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SS run with glitches

Verifier Responses

Audio and video are great. The run is clean besides that glitch at the end.  I really liked this run and I probably could feel his pain at the ornstien fight, I hate those guys too. I'm glade someone decided to run this game, great job.


The route is optimized and overall the execution is pretty good although the pathing can be improved a little bit here and there. The weakest part is the Ornstein & Smough fight but this is easily the most luck dependent and difficult section of the run and the other boss fights make up for it.
A future runner might want to skip the black knight set at the end but this is quite risky.
Audio and video are fine.

I vote for accepting the run.

I have a question about the timing of the run. There is an in-game timer but the save file is not shown at the end of the video (iirc it was recorded though). What timing is used? SDA timing or in-game timer? Note that the run uses a major glitch which requires to quit to the ps3 menu and reload the game. I don't see an issue with the in-game timer here since the game is constantly saved (you never explicitly "save" the game) but it makes a significant difference whether the time spent in the menus is counted or not.

I'd gotten most of the way through the game but quit for some reason (still not sure why, I was enjoying it and only had crystal caves/lost izalith to go).  Ended up beating it yesterday to verify, since multiple verifiers were no-show and the run was stuck for much longer than it deserved.

Watched the run a couple times.  Run is legit, looks/sounds great, and is well done.

The main mistakes were getting batted around some by ornstein/smough and missing some parries on gwyn.  He also takes a little detour to pick up the black knight armor set at the end, costing 5-10s.  That said, without the armor, gwyn probably would've killed him from the missed parries.

This was to my knowledge the world record when it was submitted.  The runner has since improved it by a couple minutes.  He doesn't seem to have posted the video anywhere, but judging from the topic it looks like the main improvements were route changes.  Skipping all three of the weapons he currently acquires for the black knight halberd... when reading the topic previously, I'd had my doubts that the halberd would be as fast as people were implying, since darkroot basin takes a long fucking time to run through and I don't think anyone explicitly posted overworld time travel comparisons?  All I see is "it would save a minute to not have to get the crystal halberd".  The alternative is getting three weapons instead, but still.  In any case, I guess they were right after all.  And thinking about it, that would also cut out the detour in deadburg to get throwing knives/lloyd's talismans, which would help a lot.

I'll be happy to give an improvement a look-over, but until then, this is an accept.  Not quite as solid an accept as it was before reading the topic, but it's still a good run =p.  Glad to see this game getting some love.

Verifier 2 is correct when he says the verification file doesn't display the in-game time at the end.  That should be included in the final video file.

I apologize that I haven't gotten to this until now, I didn't see the message until today.

Just gave it a few watches. Looks crisp, sounds great. The run is very very well done with the exception of some big mistakes in getting smacked around by Ornstein&Smough, then some more getting smacked around by Gwyn. There was also some getting smacked around to a minor degree going for the crystal halberd. Not something I'd reject a run over as the rest of the run makes up for it in time.

This run can definitely be improved probably by taking a slightly different route and getting hit less among other things. I can see skipping the halberd being a possible run improver as well as taking a huge risk and skipping the black knight set.

There is also no in game timer at the end of the verification video. I hope it's in the final video, that would be problematic if it wasn't.

Allover, great run. Very well done. I would have made the same mistakes, and have. Often. I vote to accept.

Now it might be my turn to take a crack at that improved time. This game is a very interesting one to run. I'm surprised it took this long.

I don't know how I managed to miss this for so long... coulda sworn it wasn't there before.

Very solid run overall. Definitely worthy of inclusion to the site. I especially like the knife throws!

Warning: the below two paragraphs are completely pointless. Viewer discretion is advised.

Now, about the in-game timer. It definitely does not run during loading times. However, it does run while you're in the menus. I even had the 360 dashboard up and the timer ran. That's because the game runs at all times, other than during loading and character creation. Interestingly, the timer runs while the game loads a cutscene. The timer runs during death and cutscenes, too. One odd thing; it doesn't run on the first new game cutscene, but it runs on the second.

Dashboarding out (AKA resetting the console, or whatever the PS3 equivalent is) is when it gets a bit sketchy. The game doesn't get to save before you do it, so it goes back to the most recent save. This includes the timer. I believe that part of the reason the Kiln Skip works is that you wait for it to save before you reset. After all, if you reset early, it just puts you back up on the ledge, dead. This is also when I realized that the time is shown after the skip. Hmph.

Regardless, the final time is 30:09. Accept

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to Freddy ‘Thanatos’ Vasquez!
Thread title:  

about the black knight halberd, it has a "20%" drop rate, i quote it because i believe it's much less than that, i streamed 30 attempts to get it and only got it 2 or 3 times, i believe it's more about a 10% drop, and i REALLY don't wish to redo a run because a weapon simply didn't drop.

that said, yes, i have done a 29:27 (in-game time) run which is 30:47 RTA, here are the following things i did to improve this current run by 2 minutes:

- use all my souls to lv 16 str and 27 dex, no HP or stamina.
- cleaner strategy vs queelag
- better route in undead burg
- cleaner O&S strategy
- after killing the illusion and getting the lord vessel, i no longer kindle the bonfire and warp to firelink, i simply use a homeward bone.
- skipping the black knight armor.

leveling up dex until 27 seems to be a game changer IMO, saves about 2 ripostes on Gwyn, and saves about 4 hits on Orstein, as well as Smough, it also allows me to 2-hit the archer in Anor londo, in case he doesnt want to wield his sword.