderboard again and idles at menu.

Money Bin:
The whole level went well, there is nothing to point out.

African mines:
At the beginning when he jumped on top of that spawning box, cost a little over 3sec and would have, in my opinion, been worthy of a reset. After that African mines went well. Boulder skip took ~13.5sec. It would be possible in a little less than 10sec but its really hard and 13.5sec is a good time.

Damage taken for the death warp wasnt optimal. He boosted to the wrong direction when he took dmg from the bunny after dropping down from the surfase (cost around half a second), and at the bottom, just before the first magic coin, he didnt boost trought the spider. Taking dmg from the spikes instead of the spider cost around a second. Plane luck was good. Only 2 extra beagles. The RNG could save ~6.5sec there if he didnt get any extra beagles but its highly unlikely. The fight with yeti, the second to last rock he threw was a little early, making the yeti do an additional jump and therefor losing a little less than 3sec.

At the end of the second magic coin he took unnecessary dmg loosing a little less than a second. After Mrs. Beakley he took unnecessary dmg from a skeleton losing about 0.5sec. The dmg taken from magica cost around 1sec, but the RNG of the boss was really good.

At the beginning of the underground, throwing that rock to the spider was a waste of time, taking a little over a second. Also waiting for the other spider to get down is unnecessary and cost around half a second. Missing the coin at the end of the underground part and being distracted bedore jumping to the robe cost around 2 seconds. After the boulder escape, missing the magic coin cost around 1.5sec. At the boss He missed a hit to the boss 3 times, first time losing ~2sec, second time ~1sec and third time ~2sec. The bosses attack RNG was amazing.

The moon skip could be done a little faster, saving around a second, but its hard and missing it wastes a lot of time. Also at the end of the first magic coin hitting those rocks wastes a little time, but its marginal. Other than that the level was flawless and the boss had decent RNG and the fight went perfectly.

Taking dmg from the bat and the spikes at the first screen cost around half a second each. Hitting the rock lost a little time too but its marginal. Other than that the level went well. He got the fast boulder jump before the mine cart saving some time. The fight with dracula went well. Only 1 bat pattern is a must have and he got it. Both giant skips went well and he also got an early dmg to dracula once. Really good fight. After getting the dime he didnt go for the fastest route while escaping. Taking a safer route cost a little over 2sec.

I didnt time the run, because the video froze for me all the time, but in game time was 32:25. We should use RTA for this game because it doesnt show the time at the end of the run, and only updates the leaderboard if its a new personal best. The RTA that the runner said (36:31) seems to be right knowing the difference between Wii U in game time and real time.

There were really many small mistakes that cost time but the RNG on the other hand was amazing, I have never seen that good RNG in this game. Even thou the time is pretty good because of the amazing RNG, there has been better runs before the quick cinema patch that saved time for all the runs after that. I think that an improvement to this will take some time, because most of the runners have abandoned easy difficulty and moved to expert.

I dont think that this should be accepted, because the time is good only because of good RNG, not because good gameplay. The runner also had a run that was 10sec faster than this run before he had 2 bat patterns at dracula duck, that means that it is highly likely that this run would be improved pretty soon.

Excellent A/V. No cheating detected.

Didn't notice any major mistakes. There were a few minor mistakes, not too many seconds worth.

Ingame timer was 32:25 on the leaderboard. (Video shows before and after fastest time)

Decision: Accept

A/V is excellent. No cheating.
Given that this is a run on easy I would expect a perfect run with acceptable RNG. This run is kind of the other way around.
The runner makes small mistakes at regular intervals, which add up to a significant time loss in the end. This is all negated however by very good RNG overall.
Difficulty rant: Not sure why the site needs a run on Easy while Extreme is both more interesting And faster (current wr 35:15 by an active SDA member).

Decision: I was expecting perfection and I received a run that at least 30 people would match given this RNG. So.. I don't know about this one.

Decision: Reject

Reason: The execution on this one is a bit lacking, especially compared to another run on a different category currently in verification

This run will be available for a month. After that these link(s) will no longer work.
Thread title:  
Sorry people, I should have cancelled this one when I realised how much tighter Extreme is for this game. This was sort of a submit after finally getting a run close to my best (right before "Cinematic Skip") was introduced. I know there were some mistakes in this one. Extreme is definitely the way to go.

Thanks to the verifiers to paying interest to the run, hope I get your eyes on another run with better quality in the future.
Oh, we have! Don't worry.