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MGS for PS1 forever.
If someone were to do all of the quests in the game there'd have to be at least 2 or 3 different types of runs. Lazarus can be killed on one of the levels in hell...but sometimes he gets his own level. There's Garbad the weak or whatever who is random as well. I think the only ones that are consistent are The Butcher, maybe the skeleton king, that one armor quest, the halls of bone whatever it's called and diablo.
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marshmallow: 2005-06-20 03:17:35 pm
Jack of all Trades
Yay, I beat it! Holy frejole...DIABLO IS HARD! I mean the actual Lord of Terror...the game itself wasn't so bad but I think I may have gotten lucky with items, quests, and monsters.

Level 24 Rogue
Str. 31
Mg. 34
Dex. 127
Vit.  22 --> actual HP 126
AC. 52

Lit and Magic resist 21%, Fire - MAX (75)

I had the unique blackoak bow, ended up doing 19-27 dmg with a chance to hit of over 100 (although isn't it really 95%?). Had Arkaine's Valor, the unique ring from the dirty well quest, and on the first level of hell I found a fire amulet that made my fire res maxed and then the advocates didn't own me like they're supposed to.

Either Diablo is crazy hard or I didn't prepare right. His weird Apocolypse Counter-Strike style autoaim through walls hack attack would kill me in like 3-4 shots; like I was made of paper or something! I tried to just tank him with the bow. I tried to use bone spirit (it's supposed to take 1/3 of the target health off, right? So a couple of those and he should be owned so I can just bow him to death right? WRONG).  I tried a staff of holy bolt. I tried fire wall a lot but failed until one time I got insanely lucky and we both died simultaneously after I exhausted an entire belt and almost an inventory of nothing but rejuvs and full reds. My body was falling down but then he died and I got the ending.


I like how the ending foreshadows Diablo 2. I didn't think Blizzard they put that much thought into it but they had everything laid out it seems.

I never did see a Balrog enemy.

I LOVE the Witch enemies! I mean, they're hell to kill, but they're sexy (better than the ones from Diablo 2 anyway). 

Gonna try a mage now. Let's see how ownage mana shield really is.
sda loyalist
Yes. Smiley I was quite surprised listening to all the people talk about how easy Diablo (the boss) is, as I found this fight very challenging.

The first jump down to level 3 when you see archers is quite a laugh riot.
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I like how the ending foreshadows Diablo 2. I didn't think Blizzard they put that much thought into it but they had everything laid out it seems.

In the last levels of each graphics set there's a book, telling you stories from the diablo universe. Pay attention to them, it's one of the best pieces of athmosphere out there.

If you've got a manual with the game, read the stories in there, you might encounter some familiar names....
Jack of all Trades
No need, since a bunch of the guides/sites already have 'em on the net.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
i remember that a mage with teleportation and chain lightning owning very quickly anything in normal dificulty
Jack of all Trades
I'm having difficulty with my Mage. I'm on the first floor of Hell @ level 19 and I just get swarmed and owned. I can't kill the knights fast enough...I can't make a safe pocket to retreat into.

Where do you get all the cool spell books? My main skills are charged bolt, firebolt, heal, and fire wall (use only against tough uniques or masses of trapped enemies).

I think I need lightning...or chain lightning...charged bolt isn't cutting it against groups of these knights.

Plus all those other cool spells that are supposed to own, like golem, stone curse, teleport, fireball, AND WHERE IS MY MANA SHIELD?
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
adria the witch sell spell books, if you enter in a level and come back, she will sell another set of skill books, that way you can find the cool spells
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Lag.Com: 2005-06-20 09:33:46 pm
sda loyalist
Adria is right yes, though spellbooks (decent spells anyway) cost a LOT, I seem to remember.
A cheaper option is finding the 'libraries' that are sometimes randomly generated each level of dungeon, in my experience you get one every three levels or so.

Of course, that's cheaper on money, but not on time.
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
I suppose I should have mentioned this, and I DID, but I had to go rescue my grandparents* by breaking into their house last night and I lost the original post...

Diablo's Apocalypse causes him to stand still (heh, heh, took me like a dozen tries to figure this out).  Just walk out of range and he'll start advancing again.  Once he reached melee range with my Rogue I put him into "stunlock" and had no trouble.

On level 8 there is a guy called Zhar the Mad on many maps (50% chance of appearing as I recall).  Talk to him, he'll give you a book and tell you to go away.  Go to his shelf and knock off a book.  Then he'll get mad and fight you.  Kill him, then his room has about 4 more books.  I remember one game where I got three levels of heal from him!  Woot!

