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Donkey Kong 64 (100 %) (Single Segment)

Verifier Responses

Watching the run as of this post, run seems very impressive; Audio and Video qualities are that of which you would expect from a Nintendo 64 game. Runner made several mistakes, which after reading the runner comments he acknowledged. Also had some impressive glitches, which I am sure would save time. I'm tied as to say Accept or Reject; Accept due to all of the hard work that was put into the strategies and the run itself was phenomenal; Reject because there were too many costly mistakes that made the runner lose time, and the runner as I said before acknowledged these mistakes. Overall, I would say Reject because with all of these mistakes, there's room for improvement.


Okey, so first of all I have to congratulate the runner just for playing 7 hours straight, that's hard work and he deserves appreciation for that.
The run is overall good and fun to watch, the route seems well-planned (as far as I can tell in a game this big and with this amount of sequence-broken backtracking).
The abused glitches were pulled of mostly good, sometimes he stumbled a bit but I remember the glitching-through-the-statue attempt in Zelda Twilight Princess which took several minutes so I guess this is acceptable, at least since I don't know how hard these tricks are to pull off. It was a bit embarrassing to fail two time trying to roll on the first level of the pyramid in Angry Aztec while the way over the stairs would've taken not more than one more second, but there are few enough of those failures to overlook them too.
Since the 100% definition neither involves the bananas nor the coins it's obvious why the runner didn't collect all of them; he just didn't need more for the banana medallion or the moves. But I had the feeling sometimes that it could have been planned better which bananas to collect; for example when he doesn't take a way of 1 second to collect a bush of 5 bananas but has the time to collect 5 lonely ones before that. Well, only costs maybe 10 seconds in the whole run so screw it.
What costs more time - if I have that in mind correctly, always mentioned by the runner if it happens - are the few fails were he has to restart a minigame. There is one Donkey-Cannon-Minigame in the beginning were this happens and some more in the end, which with no doubt is because the games are getting harder and the runner already played several hours without a single break of more than ten seconds. These mistakes cost maybe 5 minutes throughout the run, by rule of thumb.
I like where he shoots a bullet in the last moment before the banana-cutscene starts and hits the banana-balloon in the middle of the cutscene, lol.
I have to say here that my sympathy for taking playing for a long time straight as a reason to play worse and worse to the end of the game isn't very big, the runner knew what awaited him and SDA already overweighs a single segment run by a few percent over a run in parts. This pity is mostly there for small slips of the pen (can you say that in this context in english? I'm not native speaker, but you know what I mean) and not-so-perfekt-gameplay like cutting edges, always run as close to the inner wall in a turn as possible and so on. This costs maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute.
So, what to do? Normally I'd say accept with the prompt note to try harder next time and don't send in a run with so much mistakes especially in the second half, but since I know that SDA strictly only wants the best of the best - and that's why I love this site! - my answer would rather be reject. But nevertheless I'm gonna say accept. Why? Because this run is nearly two hours faster than the current 100% run. That this run is way faster is due to some more glitches, better sequence-breaking and a faster route. And besides all the mistakes it still is way better than the old run. But try harder next time, and don't send in a run with that much mistakes, would you? Wink I look forward seeing a run here in the future without this much mistakes and some more even better glitches. I'm sure sub 7 is possible, and if splitted in parts even more than that. Maybe we reach 6:30 sometime? Who knows!

I just finished watching the whole run today, and I want to go to bed pretty soon, so I'm gonna try to be short with my review.

The video and audio quality are fine since this is N64.

The speedrun contains some pretty bad mistakes and while I'd like to accept this run just so I could always look at that shot that's made about an hour in, I kinda feel like rejecting this run with how bad the mistakes were. Although there were a lot of failures and mistakes throughout this run, I'm not sure if sub 7 could be achieved if everything went perfect. There have been more glitches and tricks discovered ever since this run was done, yes, but it's pretty hard to keep consistentcy for all of the tricks and routes in a 7-hour run. I would love to see a sub-7 run of this game, but I think that this is good enough to replace the old SDA run of this game. This seems like a very lucky run with how each of the bad moments were redeemed by very fancy moments close afterward, so it looks like a quality run to me.

Decision: Accept

So this run is a huge improvement to the 101% run that's been on SDA for ages, as it beats the latter by nearly 2 hours. Even though it has a lot of mistakes, I think the runner tried very hard to eventually achieve the time of 7:13, so he definitely did a good job.

Overall the run is very impressive because it features many glitches that can't be seen in any% runs. Most of the tricks were pulled off pretty smoothly, whereas the runner makes many mistakes on glitchless gameplay that add up to a time loss of several minutes. But actually I think attempting 101% is way harder than any% because there are so many chances of losing time on ordinary things even after practicing a lot. The run was fun to watch anyway, so I recommend everyone to watch it as well.

