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This thread isn't about listing sites that are good to use as it would probably become very outdated. Instead, use your own judgement, put yourself in other people's shoes. You can look at existing threads to see what others are using. Most of the time you can upload using the forum attachment feature, provided the files are not too large.

These sites don't fit in the Tech Support forum, each for different reasons:

Youtube converts videos. It's important to preserve the properties and format of your video such as quality, resolution, framerate, interlacing, container, etc. We can't properly judge a modified version of your video.

RapidShare has traditionally put measures to limit bandwidth in the form of countdowns, wait periods and download slots. These are things nobody likes to encounter when deciding to take time out of their day to help you.

[Insert name of terrible file host that wastes everyone's time] is a terrible file host that wastes everyone's time. Stay clear of this one!
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