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ARF: 2017-01-19 09:44:37 am
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Welcome HELL
Hey, that's nice to hear. Haven't heard anyone say otherwise so far either. I was watching you and Ryu race the other day, it was a good time, I'll do some more attempts of the hardcore RTA with Rogue and Warrior when I have time. I see there are some new categories on the speedrun.com site, can you talk a bit about boss% and level 1%?

Sorry for that pun, anyway got a 1:30:56 with hardcore Rogue. A bit bummed out over not getting sub 1:30 and also I had a great run get to lazarus around 1:15:xx or something, but forgot to use mana shield when walking through my own fire walls xD

Time really flies, it's been a while since we started routing glitchless lol. Feels like it was just yesterday. Sorry for the late response, but gratz on a 1h30m Cheesy