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Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Nightmare]

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Congratulations to 'lekolega'!
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Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (pc) (pc) [Any %] [Segmented] [Nightmare]

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The Great Farming Empire
I haven't beaten Resurrection of Evil yet, so I can't really comment on the quality of the run. But I must say, it's impressive to see a 4 minute improvement to the current SDA run while playing on a harder difficulty (Nightmare here as opposed to Marine for the currently published run).

A/V Quality seems good at least.

Abstaining until I beat this campaign which might take a while.
FPS <3
Thank you for the kind words Sonikkustar. Smiley

Nightmare difficulty is actually faster in RoE since you have all 3 powerups in the artifact right off the bat, similar to how in Doom 3 you have the Soul Cube from the get-go, which was most likely intended as compensation for the lack of health in both games. One of those powerups is Berserk which makes you deal insane amounts of damage with the fists and that basically skips the whole boss fight in Erebus 6. It also gives you a movement speed increase which saves time everywhere. On lower difficulties, you get 1 powerup from each boss. In chronological order, they are - Slow Motion in Erebus 2, Berserk in Erebus 6, and Invulnerability in Phobos 2.

So, by that logic, this run should not trump groobo's run since it would be unfair.

The splices are clearly visible wherever there is a fade-in. However, in the last level, each segment is split by the teleportation cutscene. I saved during those cutscenes and then there was no way of knowing when exactly the save happened since the typical "Game Saved..." text did not appear. So, then I just spliced it seamlessly while keeping the full lengths of the teleportation cutscenes.

There is also a sound bug in Erebus 6, at 10:19. I have no idea why this happened. I had it happen a couple of times throughout the run in various spots, some more prone to this than others, but that time it just happened to be my fastest segment which I could not replicate or beat. Then I was just forced to leave it like that.

There are articles going into detail about the Maledict fight online which I read and learned about its 2 phases, the amount of damage they require, and abuse it just enough that I don't have to use the artifact at all, saving time in the process.

I am happy to provide more insight if anything else pops up.
A/V: The audio issues are okay since they're short and it's the game doing it as well.

I haven't played the game but there's something funny about the way it looks? Do you have gamma turned up high? If so, that's also okay.

It's quite confusing to watch since the segment breaks often cause the camera angle to change or a cutscene to be cut.

Consider using CheatEngine to find boss health values and stuff like that. It sounds like you didn't do that with the final boss, instead guesstimating how much damage was being dealt. If the memory values for your coordinates are always in the same locations, you can even set up LiveSplit to give you information about your velocity if you should find that useful.

Erebus Research only has notes for 2 paragraphs but it looked like more segments than that?

This seems like adequate research has went into the game and I can imagine it's much more difficult than it looks not to get caught anywhere. Some of the boosts are so subtle I didn't necessarily even pick up on them despite reading the comments on the side.

Formerly known as Skullboy
A/V is fine outside of that one sound hiccup. No cheating detected.

The time difference between this and the currently published run (which is on an easier level) is eye catching and shows the differences with the charges and more optimized gameplay. As the runner said, this should probably be a separate category instead of obsoleting the current run. Regardless, this Nightmare run is well played, uses the segments in meaningful ways, and has done their homework on what makes the game work (or not work).

The Great Farming Empire
Aside from the audio glitch at 10:19, there doesn't seem to be any issues that I see.

I was literally about to say, I thought you don't gain invincibility until you defeat the boss in Phobos Labs 2. The rocket jumps and use of berserk throughout the run was hilarious and amazing. And yeah I agree that this should probably be a separate category if the differences in the Artifact are so pronounced.

I haven't played this game. I've played through Doom 3, but far too casually to have anything meaningful to say about the game mechanics.

This was a very enjoyable watch. Lots of different techniques, shortcuts, generally taking advantage of the mechanics and of course fast-paced well executed shooting.

Just a few comments from my side.
- What's happening at 15:52? I understand it's a new segment, but it almost looks like there is a jump to a different location (or maybe I'm just disoriented). There are a few segment splits that jump similarly.
- Is there really no acceleration in this game? If there is acceleration, wouldn't it have been slightly faster to move back a bit while waiting for the door to open so you can enter them at full speed?

Decision posted.
FPS <3
LotBlind: Yes, I have turned up the gamma to 2 and brightness to 2 since the game is disgustingly dark. If I left it like that, it would have looked bad in the recording. It also helps to see since I was playing this on a CRT, which doesn't really display dark areas well, especially during daytime with the sun glare off the glass.
If there is no fade-in, it is not a new segment but a cutscene that I skip, which is what happens in Erebus Research.

ktwo: The 15:52 is me skipping a cutscene, which is still the same segment up until 16:06.

Thanks for the kind words again and I hope you enjoyed watching and researching. Smiley