The recording has no audio or video issues. The video quality is good enough for an N64 game. No hacks or in-game cheats were used.

I feel like going more into detail, but instead of listing all the time losses in the run, I'll point out what I think was impressive (+), bad/improvable (-) or interesting (*).
GB = Golden Banana
STVW = Swim Through Vertical Walls

DK Isles

- Tries to touch the GB and the loading zone at the same time in order to skip the cutscene that shows up on every GB. He accidentally doesn't collect the banana and has to go back out of the lobby to get it.

Jungle Japes

* By touching the warp pad while the cutscene with Diddy starts, he cancels it and triggers another cutscene explaining bananaports.
+ Somehow manages to skip the cutscene with Squawks talking about battle crowns.
- Tries to clip through the wall near Funky with Diddy's Chimpy Charge, but it takes him several tries to do so. Lost about 22 seconds. After getting out of bounds, he collects the GB behind the bars.
+ Simply backflips up to the switch inside the mountain cave. Pulls that trick off pretty fast.
+ Uses an aerial attack to get around the gate that blocks the path to the minecart.
- Has to enter Barrel Blast twice because he misses the bananas. Lost about 17 seconds.

Angry Aztec

+ Frees Tiny very fast by using Chimpy Charge on top of the letters.
+ Does a quick moontail to get on the llama cage.
- It takes him a while to shoot the yellow balloon behind the llama temple.

DK Isles

+ Moontail onto the Factory walkway is done really fast.
+ Gets into Factory with one long jump and one attack combo. A bit of luck helped him out here.

Frantic Factory

+ Completes the shooting game with Tiny really fast.
- Realizes he has forgotten to activate warp pad 2 at the level entrance and has to exit and reenter Factory. Lost about 16 seconds.
+ Beats the enemies in Chunky's R&D room pretty fast.
+ Kills the bees in Chunky's room with the rising platforms by playing the triangle during a cutscene.
+ In the same room, he jumps off the block that contains the GB and gets it.
+ Does a good job moontailing and backflipping to Diddy's Beaver Bother switch.
+ DK Arcade goes well. He uses a shortcut in stage 3 by pause buffering.
- However in stage 4 of round 2, he gets surrounded by enemies and dies after clearing 7 blocks. Lost about 47 seconds.
- Makes some mistakes on Mad Jack fight. I'm sure there are better strats than the ones he uses.
- Uses a shortcut in the production room, but it takes him a few tries to get it.
- Falls down while trying to get Chunky's GB. Lost about 28 seconds.

DK Isles

- Batty Barrel Bandit could be faster.

Gloomy Galleon

In this level he uses STVW a lot. It's possible to swim through virtually anything here.
- In Chunky's cave, it takes him a few tries to get up to the Kasplat from the low water level.
+ Shooting game goes well. No missed shots.
+ Has no problems getting up the tower inside the lighthouse.
- Tries to hit the GB with a jump from the top of the tower, but barely misses it.
+ Barrel Blast is done well.
+ Gets Chunky's GB inside the ship decently fast.
- It takes him a while to get Diddy's blueprints because the Kasplat is walking in the shallow water.
- Messes up getting some of the coins in Splish-Splash Salvage.
- Has some trouble getting up the pile of gold coins with Lanky.
+ Jumps on DK's Kasplat to get up the other pile of gold coins faster. Really nice strat.
+ Big Bug Bash is done fast, considering it's probably the most annoying minigame after Beaver Bother.
- Lost some time getting into the smaller shipwreck with Tiny.
+ Kremling Kosh is done really well.
- Doesn't use proper strats for the Pufftoss fight and has to look for each star.
* Uses STVW to get Lanky's bananas inside the chests at the bottom of the sea.

DK Isles

* Uses STVW to get Tiny's GB in Galleon lobby. Gets out of bounds again and warps back to the beginning of lobby.
- Gets DK's GB Caves lobby, but doesn't do the deathwarp trick.
- Three tries to get into Caves with Lanky.