Neither visiting Adria or getting libraries is a dependable or fast way to get good skills, otherwise Firewall alone would pretty much = sorceror winning the run.

Lets see, anything else?  Not really, this is a very "learn as you go" game.  When you reach the Caves (9-12) use bridges to fight 1 monster at a time.  At Hell (13-16, not difficulty) there's lots of crap you can put in front of you to fight one at a time.  I think a run will require some serious practice and map use well beyond the D2 run (which I haven't seen yet, so I shouldn't say anything!).  Which, by the way, I want to take a shot at.  CE FTW?  I don't know...

*It's really not worth telling.
Jack of all Trades
There's usually 1-2 libraries per level 1-8, plus the pedestals that can also have books. But they don't give me good skills like mana shield, fireball, lightning, chain lightning, teleport, golem...etc.
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marshmallow: 2005-06-21 06:41:35 am
Jack of all Trades
OK, I finally bought fireball/lightning and I had to scrap by on scrolls of mana shield. It stays on infinitely as long as you 1) don't go to town and 2) don't run out of mana.

No way I could've gotten through level 16 without that shield. Diablo was pretty easy with it, though.
Can I guess that a warrior will suck for this? The Mage was pretty fast at clearing out entire rooms of enemies with charged bolt and firebolt. Certain enemy combinations did mess me up, though.
sda loyalist
Well, I guess I found a lot less libraries than you. Smiley

I think the spells in the books are generated pretty randomly, though probably libraries get 'better' spells as you go down - I remember finding a book of Bloodstar pretty early. Though that's probably not a spell you'd use. Tongue

Warriors can use all the spells too ya know, marsh. Of course, their Magic stat starts lower, so... might not be worth it. But it's damn useful to have Nova as a Warrior.
Two Spells a Warrior really needs is Teleport and Heal. Heal saves you from having to use pots so you can save them and  Teleport is very much needed to kill the witches as they keep running from you. Use a good time teleport next to them and shift click to keep them stunned.
Jack of all Trades
Gosh, I thought Diablo 2 was random for speed running. This takes the cake and the bakery.
新世紀進歩的羽扇子 音楽
Gosh, I thought Diablo 2 was random for speed running. This takes the cake and the bakery.

This is why I felt sure neither a warrior nor a sorceror could do well on the speed run.  They both kill better than a rogue, under ideal circumstances.  But ideal circumstances isn't playing through as quickly as possible by any means.
Jack of all Trades
Well...I disagree, at least for now. The Mage just needs lightning to win, and fireball helps a lot but isn't required. I seem to get fire wall with every single character I've tried, so that's not a problem. I always get scrolls of mana shield, so I could save those till things get scary in Hell.

Charged bolt helps A LOT early on, too...but it seems firebolt shoots faster than the Rogue Arrows and is more powerful and stuns more often. Plus, the rogue will die horribly at Diablo at low levels, whereas the mage won't because of how godly mana shield is.
Your almighty lordship
Not to mention, holy bolt is the fastest, easiest, and safest method of taking down Diablo in normal.
Jack of all Trades
I guess it doesn't matter since I can't capture it using FRAPs and Camtasia gives me a rainbow party.

You should be able to get under 2 hours with a Mage, though, since I did a test run. Just save, say, every four floors or so and play ahead of yourself and when you find a good item remember where it was (since it'll always be there when you load the save again). Pray you get lightning somewhat early or at least charged bolt. Make sure to get some magic/unique items from quests so you have enough cash to buy mana and tps and books.

Bare minimal you need to get through hell:
A scroll of mana shield for 16/Diablo

That's it. Don't even bother exploring 9-15 at all for items, just get through as fast as possible, maybe running past monsters if possible.

I used fireball to kill Diablo. Just keep downing those blues.
Jack of all Trades
I figured it out. :p
omg! wtf?
as in..?
I love FuSN 1G - SG1!
The capturing, maybe?
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marshmallow: 2005-06-24 03:36:21 pm
Jack of all Trades
Yes, the capturing.

I am tearing through this game. I wonder what the lowest level anyone has ever killed Diablo...
Jack of all Trades
I'm not really sure what's going on but I beat Diablo 1 in under an hour. I entered Hell at level 16 but by the time I got to the big guy himself I was 22!
I might get drunk and rob a bank
Coolness! Then do it again, capture the damn thing, and then upload it to us  Wink