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For the sake of keeping things rolling steadily, we're looking for another front page writer or two. As before, we'd like you to commit to writing, over the course of time, 10 updates so it's worth the effort of training you. It's even helpful if you can write one update/month or even less frequently, so long as we have someone doing it each time.

The job requires:

1) A genuine interest in speedruns not just of games and on platforms that you grew up with, but whatever it is people have sent in.

2) A relatively solid command over the English language.

The first point is really critical: you'll probably want to look up some information about each game/run/runner even if you don't want to be quite as verbose as some of my updates, so both you and the Front Page itself will really benefit from you having your heart in it. We want the updates to have both infor-mation and enter-tainment (no those words don't actually rhyme do they?) so you get to be you! YOU GET TO BE YOU!

The second point is also inevitable, although I'll be able to help you with your grammar and such, if you're actually interested in improving over the course of time.

It's a job that synergizes well with verifications or Pre-Release Checks because having seen the run helps you in writing about it anyway. Please leave your applications (why would you make a good updater) to me as a PM, and any general questions below this post.
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Is this still sought after?
Yes, we can always use a spare one. Just send in the PM with something about yourself!
SDA Apprentice -- (3-1)
Been meaning to send a PM about this for a while now.  Would be a nice way to get back into SDA after all this time.  ^_^
I sent you a DM in regards to this, cheers!