Crystal Caves

"Two and a half hours into the run and he's already in Caves? He must be the best DK64 player ever."
* Wins the "stomp tiles" game with 16 DK piles. Always nice to watch.
+ Skips the Lanky pad on the ice castle by simply high jumping into the hole.
* Hovers to Lanky's Kasplat after the beetle race.
+ Gets GB in Lanky's hut pretty fast.
+ DK's hut goes well. He doesn't fall through the floor like some other runners did.
+ Gets the GB and the fairy in Diddy's first hut very fast.
- Could have used better strats in Diddy's second hut, e.g. doing a moontail to jump up.
- Collects some homing ammo in DK's hut, but uses it up and loses time getting more ammo.
- Throws oranges and knocks himself into the pit in Tiny's hut. It takes him a lot of time to kill all the klaptraps. Lost about 31 seconds.
* Goes to Army Dillo with Chunky. A moonkick in this fight would be amazing, but at least he does a double jump instead.
+ The boss fight goes pretty fast.
+ Shoots the balloon inside DK's small cave really fast even though it's quite hard to hit.
- Falls down once in Barrel Blast. Lost about 25 seconds.
- Misses Diddy's barrel near Cranky and falls down. Lost about 19 seconds.
* Uses STVW to get into the igloo with all kongs.
- Loses a bit of time shooting Diddy's balloon inside the igloo.
* Does a moontail to get some bananas.
- Gets hit by the ememy in Tiny's igloo and misses the target a few times.
+ Gets the balloon and the fairy pretty fast, though.
+ DK's igloo goes really well. Walks through the maze without taking damage and shoots the balloon quickly.

Angry Aztec

+ Shoots down the vulture in Tiny's temple really quickly.
- It takes him a few tries to get into the banana barrel inside Chunky's cage, but it's still faster than putting the boulder onto the switch.
+ Chunky's rotating room is cleared perfectly.
* Frees the vulture, gets the GB on top of the tower and warps to Diddy's barrel by "losing" the fly-through-rings game.
- Enters DK's part of the five door temple with Diddy. Has to exit and go to Diddy's room. Lost about 30 seconds.
- Goes the wrong way in Diddy's part of the temple.
- Realizes he has forgotten to activate warp pad 4 and has to walk instead. Lost about 10 seconds.
- Accidentally uses warp pad 2 twice.
* Has to turn in some blueprints so he has enough time in Hideout Helm.
- Gets hit by a klaptrap and falls into the water in the llama temple while trying to shoot Tiny's balloon.
- Hasn't memorized the pairs on Lanky's minigame inside the llama temple.
+ The last fly on Big Bug Bash takes a bit of time, but the game goes well overall.
- Gets caught in Stealthy Snoop. Lost about 25 seconds.
- Fails to roll through the slope to get in DK's part of the five-door temple. Gives up and shoots the switch to enter the room normally.
* Fights Dogadon with Chunky. Nothing to do for Diddy, but at least he's squishing Dogadon Jr. in the intro cutscene.
+ Kremling Kosh is done pretty fast.

DK Isles

- It takes him a few tries to get into Tiny's banana barrel in the Aztec lobby. Lost about 17 seconds.

Fungi Forest

- Jumps down after getting Chunky's blueprint outside the giant mushroom and misses the spot where he's trying to land. Has to climb a ladder to get up.
+ During the first rabbit race, he does some decent long jumps and gets the blueprint.
* Uses the C-up glitch to fight the spider with Chunky, who can defeat it much faster than Tiny. However, the GB is grayed out and he has to get it with Tiny later on.
* Uses an out of bounds glitch to get DK's GB on the conveyor belt inside the mill.
* Uses STVW to get to the area with DK's hut without switching to night.
+ Does a kickjump to get into the banana barrel inside DK's hut without using the vines.
- Gets hit in Busy Barrel Barrage just as the time is about to run out. Lost about 53 seconds.
+ Kills the bats in Lanky's room inside the mill pretty fast, even though he doesn't collect any homing ammo.
* Uses STVW on the wall and on the cage with Diddy's GB near the mill.

DK Isles

- Doesn't keep rocketbarrel while collecting the GB behind the bars on top of DK Island, which could skip the cutscene.
* Gets Lanky's GB in K. Lumsy's prison and warps back to the exit by turning in key 5.

