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2 player B run with death abuse

Verifier Responses

Audio and Video are perfect, no problems.

There's nothing really bad to say about this run. It's an accept all the way. Every stage was has much tighter execution compared to the last run, and the only stage where time was lost (the last stage) is forgivable since it was only a few seconds. In a game where so much can go wrong, so much went right for the Lee brothers this time around.

Timing: Going from the frame before the fade-in until the very first black screen after the Shadow Master's death, I have a time of 40070 frames, or 11 mins 14 seconds.

First I would like to say that it is good to know that the two of you are working well on this. I would also like to know if either of you would be willing to make some attempts while at AGDQ if either of you show up. I enjoyed playing this coop and would like to do it again for fun or seriously.

I will not touch on execution errors as in this game, they stick out like an umpa lumpa mixed in with lollipop guild. I will give thoughts on possible improvements strat wise, or at least what I think can be.

This is an obvious accept Flip.

Mission 1: Kneeing the first linda off the ladder yields a faster 3rd linda spawn. But I think you went for that from the look of how it was approached. Besides that, I agree that the impromptu strats look good.

Mission 2: Looks good to me.

Mission 3: Lag is your best friend. The belts could have been done riskier, not big deal though.

Mission 4: At the second set of linda's, both player can go mid as to avoid the time it takes for them to walk up to you, yielding in a faster set of kills. That tank was ugly imo...

Mission 5: Punch him, let him know who is team leader!!!

Mission 6: Trolltastic!!! Also, we now know who team leader is.

Mission 7: After jumping down, and after each kill (because you have a short time frame), move down together. After the first kill, move half way down. After the second kill, move to the bottom. This eliminates the screen scroll before you can proceed.

Mission 8: No need to comment here.

Overall the strats are about as good as they are going to get unless the team can get double knees to move faster. Me and J were able to do this way more often that what we wanted...

Also, WTF!!! Not a single profit knee in this run. What the hell...

Mr. Flip,
  I have verified this Double Dragon the Sequel run.

Technical aspects all look clean.

Stage 1 - Instant failure on the first Linda.  Not a good omen.  This obviously shakes the runners' nerves as they resort to uppercuts on the next baddies.  Then the runners puss out and start using weapons.  If you don't have confidence in your skills, why should I?  Boss bitch slaps P1.

Stage 2 - Suicide in the beginning, I'm wondering why they don't completely kill themselves after that stage 1...

Stage 3 - So many missed knees.

Stage 4 - P2 gets owned hard once underwater.  Then Arnold has his way with both of them.  I'm really thinking these guys suck at this game.  P1 barely contributes at the end.  Then they both take the long way out in the last room.  Cowards!

Stage 5 - Maybe cheating here as P2 proceeds to walk off the screen and not die.  Please investigate.  Debating if I should have continued watching after that probable cheating.  More failure on the train. 

Stage 6 - Finally a decent level.  It only took six stages...

Stage 7 - Time lost as P1 can't keep up in the gear room.  WTF?  More execution errors in the final room.  Next time just tuck tail and use the knives. 

Stage 8 - Each player takes a turn getting worked before the big ladder.  At this point I've realized I could play better if I used my butt cheeks.  P2 kills the ninjas well.  Wise choice since P1 has been failing most the run, as he proceeds to prove by getting molested by his shadow.

Stage 9 - FAIL, FAIL, FAIL!  I'm over this BS already.  Why was this crap submitted?!


Decision: Accept

Congratulations 'sinister1' and Joe 'jprophet22' Corbin!
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Congrats guys!  Now go improve it.  Tongue
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sinister1: 2012-08-16 09:15:44 pm
so pro u don't even know
Thanks everyone, this is the 2 player run that SDA deserved!

@verifier 1: 40070 frames is 667.833 seconds or 11:07.833. Also timing begins when players gain control so the first frame of movement from the Lee bros.

@verifier 2: We can try to do attempts at AGDQ but I doubt a sub 12 would happen let alone beating this run. As for the stage by stage stuff, you missed one (the chopper it seems). Had not thought of that Lindas strat, thanks and yeah tank was crap. You had told me about the screen scroll thing for Double Illusion, but that was after the run was done Sad

@verifier 3: <3 these comments, A+

@PJ: I know you are kidding, but for people that don't: We are probably never going to improve this run unless it is beaten (lmao). We were only able to accomplish this run because at the time we were roommates and had reasonable schedules. Now we only live 50 yards away from each other but our schedules don't coincide too well.

<------ Note the good avatar RNG
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DK28: 2012-08-16 02:27:52 pm
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
You're welcome.  Wink
so pro u don't even know
Quote from DK28:
You're welcome.  Wink

I wasn't gonna call you out like last time Wink

Your the best.
General Kong - Bullets and Bananas
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