Creepy Castle

* Uses STVW at the beginning of the level to swim straight through the air to Tiny's Kasplat. So DK's not the only kong able to fly after all.
- Jumps down after getting the blueprint and has to do the same trick again. Lost about 33 seconds.
- Shoots Lanky's switch inside a cave with Tiny.
- Since he doesn't have Super Duper Simian Slam yet, he has to use an orange to get Tiny's GB inside the green lava cave. It takes him three tries to do so. Lost about 50 seconds.
* Jumps straight to Lanky's GB with Orangstand Sprint to skip the vines in the green lava cave.
- It takes him a lot of time to get the fairy inside the tree. Lost about 49 seconds.
- Game Over on the jetpack game. Lost about 84 seconds.
* Uses saxophone to kill the flies in the trash can.
- Has to restart Minecart Mayhem once. Lost about 38 seconds.
- It takes him a few tries to get the fairy inside the museum. Lost about 26 seconds.
+ In Lanky's tower, he shoots the first switch during the cutscene showing his pad.
+ Beats Beaver Bother is done pretty fast. Maybe it's not even a tough game after all.
+ Jumps down from the castle roof to the museum without taking damage.
+ Clears Chunky's hut pretty fast. Uses homing ammo to kill the bats.
+ Uses some pretty good strats for King Kutout and beats him quickly.
- Walks in the wrong direction for a moment in Lanky's maze.
- In another lava cave, he hovers to the banana barrel with Lanky, but then he jumps into the lava instead of the barrel. Dies once more and gets into the barrel. Lost about 1 minute and 32 seconds.
+ In the tree, he hit Chunky's balloon during the cutscene.

DK Isles

* Does Helm Early because it would cost more time to open K. Rool's mouth.
- Has some trouble jumping through K. Rool's eye.

Hideout Helm

It's possible to shut down the Blast-o-Matic by completing just Diddy's minigames, but that way he would have to reenter the level. And once you exit Helm, you won't be able to collect the Banana Medals because they will be grayed out. This is a glitch that was fixed in later versions of the game.
+ Skips the Mini Monkey barrel by simply jumping into the pipe. Pulls that trick off quickly.
- Could have punched down Chunky's gate later on when he's heading towards his room again.
+ Chunky's shooting game is done quickly.
- Hitting the bees in Lanky's minigame takes him a while.
- Dies twice in the battle arena on top of the Blast-o-Matic. Lost about 2 minutes and 16 seconds.
* Glitches past the crown door and skips the cutscene "K. Rool Press Button", which I think usually shows up even with Story Skip turned on.

DK Isles

- Didn't move towards K. Lumsy while falling down from K. Rool island.
* Doesn't turn in key 2 and key 7 in order to skip the cutscene "K. Rool Takeoff". Again, I think that one can't be avoided with Story Skip. By the way, key 3 and key 8 are the only ones required to make K. Rool's ship spawn.

Jungle Japes

* Uses STVW to get into Chunky's underground cave.
* Uses STVW to get Tiny's GB behind bars without stomping the switch.
+ Splish-Splash Salvage is done pretty fast.

K. Rool

+ No mistakes in DK's round.
- Loses a bit of time on Diddy's round, but no big deal.
+ Lanky's round is incredibly fast. Really nice strats here.
+ Tiny's round is perfect as well.
+ Chunky's round also is done pretty fast.

At last I want to congratulate the runner for this amazing run and point out that it still should be improved someday. There are so many new tricks and strats that have yet to be found, so I hope he'll get back to 101% runs eventually and improve his time by at least 14 minutes.


The video and audio quality are good. I found no cheating. The run meets the definition of 101%.

The game has a timer. The final time is 7:14. The runner says that that's wrong, but I disagree. As far as I know, the timer starts at about 0:00:12 in the verification video (when the screen unzips and shows DK's house) and ends at about 7:15:36 (as the screen with K. Lumsy's island fades away). The difference between those times is 7:15:24. Given that the runner spent some time on the pause screen (at least 25 seconds and no more than 84 seconds) and the timer doesn't run on the pause screen, 7:14 is correct.

Some general notes:
  • The 101% route has been worked on over several years by multiple players. With so many things to collect and so many possible orders, it's impossible to say whether a route is optimal. However, the route in this run looks pretty good. It takes a while to test large changes, so I will only point out small route improvements in this response.
  • In a long single-segment run, mistakes are bound to happen. In this response, I'll avoid pointing out small (i.e. less than 10 seconds), random mistakes unless I also post some way to avoid them. I'll point out small mistakes if they appear systematic and are easily avoidable.
  • The fairies are extremely annoying. They love to move away right as you're about to take a picture, and the circle on the center of the screen doesn't really tell you whether you'll capture one or not. Overall, the runner captured the fairies very quickly. Only a few of them gave him trouble.
  • The runner did a lot of long jumping. Long jumping gives you a very slight speed boost, but it's so small that if you deviate from a straight-line course even a little, you'll lose time. On the whole, the runner long jumped too much and lost small amounts of time in many places. There were also places where he ran into enemies because long jumping reduces the amount of control you have over your jump. Cutting back on long jumping could easily save at least a minute.
  • The runner appears to have the Chimpy Cam set to Free. I find that setting it to Follow generally gives you a better view, which helps you take the shortest path between two points and avoid enemies. There are some situations in this run where it seems like Follow would have been helpful, but I don't know of any places where Free gives an advantage.

Now for some level-by-level comments:

DK Isles:
  • The training area went fine.
  • The runner got into Banana Fairy Isle quickly.
  • While trying to skip the Golden Banana (GB) cutscene outside the Jungle Japes lobby, he rolled into the loading zone without touching the GB. He then had to leave the lobby, watch the GB cutscene, and go back in. This cost about 12 seconds.

Jungle Japes 1:
  • The cutscene skip went well.
  • The Battle Crown area went well. Since the amount of time you have to survive is fixed, all that matters is surviving and grabbing the Crown quickly afterward. The runner did both.
  • The runner rolled off the Troff 'n' Scoff ledge, which appears to be slower than jumping or kicking off.
  • Again, the runner descended slowly after freeing Diddy.
  • The runner lost a little time jumping onto the vine from the water with Diddy. Jumping from farther away lets you get higher on the vine.
  • The runner lost about 20 seconds trying to Chimpy Charge through the wall next to Funky. As the runner says, the trick is a little picky.
  • The backflip from the coal pile to the plank in the mine cart area went well. It's also a little picky.
  • The gate skip in the mine cart area went well.
  • The mine cart ride was good. The runner was hit by explosive barrels a few times, but it seems like that's faster than slowing down to avoid them. He ended up with 19 extra coins, so he could have saved some time by not reaching out to grab coins so often.
  • The C-up clip in the boss lobby went well.
  • The Army Dillo fight was somewhat slow. You want to be next to the barrel when Army Dillo stops shooting so that you can pick it up as soon as possible, but the runner didn't do this. He did a good job taking damage to speed up the rolling phases, though.
  • The runner needs at least one of the two banana bundles in the Barrel Blast course. He missed both, so he had to go back and get one, wasting about 17 seconds.

DK Isles:
  • The runner wasted time activating the #1 warp pad near the entrance to DK Isles. It would be faster to activate this pad when it's used.

Angry Aztec 1:
  • The runner spelled KONG quickly.
  • It may be faster to swing to the top of the llama cage than to run over and use a moontail.
  • If you want to drop off a rope, it's faster to press Z while you're swinging than to jump off and then do a Simian Slam.
  • It would be faster to collect Tiny's coins while waiting for the rainbow coin to become solid than to collect all the coins, do a shockwave attack, and do nothing while you're waiting for the rainbow coin to become solid.
  • In the Barrel Blast course, there's a barrel where you're already aimed at the right place and you can fire immediately. The runner didn't do this and lost 2 seconds.

DK Isles:
  • The moontail to the spiral walkway was done pretty well.
  • The runner got into Frantic Factory very quickly.

Frantic Factory:
  • At one point when the runner was buying upgrades, he was playing as Lanky. He went to Candy, tagged Diddy, went to Cranky, tagged Lanky, went to Cranky, tagged Tiny, and went to Candy. It would be faster to go to Cranky with Lanky, go to Candy, tag Diddy, go to Cranky, tag Tiny, and go to Candy. This would save a tag (i.e. a few seconds) plus a bit more because tag barrels conserve some of your velocity.
  • The runner went a little out of his way to get a banana bunch after using Mini Monkey. I think you'll get that bunch automatically when you leave the tunnel later.
  • After killing Lanky's Kasplat, the runner could have gotten a small banana while waiting for the blueprint to appear.
  • As the runner mentions in his comments, he forgot to hit the #2 warp pad in the first room. This cost him roughly 12 seconds.
  • I was glad to see that the runner did the trick to turn into Hunky Chunky during the toy monster cutscene (or as leftysheroes calls him, Bad Hit Detection Man). This lets you collect the bananas in the area quickly.
  • The GB cutscene skip in the room next to the Storage Room was done quickly, as was the moontail to the top of the doorway.
  • Beaver Bother was okay. I think it's better not to bark unless there's a beaver between you and the hole.
  • I think the runner missed another chance to shoot immediately in the Barrel Blast course, losing 1-2 seconds.
  • Instead of climbing the pipe with DK and kicking over to the power shed, the runner went back to the R&D room and dropped down to the power shed. This took quite a bit of time. Granted, he did get a balloon on the way, but those 10 bananas could be replaced without losing much time. In fact, the runner ended up with 5 extra bananas with DK, so he would only have to add 5 more (such as the 5 he didn't get in the Barrel Blast course) to make up for not getting the balloon in the R&D room.
  • The runner caught the fairy next to Funky very quickly.
  • The first round of DK Arcade went pretty well. The runner played it safe in a few places, but he did fine overall.
  • The runner died on 100m in the second round of DK Arcade. This cost him 46 seconds. Personally, I find it easier to ignore the hammers in 100m. The more time you spend in the level, the more flames spawn.
  • The Mad Jack fight was bad. First, a little background info (explained in more detail on the Strategy Wiki and demonstrated in the current any% run). When Mad Jack jumps to your square, he jumps slowly. When he jumps to an unoccupied square, he jumps quickly. You want to move in such a way that Mad Jack does as few slow jumps as possible. It seems the runner was unaware of this; he made no effort to get fast jumps. He also got knocked off a platform and lost 34 seconds. All told, he lost about a minute.
  • Diddy's shortcut in the Production Room can be done 3-4 seconds faster. Backflip onto the sign, backflip onto the slope, slide off, jump onto the sign again, backflip onto the slope again, and backflip up to flat ground.
  • A bad camera angle in the Production Room caused the runner to fall and cost him about 28 seconds.
  • The runner grabbed an edge while falling from Lanky's GB at the top of the Production Room. He lost 2-3 seconds. I think it's better to crouch when you descend from there.

DK Isles:
  • The runner caught the fairy in the Factory lobby quickly.
  • It might be faster to activate K. Lumsy's text in the Gloomy Galleon lobby before getting Chunky's blueprint. Then B. Locker will do his vanishing animation while you get the blueprint.

Gloomy Galleon:
  • The runner did a very good job clipping through walls and swimming into loading zones throughout this level.
  • The runner caught the fairy in the treasure chest room next to Cranky's room quickly.
  • The runner had some trouble grabbing the edge in the cannonball room and lost about 15 seconds. Grabbing that edge can be tricky.
  • The cannonball game went well. This is an example of a game that's extremely easy with practice and frustrating without (see Wouter Goes Bananas).
  • The runner missed three opportunities to shoot immediately in a Barrel Blast course. He lost about 6 seconds.
  • The runner did a Simian Slam after jumping off a coin tower. I don't think this increases your falling speed.
  • Here's a tip for pulling out your gun while standing on a pad: enter first-person mode first, then pull out the gun. That way you won't activate the pad by pressing Z. This works on warp pads, Simian Spring pads, etc. and could be useful in the treasure room.
  • The runner captured the fairy in the five-room ship pretty quickly. That fairy is annoying.
  • Kremling Kosh went well. The runner hit a bunch of red Kremlings.
  • The runner used a cool STVW through a barrel in the two-room ship with Lanky. I don't think I've seen it before.
  • Entering first-person mode to reduce lag in the Battle Crown fight is a good idea. I'm not sure how much time it saves, though.

DK Isles:
  • The runner got into the Caves lobby quickly.
  • You can use the invincibility from an orange to walk on the lava in the Caves lobby and get the GB without Strong Kong. This would have saved roughly 8 seconds.

Crystal Caves:
  • The runner tagged Tiny, bought her upgrades, tagged Lanky, bought his upgrades, and tagged Tiny again. It would be faster to tag Lanky and buy his upgrades, then tag Tiny and buy hers.
  • You can shoot Lanky's balloon during the ice cube game instead of shooting it beforehand. Even if you do this, the ice cube game is still extremely easy. This would have saved about 4 seconds.
  • The runner did pretty well on the beetle race.
  • The runner wisely chose not to cancel his ground pounds in the rotating room. As he mentions in his comments, jumping at the wrong time can cause you to go through the wall. IIRC, you can't get back in bounds because you're too far below the floor. There's a trick in this room to skip the puzzle, but it's pretty hard and not worth doing.
  • After you get the Battle Crown in the rotating room, you're placed right next to where the GB floats to when you finish the puzzle. I wonder if the GB stays there if you get the Battle Crown between solving the puzzle and picking up the GB. If so, it might be faster to solve the puzzle, get the Crown, then get the GB.
  • The runner did a great job capturing the fairy in the five-door cabin.
  • Here's the strategy I recommend for Diddy's lower room in the five-door cabin: Backflip up to the center platform, kill the barrel enemies with oranges before they see you, then take the others out with oranges.
  • After running out of homing ammo, the runner went bananas shooting normal ammo at a fast Zinger before deciding to pick up some more homing ammo. It's probably better to pick it up right away if you run out.
  • The runner had some serious trouble aiming his oranges in the purple Klaptrap room. Eventually, one of them hit him and knocked him into a pit. He then had to start the room over, losing about 31 seconds.
  • The runner wasted a little time activating warp 4 near Diddy's blueprint. This warp can be activated when it's used.
  • Army Dillo went pretty well.
  • The runner missed a barrel in the Barrel Blast course and lost 22 seconds. He also missed an opportunity to fire right away and lost 3 seconds.
  • The runner missed a jump into a Rocketbarrel and lost 20 seconds.
  • The runner used a moontail near the five-room igloo to get a banana bunch with Diddy. It's a cool trick, but it seems slower than just grabbing the bananas by Diddy's blueprint.
  • It may be easier to shoot the balloon in Diddy's room of the five-room igloo if you stand by the door.
  • The runner caught the fairy in the five-room igloo very quickly.
  • The runner shot a balloon while protecting the rabbit. That saved some time and it looks cool.

Angry Aztec 2:
  • The runner failed the moonbanana glitch. Instant reject.
  • The runner used Mini Monkey to get to Tiny's Klaptrap room. I think it's faster to get there with an STVW.
  • The runner had some trouble clipping into Chunky's cage. I find that it's easier if you roll after the peak of your jump.
  • Chunky's rotating room was fast. The runner killed the enemies as soon as they spawned.
  • After clipping inside the five-door temple, the runner entered the wrong room. This cost him 30 seconds.
  • The runner forgot to activate a warp, costing about 12 seconds.
  • The beetle race went well.
  • The runner got caught in Stealthy Snoop and lost 25 seconds.
  • The runner spent some time trying to clip into the five-door temple with DK before doing it the normal way. Since the normal way doesn't take long, it might be better not to bother trying to clip inside.
  • Clipping into the boss fight went well, as did the fight itself.
  • Shooting the balloon in Chunky's portion of the five-door temple without going into first-person mode is cool.
  • Once again, Kremling Kosh was fast.

DK Isles:
  • The runner had a hard time getting into the bonus barrel in the Aztec lobby and lost 16 seconds. It might be easier with a different camera angle.

Fungi Forest:
  • The glitches in this level were done pretty quickly overall.
  • The runner missed a jump from an upper section of the giant mushroom to a lower one and lost 11 seconds. A different camera angle might help.
  • The minigames and the rabbit races went well.
  • The runner used pausing to capture the extremely annoying fairy in the lobby very quickly. As he says in the comments, it's probably the hardest fairy in the game to catch.
  • The runner was hit a few times in the mine cart ride, but he did a good job avoiding obstacles for the most part.
  • The spider fight went well.
  • Navigating the OoB area to get DK's mill GB without turning on the conveyor belt can be tricky, but the runner did it pretty quickly.
  • The boss fight went well.
  • Minecart Mayhem went well. The strategy the runner used works every time.
  • The runner got hit near the end of Busy Barrel Barrage and lost 54 seconds.
  • You can finish Diddy's shed without the flashlight, but it's risky.

Creepy Castle:
  • The runner fell off the level and lost 33 seconds.
  • The runner failed a trick where invincibility is used to get over some lava. He lost about 50 seconds.
  • The fairy in the tree is one of the hardest to capture. It took the runner almost a minute to get it.
  • The runner got a Game Over in Jetpac shortly before reaching 5000 points. It took him 84 seconds to get back to that point.
  • The runner took a wrong turn in Minecart Mayhem and had to restart, losing 37 seconds. Like he says in his comments, the controls in that minigame sometimes feel unresponsive.
  • The runner got extremely unlucky with the second fairy. It kept moving out of range just a frame or two before the runner took the picture.
  • You can save some time in the car race by skipping checkpoints. IIRC, you're not allowed to skip two in a row, but you can skip one at a time and still get the GB.
  • The runner decided not to clip inside the Library with DK, which would have saved roughly a minute. It's kind of tricky, so I don't blame him.
  • The runner did a nice little cutscene skip in Lanky's updraft room.
  • Everyone's favorite minigame, the 15-beaver Beaver Bother, went very well.
  • The runner got into the boss fight quickly. The fight went well.
  • The Battle Crown fight went well.
  • The runner had some trouble shooting a balloon with Diddy in the dungeon. He lost about 14 seconds. As he says in his comments, you can only have four bullets on screen at a time. The hallway is long, so if you aim straight down it, fire, and miss, the bullet will take a long time to disappear. It helps to aim at the side of the room; that way the bullets will disappear more quickly if you miss and you can fire sooner.
  • The runner fell into lava twice in the dungeon and lost 92 seconds. The first fall looked like a fluke, but the second could have been avoided by using only one Baboon Balloon pad instead of two; that way you don't have to land on the island in the middle of the lava. Also, using only one pad would save some time in its own right.
  • Kremling Kosh wasn't as fast as it was in the other levels, but it was still okay.
  • The runner tiptoed off a Baboon Balloon pad before pulling out his gun. My advice for the Gloomy Galleon treasure room applies here as well: go into first-person mode first, then pull out the gun.
  • The second Beaver Bother also went well.

DK Isles:
  • Clipping through K. Rool's eye took about 20 seconds. It can be somewhat tricky.

Hideout Helm:
  • The runner used a little glitch to get into the pipe without Mini Monkey, saving a few seconds. I was surprised to see this trick; personally, I think it's a little too hard for the amount of time it saves.
  • It's faster to smash DK's gate, then Tiny's, then Lanky's. You don't need to smash Chunky's gate until you go to play his minigames.
  • After finishing DK's games, the runner took the long way to the tag barrel.
  • Lanky's Zinger game can be done roughly 10 seconds faster, IIRC.
  • Diddy's jetpack game can be done about 12 seconds faster if you stay in the center and rotate instead of moving around the room. The fiasco in the current any% run was a fluke; the strategy is quite easy.
  • In Diddy's Kremling game, I find that it's usually better to stay next to the switch and shoot the Kremlings from there.
  • The runner did pretty well in the rest of the games.
  • The runner fell off the stage twice in the Battle Crown arena, losing 76 seconds. My favorite strategy in the Battle Crown fights is to stay in the center and backflip repeatedly, although that might not work with all kongs.
  • The runner captured the fairies very quickly.

DK Isles:
  • The runner could have moved toward K. Lumsy's island while falling from the Helm lobby entrance.

Jungle Japes:
  • This level went really well.

K. Rool:
  • DK's round went very well.
  • Diddy's round went pretty well. The runner took some hits, but he did a good job recovering.
  • Lanky's round also went very well. The strategy used looks like it might be a good deal more consistent than the strategy used in the any% run, and it's only a few seconds slower--a wise trade in a run of this length.
  • Tiny's round and Chunky's round also went well.


Of course there are some mistakes in this run; it's over seven hours long. In fact, I think that if this run goes up, it will be the longest SS ever posted by a large margin. My level-by-level comments may sound negative, but when things go well, there's not a lot to say. And for the most part, things went well in this run. Plus, the route and execution are lightyears ahead of the run currently on the site. This is an easy accept.

Decision: Accept

Reason: This is nearly 2 hours faster than the 101% currently on the site. People are still working on this category but I feel like this is a step in the right direction for this game, given what we have posted currently. Mistakes are inevitable in a 7 hr SS run.

Congratulations to Chris 'cfox7' Fox!

inb4 Wouter Goes Bananas.
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Wait. Cfox7's real name is Chris Fox? That's amazing.

Oh, and I guess this run is pretty cool too.
I'm amazed some of the verifiers wanted to reject this.  o.O

Congrats cfox7!  I really enjoyed watching your attempts of this.  ^_^  I don't blame you for not wanting to improve it further though.  Looks like a beast to run.
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Manocheese: 2012-11-27 11:58:24 pm
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.

Quote from Flip:
inb4 Wouter Goes Bananas.

induring Wouter Goes Bananas.

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Ahhh.  It pays to be old.  I still have that video ... as I imagine anyone who ever saw it back in the day would.  It's un-delete-able. 
Quote from Manocheese:

Quote from Flip:
inb4 Wouter Goes Bananas.

induring Wouter Goes Bananas.

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MASTER-88: 2012-11-28 08:55:54 am
7 hours SS. Thats real marathon.

I never are played over 3 & half hour in at one go. Thats make my all reflex lost. I can,t even imagine what will happen over 7 hours speedrun. I think those mistakes are just human. I see some verifers nerver are played over 7 hours in at one go because he wanted reject this.

Congrats thats huge improvement over previous run. LAst run into site seems quite crap because its segmented and its full amount major mistakes.

Let see have i the strenght even watched this when run are public.
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First off, Congrats on the run.  Can't wait to see it when it comes out.

That said, for those of you who haven't seen Wouter goes Bananas, enjoy. Cheesy

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damn i had forgotten about wouter goes bananas. thanks for reminding me of it.

gj cfox!
The best video of SDA's entire existence, imo.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
The Youtube plugin decided to crash two-thirds of the way through Wouter goes Bananas ^___^ Proof of the awesomeness xD

However Congratulations to cfox for an awesome run and keeping sane after seven hours of powergaming! ^___^
If you don't want to watch the whole thing on Youtube, and if you want (you do want) your own local copy, here's the orginal thread with the download:
Why does AKA keep saying that DK64 has a PAL 5/6 slowdown in that thread? I would think a PAL person would know that it doesn't.
Thanks everyone! Im glad to see that everyone is looking forward to the run Smiley There was a lot more luck involved in this run than i think people realize and im glad to finally have a good run to update this category for sda